With Seinfeld Currently on a broadcast hiatus, fans of the show may be craving for lack of show-related content over nothing. Fortunately, WaterTower Music will answer that call, releasing an album featuring the series composer’s soundtrack. Jonathan Wolff. For Variety, the 33-track album will feature the bass thump and finger snap theme, along with 40 more minutes of music from the series.

Wolff compiled the tracks from all nine seasons of the series, going through 180 episodes to find the scores he felt fit the album well:

“Was it the lead audio from a famous ‘Seinfeld’ scene? Did it contribute significantly to the comedy of the scene? And listening to it, it will serve as an instantly identifiable signature and bring warm smears to a ‘Seinfeld’ fan. who will remember that scene? ”


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Wolff first got the Seinfeld concert through comedian George Wallace, who is a good friend of Jerry seinfeld‘s, and with whom Wolff had worked for years in Las Vegas. Wallace recommended the composer after Seinfeld was unhappy with the original music used for the 1989 pilot episode. “His main concern was the opening and closing credits, which were stand-up comedy,” Wolff recalled. “He would stand in front of the audience and tell jokes, they laughed and he wanted the music to accompany him.”

Wolff suggested an unusual solution: build the theme of each episode around the featured standup segments. “It meant that I was going to have to rebuild each piece of music for each monologue, to fit the timings and durations, but that was fine with me,” Wolff explained. “It helped give the program a signature.” Additionally, he devised a library of mouth sounds that he felt would fit Seinfeld’s voice, and a bassline designed to avoid the frequency range of his standing routine. The result was one of the most distinctive television themes in history, although one that did not garner immediate praise from NBC executives, who dismissed it as “strange, distracting and annoying.” Fortunately, co-creator and producer Larry david intervened. “Larry was deeply offended and nothing changed,” Wolff recalled.

Of course, the soundtrack features much more than that theme. Wolff composed hours of incidental music for the series, including tracks such as “Kramer’s Pimpwalk,” “Jerry the Mailman,” “Jerry vs. Newman Chase,” “Cable Guy vs. Kramer Chase,” “Kramer’s Boombox,” “Peterman in Burmese. Jungle “and” Waiting for the verdict. ” The album also includes some unused tracks, originally intended to be heard in the jazz club scenes of the seventh season classic “The Rye.”

Seinfeld: The Original Television Soundtrack It will be available from July 2 on digital platforms.

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