Star Wars: The Bad Batch makes Hunter a father figure to Omega in a way that reflects Din Djarin and Grogu’s relationship in The Mandalorian.

Disney + Star Wars: The Bad Lot repeats a trope previously introduced in The mandalorian by establishing Hunter (Dee Bradley Baker), the leader of Clone Force 99, as a father figure to Omega (Michelle Ang) in a way that reflects the relationship between Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu. In a franchise where the traditional family structure is often dismantled due to complications in the universe, many of Dave Filoni’s Star Wars The series has alternately explored the concept of “found family”, the main examples being the brother-sister relationship of Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano within Star Wars, Clone Wars or the father-son dynamic of Din and Grogu in The Mandalorian.

Despite The bad lot Y The mandalorian are established during different times in the Star Wars In the timeline, the main characters of the two respective series share a similar background, growing up without a traditional family unit. After Din’s parents were killed by Separatist droids during the Clone Wars, Djarin is taken in by the Mandalorian group the Sons of the Guard. As a former apprentice at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Grogu was separated from his biological family early on due to Jedi restrictions on bonding and eventually lost his Jedi community after the execution of Order 66. Instead of being born naturally, both Hunter and Omega are clones that were cultivated by the Kaminoans. Given the similar origins of the main characters, The bad lot seems to borrow the same “found family” trope that it did The mandalorian so loved by Star Wars fans: the family bond between the two main characters, which becomes the emotional core of the series.

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On The bad lot, Hunter assumes a parental role with Omega that is similar to Din’s bond with Grogu in The mandalorian. Din becomes a father figure to Grogu by constantly protecting him from dangerous people, such as the bounty hunters and Moff Gideon, who wish to exploit Grogu for their own gain. Din also saves Grogu from trouble caused by his own curiosity by preventing Grogu from eating the Frog Lady’s eggs or playing with the levers aboard the Razor Crest. Similarly, Hunter protects Omega from the immediate dangers of the bounty hunters and the Nexu in Saleucami, but also protects her from herself. While Omega’s curious nature often gets her in trouble, Hunter is always there to save her from the repercussions of her adventures, as when Omega’s interest in a dog-like creature in Episode 4 puts her in the crosshairs of Fennec Shand.

Hunter and Omega in Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 2 Cut and Run

Similar to how a father puts the needs of his children above his own, both Hunter and Din try to achieve a better future for Omega and Grogu despite their attachment to them. After The Armorer tells Din in The mandalorian Season 1 To care for Grogu as if he were his own son until he is of age or is reunited with his own kind, Din tries to find a Jedi in Season 2 to train Grogu. After Grogu contacts Luke Skywalker in Tython, Din reluctantly lets Grogu go with Luke Skywalker during the season 2 finale because Din believes that Grogu will have a better future if he can strengthen his connection to the Force. Similarly, in episode 2 of The bad lotHunter also tries to arrange for Omega to live with Cut so that Omega can have the opportunity to have a royal family and a more stable childhood.

Using Grogu and Din’s relationship within The mandalorian As a template, Hunter and Omega’s father-daughter dynamic may have a chance of surviving Star Wars: The Bad Lot. Unlike Grogu, who needed to leave Din behind in The mandalorian The season 2 finale to be with another Jedi: Omega is already in the only place it seems to belong, as it is a flawed clone similar to the Bad Batch and has no traditional family other than its “brother” Boba Fett. While Grogu’s attachment to Din made him vulnerable to his fears as a Jedi, Omega and Hunter’s relationship doesn’t seem to have such a threatening downside, aside from a point made by Omega in episode 9: the Kaminoans will continue to send bounty hunters after her. . , which puts their protectors at risk.

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