The Thor The trilogy has some of the most powerful and impressive characters in the MCU, all of whom bring their own abilities to the movies. While there are elements of romance, comedy, and family in the trilogy stories, there is also a lot of action within them.

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Some of the main characters in these movies offer very little when it comes to fighting, while others have immense power and strength that can really make an impact. Whether it’s great melee combat skills or enhanced skills, there is a wide variety of fighting skills between them, bringing a good balance to this section of the Marvel world.

10 Jane foster


While she may not have been involved in all Thor movies, Jane Foster has played a huge role within the Thor story so far, which will continue to advance. However, she is not really a fighter.

This trilogy generally focuses on powerful Asgardian characters who are strong warriors. However, Jane is simply a human who has no interest in fighting others.

9 Korg

Korg was added to the MCU in an attempt to inject more humor into the Thor trilogy, and that’s exactly what he did, becoming one of the funniest characters of all in the process. However, Korg can also defend himself in a fight, especially with a gun in hand.

While most of the characters in this trilogy have to do with hand-to-hand combat or the use of weapons such as swords, for Korg it is all about sheer firepower. With a huge pistol in hand, Korg will happily stand up and simply take down his enemies, making him an impressive fighter in some respects.

8 Skurge

While Korg is quite a nice and personable person, Skurge is the opposite, as he is often angry and aggressive. While that doesn’t make him as likable as a character, it makes him fantastic in the fight. He brings a lot of power to the table when attacking someone, using brute force to get his way.

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Skurge is all about firepower, using everything he can to take down his enemies. He can often be found with the largest possible weapon, including forking with his weapons, allowing him to attack multiple enemies simultaneously.

7 Loki

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor Ragnarok

Loki is often seen as the joker and the mischievous one, and he usually lets his mouth do all its work instead of fighting. However, when Loki is needed in action, he is more than capable of handling himself, especially since his abilities allow him to hide and surprise enemies.

Loki can be quite quick to hit, especially if he can use a weapon, and he has proven useful multiple times throughout the trilogy. While he may lack his brother’s strength, he is certainly cunning, which comes into play in fight scenes.

6 Heimdall

Heimdall guarding the Bifrost.

Heimdall is one of the most important characters in the Thor trilogy, as he is the guardian of the rainbow bridge and is highly respected and trusted. He has many different powers, but Heimdall can stand his ground on his own when it comes to fighting.

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It is strong and fast, allowing it to get away from any possible danger. With a sword in hand, Heimdall can take on any enemy and does not back down from any fight, regardless of size. Heimdall is not easy to defeat.

5 Sif

Featured Jaimie Alexander Lady Sif Comeback in Thor Love And Thunder

Sif may be missing in regards to the third installment of the trilogy, but there’s no denying that she’s one of the best female fighters out there. She is incredibly confident when it comes to fighting enemies, and she’s always ready with a gun in hand.

Using her sword to great effect, Sif can fight anyone and at the same time use her shield to constantly protect herself. It’s hard to get the best of her, and her nimble movements often allow her to get ahead.

4 Valkyrie

Valkyrie in the junkyard in Thor Ragnarok

Another strong female character that he Thor The trilogy introduced was Valkyrie. She is a native fighter, hailing from a group of trained warriors. She is agile and fast on the attack, using a variety of moves to defeat her enemies.

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He is someone who can surprise his enemies at any time, work without weapons, and use his supreme strength to defeat an opponent. Valkyrie quickly made an impact on the franchise and certainly established her fighting skills.

3 Helmet

Thor fights the Hulk in Thor Ragnarok

When people think of the Hulk, the Thor The trilogy may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, Thor: Ragnarok It’s still the Hulk’s most impressive outing in the MCU.

The Hulk is built like a true fighting champion, which is clear from this movie. His power and strength are obviously a major factor, and that is largely shown as he fights throughout the story, destroying everything in his path.

two Whole

Hela invokes powers in Thor: Ragnarok

Thor’s sister joins the franchise in the third film and immediately makes her presence known. Hela has immense strength and speed, something few can handle. She can push Thor to his limits, and that’s something few characters can do.

Hela is extremely agile, and that’s what makes her so fun to watch when fighting others. It causes complete chaos within Asgard, and the fact that it can pull different weapons out of nowhere gives it an advantage over others.

1 Thor

Thor with his hammer, fighting in battle.

While there are times when he shows weakness and vulnerability within this trilogy, there is no denying that Thor is the most powerful and talented fighter overall. From the beginning, his aggression and strength are clear, and it remains that way throughout.

Whether he’s fighting the Hulk in an arena or fighting his own brothers, Thor can always do his best. He is strong without weapons, but when Mjolnir enters the situation, or his ability to summon lightning bolts, he immediately goes to another level, so few have a chance to fight him.

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