A Call of Duty: Warzone hacker won a match by spinning and shooting the ground. All the bullets managed to hit and kill the remaining squad.

In the latest instance of video hacking in Activision’s popular free shooter game Call of Duty: War Zone, a cheater was able to kill a group of three players unaided and secure a victory simply by shooting at the ground. The clip showed several cases of a hacker using this same tactic to take down enemies and claim an undeserved victory.

Hackers have persistently tormented Call of Duty: War Zoneconsiderable player base since launch. While Activision has continued to update the game for the past year, adding seasonal content that includes new weapons, operators, skins, and more, it has not implemented systems that effectively prevent hackers from tampering with the game. An important part of this urgent problem is the fact that War zone is a free game, which means that cheats reported and subsequently banned by Activision simply create new accounts.

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Cases of players cheating War zone often circulate on Reddit, including the latest video of a War zone hacker posted by user notbilbo. Three players appear to be watching and commenting on SneakySquid, the cheater in question. The first part of the video shows SneakySquid running across a field with his FAL in hand. They start shooting wildly at the ground and suddenly indicators appear on the cheater’s screen showing they broke someone’s shield and knocked him down, even though they were clearly only shooting at the ground. The video cuts to the end of the game, with SneakySquid racing up the hill. One of the spectators exclaims: “is shooting to the ground!

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The hacker runs into the last squad at the top of the hill. However, instead of aiming as the game intended, the player looks back at the ground and shoots while circling four times. The icons for hit markers, shield breaks, and drops are displayed on the SneakySquid screen once again. SneakySquid kills the three remaining team players and at the end “War zone victorytext splattered across the screen. The three watching players burst into laughter at the absurdity of what they just witnessed.

Videos of hackers cheating for victory in War zone have become a common occurrence. The problem is so prevalent that a gamer recently broadcast himself hacking without fear of drastic repercussions from Activision. In fact, the player pointed out in the clip how easy it is to simply create another account. At this point, it seems unlikely that Activision will take drastic measures to curb the cheating.

In addition to the problem of hackers, players also repeatedly encounter bugs that negatively affect the game in War zone. Some of these bugs, like invisibility, have been fixed, only to reappear in future updates. More recently, a player was shown to achieve a melee kill from over five feet away, seemingly through a wall. As gamers continually demand bug fixes, stable content releases, and anti-cheat systems, Activision’s negligence towards War zone it becomes more pronounced.

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Call of Duty: War Zone is available on PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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Fountain: notbilbo / Reddit

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