You know what they say about “all work and no play.” For many reasons, life can be hectic and busy, making it seem like there is never enough time to get everything done. This especially applies to many anime characters, who for one reason or another have some of the busiest lives imaginable.

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This not only applies to career-driven workaholics, but also to some of the strongest and most recognizable characters in anime as they face one adventure or crisis after another. These characters are great examples of why it’s always good to take a break from time to time.

10 Hisashi Midoriya: So busy that he hasn’t even appeared yet (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia, Inko and Izuku cry

The anime has a lot of absent parents to everyone, to the point where they don’t even appear on screen. An example of this is Hisashi Midoriya, Inko’s husband and Izuku’s (Deku) father from My Hero Academia.

The only information given on the guy is that he works abroad and has a fire-breathing gift. Hisashi is so busy that he has not appeared once in the series. Inko is not even seen calling him to tell him what Izuku is doing. Presumably, it’s all down to their work, whatever it is.

9 Umetarou Nozaki: Everything she does has to do with the development of her manga (Nozaki-Kun Girls Monthly)

Umetarou Nozaki Monthly Girls Kun

Creativity can come from any experience in life and that can be channeled into something productive. That seems to be the idea that Umetarou Nozaki follows in Nozaki-kun girls monthly, as despite being a high school student, he is also the artist and author of a popular shojo manga. You try to experiment as much as you can to improve your work.

This often keeps Nozaki busy as he engages in weird shenanigans to get those creative juices flowing, and when he’s not doing any of that, he’s working hard to get his manga ready before deadlines. For Nozaki, almost everything has to do with the development of her manga.

8 Kaede Kashiwagi: Overworked and hardly ever free (How to keep a mummy)

Kaede Kashiwagi sleeping, How to keep a mummy

How to have a mummy It has not one, but two parental figures that seem to be always busy. Surprisingly, even though Sora’s father is a traveling adventurer who goes around the world, he is actually Sora’s aunt, Kaede Kashiwagi, who seems to be the busier of the two. He is almost always at home, but at the same time he is always working. and seems to have more than one job to keep her and her nephew afloat.

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Kaede can be so busy that she forgets to eat or sleep, and very little can break her concentration when she’s in the thick of her work. She tries to help Sora when she can, but it is clear that he is the housekeeper between the two.

7 Jotaro Kujo: Constantly busy with booth fights or marine biology (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders)

Jotaro Kujo is constantly on a mission, be it Stand Battles or his career as a marine biologist. During his initial appearance on the series, he and his friends crossed the world to save his mother, and then went to Morio where he was caught up in more “strange adventures.”

He never seems to take any time off, he almost always has some kind of business to run, personal or professional. His constant absence has even caused a rift between him and his daughter, Jolyne Kujo.

6 Gendo Ikari: He cares very little outside of work (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Neon Genesis EvangelionGendo Ikari practically lives at work. Always busy fighting the threat from the Angels and developing Eva units, the NERV commander is never really interested in anything outside of his job. This includes his son, Shinji, whom he basically abandoned and only reunited with after Shinji became useful to him.

When Gendo isn’t doing any of that, he’s busy having adventures (like with Ritsuko), but even those are calculated moves toward his goals and it’s clear he’s only using these relationships to keep his secrets. For Gendo, his work is never done.

5 Ash Ketchum: Always jumping from one adventure to another (Pokémon)

Ash and Pikachu smile at each other.

It takes a lot to become a Pokémon Master, so much so that Ash Ketchum has traveled the world to do it. Ash has been to the many corners of the Pokemon world, fought in many Pokémon gyms and leagues, and caught tons of Pokémon, and his adventure shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Ash rarely stays still for long, as his enthusiasm for seeing new places and fighting always pushes him to get out there and jump from one regional adventure to the next.

4 Goku: Always focusing on training and the next big fight (Dragon Ball)

Dragon ball goku

Goku has always had a kind of one-way mind, always focusing on pushing himself and getting stronger for the next big fight, be it against androids, aliens, or even gods. Goku spends almost all the free time he has on him Dragon Ball Serial training and sparring (and eating, of course).

Goku’s need to constantly train and push his own limits is so strong that he sometimes leaves his own family behind for long periods of time to do so. In recent years, Goku has been into farming, although this is also a way to sneak around and train even more when no one is looking.

3 Naruto Uzumaki: Being the Hokage is a lot of work (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)

Naruto Seventh Hokage

Naruto’s dream was always to become the Hokage in hopes of earning Konoha’s respect and admiration. Although he accomplished this in time, he probably didn’t realize how much work the Hokage has or how busy it would keep him.

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Between the tons of paperwork to keep the village running and protecting it from all manner of outside forces, being the Hokage isn’t easy. Naruto barely has time to breathe these days, to the point where it can be difficult for him to even go home and see his family.

two Saibai and Ringo Yuki: They’re basically never home (for LOVE-Ru)

Sabai Yuki and Ringo Yuki, for LOVE-Ru

There’s a workaholic and then there’s the kind of busy that only Saibai and Ringo Yuki (Rito and Mikan Yuki’s parents) can be. Saibai is a talented mangaka who, despite living in the area, has his own apartment away from his children to focus on his manga. Ringo is a fashion designer who also works as a model scout and as such always travels abroad and sees her children even less than her husband.

Both parents are clearly focused on business, being very serious when it comes to their work, but not when it comes to anything else. They also don’t seem to mind how little free time they have.

1 All cells working non-stop (cells at work!)

When talking about the busiest anime characters, it would be wrong not to mention the many personified cells that appear in Cells at work!. As the anime’s title indicates, all the cells in the series work non-stop, day and night, to keep the human body in which they are found alive and healthy.

Whether it’s red blood cells that supply oxygen, platelets that form clots, or white blood cells that fight germs and disease, the many cells in this series, just like in the real human body, are always hard at work.

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