While Liz Lemon’s brother Mitch only appeared in one episode of 30 Rock, he left a huge plot hole that was never filled.

30 RockThe core was actually family. Each of the main characters had the opportunity to explore their unique and sometimes troubled relationships with their families, often on a deeply personal level. These stories generally had some sort of resolution, with one notable exception. Liz Lemon’s brother Mitch went through something horrible and it was never really resolved.

Liz’s family first appeared in Season 2, Episode 9. They came to New York to visit Liz over Christmas, introducing fans to the rest of the Lemons. Her parents, Dick and Margaret Lemon, seemed like classic Midwestern residents and were very supportive of their daughter. But his brother Mitch was a completely different story given his extraordinarily unique condition.

In high school, Mitch took a class ski trip that sadly took a bad turn. He suffered a brain injury that caused him to wake up every day thinking it was December 7, 1985. While Mitch was actually 40 years old, he believed he was still 17 and was on his way to the big ski trip the next day. His family did everything possible to maintain the illusion so that he would not be traumatized.

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Jack and Liz listen to someone

While Mitch only appeared in this 30 Rock episode, it was referenced prior to its appearance. This was done to establish his trauma-induced Nivea aphasia. It was also highly implied that Jenna had a sexual relationship with him at some point. Due to his condition, Mitch had no recollection of that happening, something that absolutely drove Jenna crazy as she prided herself on being memorable, at least.

Unfortunately for the Lemons, Colleen Donaghy was in town. He decided to show Jack Donaghy that the Lemons weren’t as happy as they pretended. She pushed until her house of cards collapsed. Part of the consequences was that Mitch apparently regained his memories. Suddenly he realized how old he was and how much time he had lost. But that was the end of his journey on the show.

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30 Rock he never followed up with Mitch after that. He could easily have woken up the next day and forgotten about his meeting with Colleen, thanks to her condition. Jack would have been jealous of that since he had been trying to forget Colleen for years. However, if he had remained in his youthful mental state, one has to wonder where Mitch would have ended up. Liz certainly didn’t seem to be planning a future where she would have to take care of her brother.

The Lemon family having lunch

But the other possibility could be even sadder. It’s also possible that the trauma of finding out how much time he wasted forced Mitch out of his state. In that case, Mitch might have been left wondering why his parents chose to pamper him for 23 years rather than play him frankly. Maybe they could have helped Mitch earlier. Once he realized that, a rift with his family may have formed.

Since 30 Rock He never visited Mitch Lemon again or provided an update on his condition before the series concluded, it is impossible to know what happened to him. The reality of his unique situation was that both options had serious drawbacks. While Liz’s parents continued to be a presence on the series, Mitch would never be heard from again, leaving his fate a great loose end.

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