Special effects can often get in the way or help a movie. Some critics will complain that certain CGI effects for certain movies will remove suspension of disbelief because such effects seem too fake. Others will praise a movie’s special effects for improving that suspension by credibly transporting them to a whole new world.

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This is particularly the case with digital aging, which is a new phenomenon of relativity in Hollywood, where special effects are used to make an actor appear younger than he could actually be in real life. This has been carried out with variable success in the last two decades.

10 Worst: X3 was a respectable initial attempt, if not flawed

screenshot x3

Credit where credit is due to X-Men: The Final Decision for being the first film to attempt digital aging. It was a bold decision that paved the way for revolutionary technology in the film industry. However, as most early technology attempts have progressed, this attempt has not aged very well when more advanced and impressive attempts have followed.

This technology may have looked mind-blowing in 2006, but with more modern eyes, the faces of young Xavier and Magneto appear too plastic to appear natural.

9 Best: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button won an Oscar

It wouldn’t be until another two years that Hollywood would venture back into the aging digital style, though it was in far more curious circumstances, so to speak. These circumstances moved away from the sillier superhero genre and into a drama that The Academy was more willing to take seriously. Pay in The curious Case of Benjamin Button.

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To literally reduce the aging of its main character, played by Brad Pitt, who ages backwards, digital aging was used. Two years after the introduction of the genre, the technique is even more impressive, even winning an Oscar for best visual effects.

8 Worst: Terminator Salvation turned things upside down

Terminator Salvation screenshot

Just a year after the huge critical success of The curious Case of Benjamin Button, It would seem that Hollywood was interested in using the aging technique more often and much more often. It was used again for Terminator Salvation, which attempted to show the Terminator androids sporting the Arnold Schwarzenegger look from the original movie.

The then last attempt at digital aging reduction was less than impressive, which is a shame considering how impressive the previous effort was. Here, not only ‘Ol Arny looked as plastic as Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in X3, but its CGI rendering looked more like a video game model.

7 Best: Tron Legacy makes Jeff Bridges 20 years younger

Tron: Legacy served as the direct sequel to Tron, in which Jeff Bridges starred in 1982. At the time, Jeff Bridges was closer to 35 years old, while he was 61 when he returned for the sequel. Seeing that Bridges had been trapped within the virtual reality of The Grid for the same amount of time for a long time, it was expected that his character would look the same.

Just to complete the visual effects for Bridges’ face, it took two years and most of the film’s budget. As for the finished product, it was money well spent.

6 Worst: Carrie Fisher looks like a video game model in final appearance

To his credit, it would seem that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker at least he tried to offer a special last ending for the character of Leia Organa to crown the career of the late Carrie Fisher, and thought that by bringing the younger character in the same way that most audiences met Fisher, he would have a poignant feeling behind him. .

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However, that sentiment seems a lot stronger on paper than on execution, as Leia’s youngest model in the film looks like a poorly rendered video game character that hardly resembles Fisher from the original trilogy.

5 Best: Ant-Man is a good start for the MCU

Michael Douglas in Ant Man

Considering that the first film to use the digital aging technique was X-Men: The Final Decision, It was inevitable that the technique would eventually make its way into Hollywood’s largest superhero franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It all started in Ant Man. Using similar technology that was used to slim Steve Rogers in the first act of Captain America the First AvengerMichael Douglas ages to his younger self in an opening scene that takes place during the 1980s. Brief as the moment may be, it remains one of the most compelling examples of digital aging to ever appear on the big screen.

4 Worst: Gemini man looks bad as long as he’s in the light

Admittedly, the younger version of Will Smith in Gemini man it doesn’t look bad at all. For most of the movie, everything bad about young Smith goes unnoticed, as the movie takes advantage of the character’s location in dark places in the night air.

It’s not until the character is placed under some kind of light that this CGI rendering starts to look a bit dull. This is the most notable case during the end of the film, where the character’s CGI effect actually looks absolutely horrible when properly lit in direct sunlight.

3 Best: Irish is possibly the best

During the three hours of the film, everyone in the main cast of the Irish it ages digitally, and as time passes, it ages. In particular, actors Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci had to be digitally aged with CGI to help each of them resemble the old and young versions of their real-life counterparts.

With this movie garnering a whopping 10 Oscars, there was a lot this movie was praised for, but at the top of the list for most critics were the incredibly accurate aging digital visuals.

two Worst: Colin Firth didn’t recognize himself in Kingsman 2

It’s hard to deny that a CGI rendering was bad when the aging actor disagrees that it looked like him. Case in point, after Colin Firth was aged by Kingsman: the golden circle, did an interview with Screenrant admitting that he disagreed that he even looked like his younger self. In fact, he said his own wife didn’t recognize him on screen.

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“I don’t think it seemed real [me]”he confessed to the website.” I mean, there is a lot of evidence, photographic evidence that can be compared, but it didn’t remind me of my young self. “

1 Best: Samuel L. Jackson has lost his age in Captain Marvel

Nick praising Goose before the disaster

Representation of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Captain Marvel It’s not just Marvel’s latest attempt at reducing digital aging within the MCU, but also the most impressive attempt at reducing aging in all of Hollywood yet. If not the most impressive, it is certainly the most ambitious given that Jackson does not age for a few select scenes or a short clip, but for the entire film.

It was quite a challenge to try, but Marvel Studios rose to the challenge and totally exceeded expectations.

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