If there is anything that divides the Ancient scrolls player base, is whether the Dark Brotherhood is destroyed or united. Introduced in I forget and transferred to Skyrim, The Dark Brotherhood is one of the most engaging side quests in the series. While most other factions follow the Daedra, the Brotherhood follows the Dark Lord Sithis, using the soul of his wife, The Night Mother, to guide their actions.

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They are by far the most cultist insane in the series. They have a crazy ideal and follow the instructions given to them by a dead woman who was believed to be the bride of a literal god and who gave birth to her children. So it would make sense that some people want nothing to do with them, but the Brotherhood prides itself on being like family to those who enter its ranks. Work to be a part of the Black Hand and even more to hear the words of the Night Mother, becoming the Listener and the voice of her dark purpose. However, each game has a very different set of missions, and it’s a pretty divisive issue which one is better.

10 Skyrim: Cicero is one of the best followers out there

Unfair Cicero

Love him or hate him, Cicero is the mad and murderous jester of SkyrimDark Brotherhood. He is the Night Mother’s Guardian and is a bit creepy in his duties towards the corpse. He has an unpleasant voice and uses it a lot. There is even a point where the player has the option to assassinate him, even though he was actually the only one following the rules.

All that being said, he is one of the most helpful followers to set foot in the game. After becoming a Listener and completing the main quest line, you can be freely recruited to join adventures while maintaining your essential status. He’s sneaky, even if he randomly goes out of his way to do a little dance. Also, he’s literally never afraid to get involved in fights and will go straight for targets in a way that makes him really beneficial to drag him down.

9 Oblivion: principles really matter

Elder Scrolls The Five Principles of the Dark Brotherhood

There is a sacred number within the Brotherhood, and they are five. There are five fingers on one hand, five nails. Following this metaphor, there are five special council-like positions, each with its own favorite, and there are five permanent principles to follow or to invoke the Wrath of Sithis. I forget He pushes this fact along his search line and hammers in the importance of them multiple times.

If a Sanctuary is believed to have been breaking Principles, it is set to be purged and everyone within it killed. No one is exempt from the Wrath of the Sithis. Not a Speaker, not their Silencers, not the Guardian, not the Listener. I forget has quite a faction-wide commotion due to some Tenet craze, so any avid fan of I forget’The Dark Brotherhood was exceptionally suspicious of Skyrim ‘s initial ignorance of them.

8 Skyrim: more bloodthirsty and heartless

Due to the fact that SkyrimThe Dark Brotherhood cared little for Principles at first, they were far more cruel and traditional assassins. They would kill solely for money, without much concern for the core values ​​of the organization. Why should they? All the other Shrines had been destroyed in the region.

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Therefore, most of the missions are ruthless and horrible, with lots of backstabbing and killing intent towards the player rather than an NPC. There are more stacked rewards, more danger, more angry lunatics who are willing to do whatever they can to get what they want. A much more wicked feeling than I forget is approaching.

7 Oblivion: the option to become a vampire is more significant

Oblivion Vicente

Weather Skyrim shook the world with the vampire girl Babette, who is canonically the only one who survived the Sanctuary massacre and may even appear in the Dawnguard DLC, Vincente Valtieri has a more intense character development than ever.

He’s the first to actually give players assignments, and at first, he might really care less about them or their well-being. At the end of his quest arc, he has truly come to accept the player as part of his family. So much so that he offers to grant them the dark gift of vampirism. On Skyrim, There is the option to become a vampire, but it is if the player does not attempt to heal during a quest line. On I forget, It is an important decision that offers the player someone who believes deeply in him and in him.

6 Skyrim: Either way, the Dark Brotherhood burns

Skyrim DB on fire

If the player is for any reason against the Dark Brotherhood, they have the option to destroy it. If not, it burns anyway. The only difference is that if the player tries to save them, they can save both Nazir and Cicero. If not, only Babette survives the attack and it is only because she is modeled after a child.

However, the fact is that even if the player is part of the Brotherhood, the fact that he gets burned is a good thing. It gives you the opportunity to rebuild in a more foreboding area and purge those who broke the Principles. It’s an intense moment in history and it really grabs the player regardless of their decision.

5 Oblivion: Lucien LaChance is much better than Astrid

Lucien LaChance

Lucien LaChance was many players’ first exposure to the Dark Brotherhood. It appeared after the player committed a murder in I forget, creepily waking them up in the dead of night to inform them that they were being watched and that their cult did not approve of rogues with the potential to give them a bad name.

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As the story grows, Lucien works his way into the player’s heart and turns it into a tragedy when he, one of the most loyal cultists ever produced, is framed and killed by the others in the Black Hand. So much so that it even reappears in Skyrim as a ghostly summons and a valuable spell for the Dragonborn, complete with high praise from the Night Mother herself. Astrid can’t even compare to him and is best left to rot in his justifiable disappearance.

4 Skyrim: rebuilding the sanctuary

Skyrim Hail Sithis

At the end of I forgetIn the Dark Brotherhood questline, the player becomes the Listener and can go directly to the Night Mother’s grave to receive the occasional murder quest. That’s. There is no new sanctuary to go to, no other members of the Dark Brotherhood to interact with.

On Skyrim, Once the starting Sanctuary is burned, the player can rebuild it in another area. It’s bigger, better, and the player can fund efforts, recruit random NPCs, and attract followers. It is like an additional house, but in which each member is also a madman.

3 Oblivion: a closer bond with the mother of the night

Elder Scrolls Night Mother

The player becomes the Listener in both games, however the connection feels more sincere in I forget so that Skyrim lacks. The player cannot even hear it until near the end of the quest line, long after they have already become deeply involved in the plot.

Then when the player can hear it, they already have that faith ingrained. On Skyrim, it feels a bit more forced and as if she doesn’t matter as much as she should considering her importance to the survival and belief system of the Dark Brotherhood.

two Skyrim: Nazir and Babette have the best lines

The first time the player enters the poor excuse of a sanctuary, Babette retells the story of one of his most recent successes. No matter how many times the game is played, it’s even more fun to hear her tell how she killed a predator. She is cheeky as always, and she wants the player to know very well that she is the oldest and knows more ways to murder than any of them. Besides, you can also have special lines while playing the Dawnguard expansion.

Nazir is witty and angry to the point that even when he’s happy, he’s still ready to respond with a cheeky comment. He’s talkative in the background, can usually be found on the move, he’s actively fighting the shrine fall, and he really has more personality than most NPCs in the game.

1 Oblivion: It really is a family

Oblivion Lucien LaChance

In regards to the Dark Brotherhood, the Night Mother is their surrogate mother, while Sithis is their Dread Father. Every man in worship is a brother, every woman is a sister. Each member is a part of their family, and they have sworn loyalty and service.

The story hits that on the player as well. It makes them worry about every character, regardless of whether they are going to die or not. Even characters that only exist for a single mission and are there to be selected by the player have lines and a story that the player can invest in. It hurts to clean the Sanctuary. It hurts when the player barely misses a chance to save Lucien LaChance. It hurts to know that the Listener had been lying to everyone and feels that the Night Mother is worth listening to, something that she does not do quite right. Skyrim ‘s interpretation.

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