The end of episode 4 of Loki reveals that the almighty Time-Keepers are fake, and there were many clues that led to this twist.

Loki Episode 4, “The Nexus Point”, dropped the twist that the all-powerful Time Keepers who supposedly created the Time Variation Authority are actually just crude automata built by someone else. The revelation calls into question everything Loki has been told about the TVA, including whether or not there is a “sacred timeline”.

From the beginning, Loki has been skeptical of the TVA and its story about a trio of omniscient space lizards keeping the correct flow of time in check and creating an entire city of analysts, hunters, judges, and administrative staff to keep an eye on him. Turns out, he was right to be suspicious. When Loki and Sylvie are brought before the Time-Keepers and manage to free themselves, Sylvie beheads one of them and discovers that the head is full of machine parts. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, the other two Time-Keeper robots laugh out loud when the ruse is discovered.

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The Time-Keeper twist is not a total surprise, as Loki has dropped many clues in previous episodes that suggest that all is not well with TVA. Here are the biggest clues that the Time Keepers were fake and that someone else has been pulling their strings the entire time.

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The timekeepers’ limits chamber

Loki Episode 4 Ravonna

Despite being ostensibly the ultimate supervisors of the TVA, the Time Keepers are kept hidden in a private chamber where very few staff members are granted an audience. Not even Mobius, a senior analyst who has a close relationship with Judge Ravonna Renslayer, cannot see the timekeepers. Like the rest of the TVA, you are expected to carry out your work in pure faith that everything you’ve been told is true, including the circumstances of how it came into being. At first, Mobius seems content to trust the Time Keepers, but his association with Loki leads him to begin to question his reality.

The robot test


When Loki first arrives at TVA, he is put through a rather undignified conveyor belt of processing that includes signing a block of paper listing everything he has said, stripping him naked and putting him in a TVA inmate uniform, and finally going through a machine designed to detect if it is a robot and destroy it if it is. This step makes Loki particularly nervous, as he wonders if he could be a robot without realizing it. The mention of robots disguised as people not only heralds the revelation of the Time Keepers, but the scene also demonstrates Loki’s willingness to question the nature of his own existence, something that TVA staff normally never do.

The sinister propaganda posters

Loki TVA My minutes behave or clean your watch Poster

As a general rule, it is usually a bad sign if an organization in a movie or TV show is covered with agitprop posters that have slogans like “We are always watching.” Despite (or perhaps because of) TVA’s perky mascot Miss Minutes, all the posters have a slightly sinister touch. One of those posters featured in Loki Episode 4 features an illustration of a stern-looking man that is strikingly similar to the Big Brother posters in George Orwell. 1984, and what question “Did you get them all? Verify by deletion. “Hunter B-15, who recently experienced glimpses of his previous life while being enchanted by Sylvie, looks at the poster as if seeing it for the first time before going to discover the truth about its provenance.

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Mobius’ love of jet skis

Lokis TVA Twist explains Mobius' love of jet skis

Although official doctrine states that all members of the TVA were created by the Time-Keepers, there are indications from the first episode that Mobius yearns for a life he has forgotten. He is enchanted by the fact that Loki was the mysterious airplane hijacker DB Cooper, expresses a fatherly attitude towards the French boy he meets at one of the nexus events, and has a strange fascination with jet skis. Even Ravonna’s collection of souvenirs from variants, suggesting that she is also nostalgic for life in the “sacred timeline”.

The Truth About TVA Agents

Loki Episode 4 Sylvie and Hunter B-15

After being captured and haunted for information by Sylvie, C-20 is left in a state of shock as he nonsensically says, “It’s real.” This is the first clue of what Sylvie tells Loki in the next episode: that the illusion of the cocktail bar in which she played Hunter C-20 was not an invention, but a memory of her past life. All TVA staff are actually variants who have had their minds erased and brainwashed into believing that the Time Keepers are an absolute authority, and that keeping the sacred timeline is their life’s work. eternal. This was the TVA’s first fully exposed lie, and when one lie is found, there are usually many more. Fortunately, Loki has enough experience in the field to recognize a lie when he sees it.

The Ravonna Renslayer cover-up

Loki Episode 4 Hunter C-20 Report

If the truth about the TVA agents wasn’t suspicious enough, the fact that Ravonna Renslayer is clearly aware of the truth and assassinates Hunter C-20 to prevent him from talking about it shows that something is wrong. Coupled with the fact that Ravonna refuses to allow Mobius to speak directly to the Time-Keepers, it appears that her role as judge is to safeguard the truth about the TVA, the falsification of the Time-Keepers, and the truth about who is actually responsible. of the creation of the organization.

The Throne Room

Loki Episode 4 Loki Sylvie and the Timekeepers

From the moment that Ravonna Renslayer first sees the Guardians of Time in the flesh (or not, as the case may be), her camera is very reminiscent of the throne room of the Great and Powerful Oz in The Wizard of Oz. Time-Keepers rise above the ground in fixed positions from which they do not appear to move, and speak in booming voices. The entire setup has the feel of a magic trick designed to distract visitors, when in reality they should be paying attention to the man behind the curtain. The identity of that man (or woman, or malevolent cosmic entity) has yet to be revealed, but with only two episodes of Loki on the left, the truth will surely come out soon.

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