Rumors that Natalie Mordovtseva, fiancée in 90 days, had a nose job after losing weight are circulating, but what did she look like before plastic surgery?

A throwback photo of 90 day fiancé Star Natalie Mordovtseva shows her with Mike Youngquist before undergoing plastic surgery, and fans are shocked and impressed. After the last 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? episode, fans want to know if Natalie finally underwent a nose job, while claiming it was a necessary operation for health reasons. Before her separation from Mike and losing weight, Natalie started many rumors about implant placement, which she never accepted. But so far, fans have seen Natalie get liposuction, fillers, and even a vampire facial. However, they believe that she looked better without any plastic surgery on her face.

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Weather 90 day fiancé The star Natalie had met Mike through her mutual friends Matt and Svetlana, who are still in the United States, feeling lonely, she made her meet a new friend, Juliana, online. Natalie confided in Juliana that she would undergo a secret surgery without telling Mike. The Ukrainian star reportedly went to see a doctor, due to having sleepless nights due to a runny nose, and was advised to undergo an operation, which fans believe is a sham. TLC viewers now familiar with Natalie’s love of cosmetic treatments are sure that she claimed to have medical issues just to get her nose done. 90 day fiancé.

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However, it is still unclear if Natalie has undergone rhinoplasty. But 90 day fiancé Star previously revealed on Instagram that she underwent chin liposuction and fillers as well, along with the many filters she uses from time to time. TO Reddit the user found an older image of 90 day fiancé Natalie and Mike when they were supposedly a loving couple enjoying happier times. “Natalie, before Land of Opportunity,‘”The fan said in his caption, but others in the comments could see that Natalie looked very different in the photo than she does now.

His leeps are so much bigger now“The lead commenter joked, as another person also noted how 90 day fiancé Natalie’s eyes from the star in the picture “seems normal“And no”Open“As they usually are these days. “Oh wow, her natural mouth is rightfully so much prettier to me,“Said the surprised comment from another fan, and a different one added,”Whoa what ????? I did not expect that.“The OP observed that even Natalie’s eye color looks different in this picture, and not the usual one.”blue as a wolf”Shadow they see on television.

Episode 11 of Happy forever airs on July 11, 2021, because the show will be taking a hiatus from July 4. However, it is in this episode that 90 day fiancéNatalie apparently cheats on Mike and fails to show up for the doctor’s appointment for the surgery she agreed to pay for. It is still unknown if Natalie actually withdrew from her operation. But since he admitted he wanted a nose job at the 90 day fiancé Season 8 Tell-All, Mike’s estranged wife may have gone through with it after all.

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