Blizzard has announced the next expansion for Hearthstone, titled United in Stormwind, and is poised to bring players to the heart of the Alliance.

Blizzard’s Next Card Game Expansion 2014 Hearthstone has been announced, bringing its players to the heart of the Alliance in United in Stormwind. Hearthstone remains popular 7 years after its release thanks to its continued support from Blizzard, and the game received the Hearthstone Core set earlier this year; a collection of free cards aimed at making the game more accessible to new and old players.

The latest expansion of the game, titled Forged in the Barrens, was released earlier this year in March 2021, and ushered in the Year of The Gryphon in Hearthstone. Taking place in the Barrens, an area controlled by the Horde, the expansion also allows players to experience various Horde cities such as Crossroads and Ratchet.

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Snow storm announced the second 2021 expansion to Hearthstone, titled United in Stormwind, with pre-order available now and a release date for August 3. As the name suggests, the next expansion will have an Alliance theme and will take players to the faction’s capital, Stormwind. This will include 135 new cards, and each class will receive a new three-part Questline, the completion of which rewards the player with a legendary minion. As with all expansions, a keyword is used, and the next keyword will be “Negotiable”. Trading cards in a player’s deck can be used regularly or they can be put back into the deck to draw another card, at the cost of 1 mana. United in Stormwind You’ll also see the addition of the Mount spell, a buff that will provide a minion with a mount, with the added bonus of the steed being summoned to join the battle after its rider dies.

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The expansion will also introduce passives called Pro Tools, which can be equipped in the weapon slot. Unlike other weapons, profession tools are not used to attack, but are activated when the conditions of the card are met. For example, the Paladin’s Prismatic Jewel Kit will activate whenever a friendly minion loses their divine shield, increasing the power of all minions in the player’s hand. The biggest Hearthstone The Battlegrounds update is also expected to accompany the expansion’s launch, and will see the most significant changes to the minion group since Hearthstone he left. While players await the release of the expansion, the Festival of Fire will return to keep fans busy July 6-27, featuring new Legendary Quests, plus new chapters from the Book of Mercenaries: Kurtrus and the Book of the heroes: Gul. ‘give.

The year of the tap is still full of new features and cards that will undoubtedly change the way. Hearthstone is played. Alliance fans will probably be more excited for United in Stormwind, after the previous Horde-centric expansion saw them visit enemy territory.

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Hearthstone: United in Stormwind It is available now for pre-purchase and launches on August 3, 2021 for PC, iOS and Android.

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