I recently read that Steven Soderbergh‘s From the ocean the movies don’t have dramatic tension because everything works normally as it should. They are a group of friends who commit a crime that always turns out well, so there is nothing at stake other than seeing how the machine works. It’s hard to argue with that, but on the other hand, I don’t really care because sometimes watching a machine work is fun when it’s in tune and it works like a dream. But if you are looking for a dramatic tension from Soderbergh, his latest, No sudden movement, is a tense inverse of the From the ocean movies where criminals work together to the extent of the next betrayal opportunity. If he From the ocean movies are some funny escapism so No sudden movement This is how the world really operates with petty criminals muttering for scraps while the big fish swim peacefully and devour everything in their path. It’s a bad time.

Set in Detroit in 1954, criminal Curt Goynes (Don cheadle) is looking for work and gets something from facilitator Doug Jones (Brendan fraser), who is teaming up for a “babysitting” job. Curt joins Ronald Russo (Benicio, the bull), who sleeps with Vanessa Capelli (Julia Fox), the wife of Italian mob boss Frank Capelli (Ray liotta), as well as the smoothie Charley (Kieran culkin). The trio are tasked with retaining the family of accountant Matt Wertz (David port) held hostage while Matt retrieves a document important to criminals. But as these things often happen, jobs get sidetracked and Curt and Ronald see an opportunity to score higher if they can survive a barrage of twisted plans.


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Ed solomonThe script is cold and unforgiving. This is not a movie about camaraderie and friendship, but about short-lived mutual interests. Almost everyone acts in their own interest with the most sacred bond, the family, which is repeatedly broken. Before the movie has even completed its first act, we know that Ronald and Vanessa are cheating together and that Matt is also ditching his wife with secretary Paula (Frankie shaw). We can see the consequences of Matt’s actions (his infidelity makes him a weak link in obtaining the document) through the horror that unfolds on the faces of his wife Mary (Amy seimetz) and the children Matthew (Noah skirt) and Peggy (Lucy holt). No sudden movement He constantly tells us that trust may be a foundation, but it is weak and brittle; people normally act for their own enrichment until they are so powerful that they no longer need to pay attention to money changing hands.

This kind of relentless bitterness and cynicism may be off-putting to some viewers, but it falls into Soderbergh’s hands like a strong drink. Soderbergh has reached a point in his career where I think we take it for granted. I may not always leave the park (The laundry Y Let everyone speak serving as recent examples), but you will recover just as quickly showing you have creativity and style to spare (Logan lucky Y Bird that flies high they also serve as recent examples). No sudden movement, with its unique angles, mahogany hues and beautiful lighting makes it a singular vintage piece that takes us into a world that feels like the postwar era without the varnish. The historical and social commentary is unmissable (the film is not set in Detroit by accident and calls “urban renewal” as a euphemism to remove anyone who is not white from the city), and gives the film a texture to let you know that while Soderbergh is no stranger to crime stories, this is much more Traffic what Ocean’s Eleven.


It’s also a movie that gets better the more time passes until its third act reveals the themes that the entire picture has been directed towards. All the backstabbing and betrayals can be a bit exhausting, but the culmination is so satisfying that it doesn’t really matter that we’re not emotionally attached to these despicable characters trying to snatch an existence. No sudden movement it’s about how the game is played, and understand that crime doesn’t pay unless you are in charge of all crimes. I don’t want to spoil anything more than to say that Solomon and Soderbergh are aware that the game is rigged and that that scathing attitude feels much more appropriate for our current era, even though the movie is set in the post-war era. good feelings ”(note: good feelings can only apply to white people who consciously ignore everyone outside of their racial and class spheres).

It’s perhaps not too surprising that the film, despite its star-studded pedigree, is heading to HBO Max rather than theaters. It’s a mid-budget adult crime thriller that really has no place in the blockbuster-dominated market, especially where people are probably starving for escapism rather than movies hammering home socioeconomic inequality where even criminals can’t. Find a way to break the social order. And yet No sudden movement feels like one of Soderbergh’s richest texts, a film that people will “discover” in the future and consider as one of their best efforts thanks not only to its incisive direction and Solomon’s sharp script, but because of what it has. What to say about this damn, damn country

Rating: A-

No Sudden Move is now playing exclusively on HBO Max.

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