It seems that Sony’s marketing machine for Spider-Man: No Way Home is now well and truly up and running and moving towards a trailer coming in the near future as we’ve received a number of teasers and toy reveals that have hinted at characters and appearances by those characters in Spidey’s third solo outing in the MCU. After getting a hint at Tom Holland’s new webbed wonder costume thanks to posted images of a new Lego set, we’ve now taken a full look at the costume in question.

The images are taken from the Lego set packaging and show the seemingly black, gold and red suit, which he borrows from the Iron Spider suit from Infinity war and his most recent suit, worn in Spider-Man: Far From Home. It looks quite spectacular, although it also seems to abandon the more classic look that brought Holland to the MCU on Captain America: Civil War, there could be a very good reason for the dramatic change in costume style for earlier versions of costume colors.

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With many rumors yet to prove, or disprove, about multiple Spider-Men appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home, keeping the suit from the current incarnation from looking too much like the classic suit could help if we end up seeing three Spider-Men from different franchises reuniting on screen. While there is a history of Marvel constantly updating the look of their characters, primarily to aid merchandise sales, and the No Way Home costume appears to incorporate parts of the more recent costumes, there is a bit more planning on the part of people. as Julian Foddy from Industrial Light And Magic.

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In an interview with, Foddy previously discussed the definition of appearance used in Far From Home and the changes it went through. He explained: “We really wanted to add an extra level of detail that includes both the model and the textures. That carbon fiber-like specular response, which you mentioned there, was something that was actually there in the textures we ingested, but we adjusted the tone to make it more likely that we get more of that. Wonderful What they responded very well to was, ‘We massaged the appearance development so that the suit feels like it’s even more battered and scratched than what you first saw in Infinity War.’ Just to suggest that Peter has had this suit for a while and has been through a few battles and suffered some damage along the way. “

With more details now beginning to emerge about the upcoming movie, fans are more excited than ever to see a trailer for the first time. Spider-Man: No Way Home. If it turns out to be in the same vein as the Eternals trailer, which joked around a lot but said practically nothing to us, then there will be a lot of annoying fans. There have been many attempts to guess when the first trailer might be released, and while many of the suggested dates have come and gone, the most likely time for its arrival would be after the end of Loki on Disney +, at which point we know how the series’ bond with the sacred timeline and the multiverse will end. Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters around the world on December 17.

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