Amazon Prime’s next blockbuster movie The war of tomorrow is one of the most anticipated sci-fi releases of 2021. Directed by Chris McKay and focused on a war against aliens to come, the film’s true selling point is the impressive cast featuring some of Hollywood’s best artists. .

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Many of these talents have had long-standing careers, appearing in memorable roles on popular television shows and movies. Some have appeared in the MCU, some in Academy Award-winning films, and others in well-received television series that span all kinds of genres. After watching the movie on Prime, his other work is worth checking out.

10 Seychelle Gabriel (Sergeant Diaz) – Falling Skies

Seychelle gabriel

Considering that the movie has not yet officially come out, knowing the full descriptions of each character can be difficult. Seychelle Gabriel is known to play Sergeant Diaz, so it can be expected that she will be part of the team fighting the real war against the aliens.

While Gabriel may not be a household name, the actor has a bit of history in the genre. For 38 episodes in four seasons, she played Lourdes Delgado in Skies that fall, a series that focused on civilians facing the impact of an alien invasion.

9 Mary Lynn Rajskub (Norah) – 24

One of the hardest characters to pin down right now is Norah. It can be assumed that those with rankings in their names will fight in the war, but Norah could be almost anyone. Regardless, she will be played by veteran actress Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Another performer with a name that might not get the public’s attention, Rajskub is recognizable for a variety of roles. She has appeared in It’s always sunny in Philly, Friend, where is my car?, Y Brooklyn nine nine, to name a few. Her most famous work is probably as CTU agent Chloe O’Brien, Jack Bauer’s trusted colleague in 24.

8 Keith Powers (Major Greenwood) – What / if

Keith Powers is a young actor on the rise in Hollywood who has started to appear in some of the most notable movies and television shows in recent years. On The war of tomorrow, he’s set to play Major Greenwood, who should be in the action against aliens.

Appeared as Tyree in Straight from Compton and played real-life artist Ronnie DeVoe in The story of the new edition. Following a leading role in Famous in love, Powers had another major role in the Netflix thriller series What if as Todd, Sean’s (Blake Jenner) best friend.

7 Jasmine Mathews (Lieutenant Hart) – The Rookie

Rachel Hall The smiling rookie

Once again, it is another character who is apparently going to be part of the actual fight in The war of tomorrow. Lieutenant Hart appears to be another high-ranking person who should be instrumental in battle. They will be played by Jasmine Mathews.

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Similar to Powers, Mathews is another rising star without many credits to his name. In fact, this marks Mathews’ film debut and the rest of the filmography are television series. That includes in particular a seven-episode run on The noob as social services agent Rachel Hall.

6 Edwin Hodge (Dorian) – The Purge

It will be interesting to see where all these characters land in the movie. While Dorian does not have a military classification to his name, promotional material for the film suggests that the character will be involved in the fight, as there are footage of Edwin Hodge holding a gun.

Hodge has been rising as an actor over the years, from Dorm Daze by National Lampoon to Bumblebee. However, he is better known as Dante Bishop de The purge film series, appearing in the first three installments, even as the person who set the events of the first film in motion.

5 Sam Richardson (Charlie) – Veep

Like Dorian, Charlie is apparently someone who will fight alongside the protagonist despite not having a military rank. Charlie will be played by Sam Richardson, another veteran actor with a host of minor appearances throughout his career.

Include small parts in Horrible bosses 2 Y Promising young woman. He is most prominent on television, with roles in MODOK Y Bojack horsemanas well as 40 episodes of the Emmy Award-winning comedy Veep like the easygoing Richard Splett.

4 Betty Gilpin (Emmy Forester) – GLOW

Given the last name and what is seen in the trailer, it can be assumed that Emmy Forester is the wife of the film’s protagonist, Dan Forester. That character will be played by the talented Betty Gilpin, a veteran of many movies and shows throughout her career.

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She first rose to prominence in Nurse jackie and then appeared in movies like The hunt Y Stuber. One reason for her expanded career lately is her fantastic work as Debbie Eagan on the Netflix women’s wrestling series. RADIANCE, for which he earned two Emmy nominations.

3 JK Simmons (James Forester) – Whiplash

The premise of the film states that the protagonist joins his estranged father during the battle with the aliens. Judging by the ages of the actors and the Forester last name, it seems that James will be that character and will be played by JK Simmons.

Simmons is no stranger to the world of science fiction, playing J. Jonah Jameson in several Spider-Man movies and voicing Omni-Man in Invincible. To get a real idea of ​​how amazing an actor is, it’s worth a look. Lash, where he won an Oscar for his portrayal of the vicious music instructor Terence Fletcher.

two Yvonne Strahovski (Colonel Muri Forester) – Chuck

Sarah walker

Muri Forester’s character is arguably the most intriguing on paper. Muri is the daughter of Dan and Emmy Forester and the young version is played by Ryan Kiera Armstrong. When Dan goes to fight in the future, he meets Colonel Muri Forester, his adult daughter played by Yvonne Strahovski.

While Strahovski does not have the greatest film career, he has worked on major television shows. That recently includes an Emmy-nominated performance in The Handmaid’s Tale and her most famous role as CIA Agent Sarah Walker in Throw.

1 Chris Pratt (Dan Forester) – Guardians of the Galaxy

Chris Pratt's Star-Lord looking straight into the camera in Guardians of the Galaxy

The big blockbuster name on top of The war of tomorrow It’s Chris Pratt. He plays Dan Forester, a soldier who leads a team into the future to take on aliens alongside his father and daughter. Pratt is someone who has appeared in a large number of science fiction films throughout his career.

Some of the most popular are Passengers Y jurassic world. Of course, Pratt’s biggest role is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Peter Quill / Star-Lord, where he has appeared in two Guardians of the Galaxy movies and two Avengers Movie (s. He is also willing to participate in Thor: love and thunder.

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Steve and Bucky in their military uniforms in the 1940s.

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