Being smart doesn’t always necessarily mean that a person is “book smart.” In fact, people can be intelligent in many different ways, so their intelligence should not depend entirely on whether or not they have memorized all the alchemical formulas that exist.

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Having or demonstrating intelligence, or the ability to acquire and apply knowledge, information and skills, are some of the ways that a person can be labeled as intelligent. In anime, it is quite common for there to be smart and intelligent heroes. However, there are several clever villains, some of whom are protagonists of their own stories, that would put these heroes to shame.

10 Malty S Melromarc used her acting skills to destroy a man’s reputation (Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Milkshake smiles

You may look and feel caring and caring, but Malty S Melromarc is just the opposite. From the beginning, he manipulated Naofumi into buying his armor and wearing all of his gold, which wasn’t much to begin with. Later, she made claims that he tried to assault her, which excluded him from his fellow heroes and from everyone else in the Kingdom.

Malty is able to use her charm, feminine wiles, and all the skills at her disposal to do whatever she pleases. She is very adept at lying and manipulating people and knows exactly what to say to make people believe her lies.

9 Eri Nakamura used her dark abilities to manipulate and brainwash both the living and the dead (Arifureta)

Eri Nakamura with Glasseds and a cape with Hero Party

Eri Nakamura is one of the many students who were transported to a fantasy world to save humanity. However, Eri betrayed her classmates and became a criminal. She used her magic, Soul Bind, to manipulate the bodies of dead soldiers and became the commander of an army of the undead.

She even went on to use Soul Bind to manipulate and brainwash the boy she liked. With her high level of intellect and dark abilities, she was able to brainwash people into doing what she wanted them to do and she had no problem abusing people.

8 Tanya Degurechaff is a brilliant strategist and manipulator (Saga Of Tanya The Evil)

Tanya von Degurechaff

Tanya Degurechaff is the reincarnation of a salaryman who was killed and reincarnated as a woman in another world by Being X. With her previous knowledge, her horrible personality and her education in this new world, Tanya, at age 9, joined the troops magicians of the Empire and was promoted to second lieutenant.

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She is incredibly smart and largely a sociopath – cold, calculating, and has no problem using people to her advantage or killing them. Tanya is a brilliant tactician and manipulator and will do whatever it takes to get her way.

7 Oliveira Von Schtradius has the ability to manipulate minds and corrupt people (the philosopher’s grandson)

Kenja in the magician Oliver Schtrom

After a horrible event that took away his family and his life, Oliveira von Schtradius became Oliver Schtrom, a villain and the mastermind behind an army of demons. He would use his mental manipulation and corruption skills to make people embrace the darkness within themselves, turning them into demons.

Oliver is extremely intelligent when it comes to knowledge of magic and swordsmanship, and is a brilliant strategist. This is proven by the fact that he was able to plan and defeat an Empire.

6 Yuuki Kagurazaka used his genius-level intelligence to slowly rise through the ranks and rule society (that time I was reincarnated as a slime)

6 Yuuki Kagurazaka, the main antagonist from the time when I was reincarnated as a slime

Before Yuuki Kagurazaka could begin his plans to change the Earth, he was summoned to another world where he met Kazaream, a demon lord on the brink of death. He accepted Kazaream’s spirit into his body and promised the Demon Lord that he would find him a suitable body to inhabit.

Being the genius that he is, Yuuki becomes the main antagonist of this series. He did everything he could to create a just and equitable society, although he was willing to manipulate and do whatever it took to make this happen. He thought of people as his pawns to carry out his orders and hoped to one day rule this new world.

5 Jibril values ​​knowledge above all else and is willing to do whatever it takes to win more (No Game No Life)

Jibril from No Game, No Life evil laugh

Jibril is the youngest member of a race of women who is known for her incredible and destructive powers. Jibril loves knowledge and believes that it is worth sacrificing everything for the price of knowledge. He doesn’t care who he has to beat or what he has to do as long as he gets his way. If you can acquire knowledge, you don’t care about the cost.

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She will use her immense knowledge and destructive powers to prevent someone from taking her unconsciousness, which is exactly what happened when Sora and Shiro fought with her to gain access to her library.

4 D Is God responsible for bringing reincarnated spirits into the system and is he the one who built it (so I’m a spider, so what?)

Admin D So I'm a spider, so what?

As a high ranking god and one of the administrators who run the System where reincarnated high school students wind up, D is far more than smart and full of power.

D is a playful God and is willing to do whatever she wants for her own amusement, like granting random characters special powers. He also loves to torment and torture people, especially Kumoko. In addition to this, she is the one who actually created the System that allows its inhabitants to use and improve their abilities.

3 Black King uses his vast knowledge and tactical mind to destroy the human race (Drifters)

Black King by Drifters

The Black King was once an important figure in Earth’s timeline and sought the salvation of the human race. Now, however, he seeks the destruction of the human race for nonhumans. The Black King is someone who knows exactly how to use his skill set to get what he wants.

He is charismatic and knows how to use and manipulate his extremely loyal followers. In addition to this, his intelligence is incredibly high, which is shown by his military prowess and tactical mind, and he also has the ability to build great civilizations.

two Akihiko Kayaba is responsible for manufacturing both NerveGear and Sword Art Online (Sword Art Online)

sao sword art online secondary character Akihiko Kayaba

Akihiko Kayaba is the main antagonist in Sword art online. He’s so smart that he was the one who built the NerveGear, a helmet that can access the human brain and can create false sensory signals, and the VRMMORPG Sword Art Online game. His fascination with computers and technology leads him to create the death game that killed many players and kept others incarcerated.

1 Ainz Ooal Gown uses his smart, strategic and tactical mind to get what he wants (Overlord)

Ainz Ooal Gown (Momonga) with his henchmen

Ainz Ooal Gown is the protagonist of Mister who ends up becoming a villain. Back in his home world, he was just a salaryman who loved to spend his time playing games. But when he was transported to another world, things changed drastically.

He’s smart, strategic, and tactical, always trying to stay two or three steps ahead of everyone else. He is also willing to use his advanced knowledge and skills to help others, but at a cost, and will only do something if it benefits him or his plans.

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