90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Lima is risking everything for beauty. But what are the health risks of all the procedures Larissa has been undergoing?

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is a native of Brazil and a reality star on 90 day fiancé which continues to cause a stir in the world of reality TV. Since she first appeared on the TLC series, Larissa has managed to capture the attention of many viewers, if not for her tumultuous relationship with her ex-fiancée Colt, as well as the numerous surgeries she has performed to alter her appearance. The reality TV star has stated before that her goal in America is to become a famous influencer. He’s certainly taking that career path seriously, starting with his looks.

To say that Larissa is no stranger to cosmetic surgery would be an understatement. His shocking new plastic surgeries are endless, it seems. With each new procedure, Larissa flaunts her new look on Instagram. As of June of this year, Larissa has been adding to her already long list of procedures, ranging from rhinoplasty, lip and cheek fillers, jaw shaving, breast augmentations, and more. But surely this amount of surgeries would not come without their own health risks. If Heidi Montag’s story has anything to do with it, Larissa’s fans and critics are aware that she might be biting off more than she can chew with her new jaw.

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Temporary malaise

Larissa Dos Santos Lima

What kinds of complications can be expected from Larissa’s surgeries? There are known symptoms as a consequence of various cosmetic surgeries. Patients may experience nausea, vomiting, trouble sleeping, and many significant discomfort after the fact. While this may sound terrible to some, they are symptoms to expect after major surgery. The things that could go wrong during producers are an entirely different monster.

Permanent nerve damage

Larissa Dos Santos Lima: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

Although Larissa has seen competent surgeons on her way to becoming the inflatable doll she so desperately wants to be, accidents can happen. The more times you get on that table, the more risk you run of experiencing a medical complication that could have been prevented. You also run the risk of permanent nerve damage, which could be acquired from various surgical categories. Larissa’s evolution over the years doesn’t stop here. With her breast augmentation, Larissa could have altered her senses very well, as 15% of women reportedly experience permanent altered sensations in their nipples after surgery. This especially applies to Larissa as she said she wanted to reduce the size of her areolas, which would lead to a lot of scarring at the edge. There is no way around the scar and there is even a risk that the scar will thicken over time.

Organ damage and scarring

Larissa has also undergone liposuction, which could damage her organs if things went wrong. When surgical probes are used, which is how liposuction is traditionally processed, they could easily come into contact with vital organs of the body. With the number of times Larissa had to be injected, sliced, and reassembled, scars are also a health risk that needs to be considered after such major surgeries.

Risks of anesthesia

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Deposit of 90 days

In many of these surgeries the application of anesthesia is included. Larissa’s general health risks after general anesthesia range from heart disease to death. In December 2020, Larissa went through three hours of surgery and came out of the procedures looking considerably weaker. She couldn’t go anywhere alone and needed Eric’s care around the clock. Larissa also had a check-up during this time where she expressed a lot of pain in her chest area. Her doctor explained that this was because her breast augmentation was larger. If you had opted for something smaller, they may have hurt less.

Larissa Lima has stated that she increased the size of her bra from 34A to 34 triple D and has never been happier. However, she said that the breast implant procedure was the most devastating and the hardest to recover. The smoothing of her butt, along with liposuction, added to her curves, allowing her to go two pant sizes smaller.

Compromised breathing

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Surgery: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

Larissa’s rhinoplasty would probably be the least risky on the list, as surgeons have said that the biggest risk in this procedure is ending up with an unwanted result. Although, there have also been times when breathing is compromised. But what’s most concerning is also the speed at which Larissa acquired these surgeries, doing them three at a time, which can put her at risk significantly.

Continuous procedures

Larissa Dos Santos Lima before and after: 90-day fiancé

The Brazilian beauty has certainly been busy during her time in America. People know that you like her appearance and her glamorous image. He’s already made a name for himself after the show and has amassed an impressive number of fans on his social media and OnlyFans, but he’s still not stopping. She still thinks she has a long way to go, and the surgeries are not over, either. But the more surgeries Larissa receives, the more health problems she could face as she continues to put her body at risk. Fans have also been thinking about the well-being of their children, who are still stuck in Brazil. But it seems like Larissa Lima is too busy working on herself to focus on them just yet.

Larissa has shown off her shocking makeover, which has been generally well received, and it looks like she’s ready to continue on her path to being one of the biggest influencers out there. Larissa’s fans have praised her new look on social media, saying that she looks even better than before. This could mean that Larissa’s surgical journey is not close to ending. That just makes people more curious about what he’s going to do next.

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