Larry David has come a long way since Seinfeld. Overall, Larry David has come a long way from just being a comic on the streets of New York. The man has a lot to his credit and is one of the few comic book writers who has gracefully evolved through time. The best example of this is his modern take on comic theater, Check your enthusiasm.

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With more than a decade of existence, Larry David has taken his character through an ever-changing world and changes in his own life. While watching Larry argue over a sandwich for 10 seasons is entertainment enough, Check your enthusiasm He has made some changes over the years that have made him very different from his initial driver and season.

10 Marty Funkhouser passes away

Bob Einstein and Larry David on Curbing Your Enthusiasm

One of the saddest changes that have occurred is the addition of a new actor and characters to replace Freddy Funkhouser. For those wondering why Vince Vaughn took on the role of Freddy Funkhouser in season 10, sadly it is because Marty’s actor Bob Einstein actually died in early 2020. Marty Funkhauser has been a central part of the series for years.

As part of Larry David’s sordid inner circle, Marty played the rigid rigorous whose kindness and great family would often fall victim to Larry’s various schemes and missteps (like when Larry stole flowers from his mother’s grave or how Larry broke inadvertently his nephew’s arm). Surprisingly, he was still one of Larry’s best friends and a fan favorite.

9 Sammi Greene grows

Ashly Holloway has had quite a unique acting gig in her life growing up alongside Check your enthusiasm. Like Sammi Greene, the first few seasons often saw Sammi playing dolls while her parents (often resulting in Susie Greene spouting some outrageous curses or revealing one of Jeff’s affairs).

However, in recent seasons, the writers gave fans an update on how an adult Sammi was getting on. She was engaged to a war veteran, and the two were eventually married in the season 9 finale. Reflecting on all the seasons, it’s strange to think about how quickly time has passed, especially with the significant rift between season 8 and the 9.

8 Cheryl divorces Larry

Cheryl David with her chin resting on her hand

One of the biggest changes that occurred in the second half of the series was that Cheryl eventually, but inevitably, divorced Larry. This was in response to Larry’s divorce at the time and spawned some interesting storylines afterward. In season 6, Larry ruins their relationship in the only way he can.

As Cheryl tries to make one last desperate call to her while she’s on a scary flight, Larry tells her to call back later because she was already dealing with the TiVo guy. In season 6, after a brief relationship with Loretta Black, Larry attempts to win back Cheryl by making her the center of his Seinfeld revival, but to no avail. They hint at another relationship in season 10, but Ted Danson immediately tries to intervene.

7 Ted Danson and Cheryl start dating

Larry and Ted Danson shake hands

After Cheryl divorces Larry, she doesn’t stay single for long. After dating the guy who made the “No Fly Zone” underwear, she eventually begins dating and becomes a long-term partner with Ted Danson, who also recently divorced Mary Steenburgen (in the story, not the real life).

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This breaks Larry’s heart given that he not only lost his wife, but because she ended up dating, possibly his biggest nemesis in the entire series. This relationship would create even more dating possibilities after Cheryl and Larry have an affair, and Larry gets into Ted’s crosshairs.

6 Larry starts dating

Larry David talking to a woman on the plane

One of the best parts of Larry’s divorce was that it opened up a lot of story opportunities for the dating arcs. While the season 4 arc tried to show that Larry David can’t be with anyone but Cheryl, surprisingly, he has been quite active within the dating scene.

For example, he had his fun breakup affair with Loretta Black and even dated Elizabeth Banks at one point as well. Cheryl was always trusted to bring order to Larry’s life; but after seeing all their romantic exploits, it’s obvious Cheryl wasn’t doing Check your enthusiasm more fun.

5 Antonieta retires

While Cheryl often had to live with Larry’s neuroticism, few people had to experience and deal with it at work in the same way that Larry’s original assistant Antoinette Spolar did. Having to run several errands for Larry and at the same time take notes on his neuroticism, Antoinette has had to deal with a lot. Things reached a boiling point a couple of times.

The first was in season 4 when he asked her too much after she broke up with her boyfriend. She stopped working for him and threatened to expose all his lies and deceptions to the world. However, Antoinette would apparently be gone for good after “The Smiley Face,” where she takes time off to mourn her father and her mother takes her place (but not for long). Since then, Larry has had to deal with Carrie Brownstein, Leon, and one of his constipated archenemies in season 10.

4 Susie finally goes back to Jeff

Susie Essman as Susie Greene in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Jeff Greene’s rampant infidelity has been an ongoing joke / story for the series. It is obvious that he no longer cares about being married to Susie, but Susie’s threat armed with a divorce attorney is too much for him. Instead, he has become used to having a variety of adventures over the years.

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While some of these have brought him and Larry back, Susie has always been the butt of the joke. That’s until Season 9 when Susie reveals her attraction to a certain cowboy in a hat. Fans would say that they agreed that this was karma, as he allowed Susie to finally get revenge on him for cheating on her.

3 Leon moves

Leon talking on the phone

Cheryl left a huge hole in the series after her role was scaled down. Aside from being Larry’s conscience in a world where he has none, she was also the most consistent person he ever associated with and often brought him some words of wisdom. His absence left a real danger that Larry would only rant on the air for a while. Fortunately, that place was more than full when JB Smoove’s Leon Black stayed with Larry after Loretta and the kids left.

Since then, he has been Larry’s roommate, partner, wingmate, confidant, and assistant. Leon has been the perfect comedy partner for Larry, helping to make some of the funniest scenes in the entire series.

two Larry gets more aggressive

When the series began, Larry David was just critical, if not honest until the end. He got into pointless discussions with people and only made sly comments that affected people. However, as the show evolved, he became even more irritable and angry.

If the script has required it, Larry’s character in Check your enthusiasm he’s yelled more and gotten into a lot more fights. It was shocking to see Larry at the beginning of season 10 take someone’s selfie stick and smash it on his leg. Old Larry would have made a malicious comment. New Larry seems to be searching for blood in a world that has plagued him for far too long.

1 Larry gets too petty

Charles Schulz, the creator of Misery, admits that one of his biggest mistakes was making Snoopy more than just a dog. That same loss of ground connection may be affecting Check your enthusiasm today, as Larry’s adventures have gotten so much grander.

Season 10 saw Larry take things too far when he decides he would open an entire coffee shop to screw up one that slightly annoyed him. While he can certainly afford to do these things, it is a bit peculiar for Larry David to be doing what Homer Simpson has been doing for 20 years.

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