Once upon a time in hollywoodThe novel introduces new details about the characters explored in Tarantino’s 2019 film, while revealing much more about the mysterious stuntman Cliff Booth. The film is another reimagining of the Tarantino story, setting 1969 Hollywood actor Rick Dalton and loyal stuntman Cliff Booth against the Manson family with the tragic Tate murders looming over their heads. Although DiCaprio was nominated for Best Actor for his role as Rick, Cliff Booth emerged as Tarantino’s newest classic character, which the novel only makes more apparent.

Played by an aging Brad Pitt, Cliff is charming due to Pitt’s appearance, his going with the flow demeanor, and his staunch loyalty to actor Rick Dalton. While most of his time is spent driving Rick, trying to get a stunt job on Rick’s new projects, and watching shows with his dog in his trailer, Once upon a time in hollywood sees Cliff get into trouble when he falls in love with a young hippie. He eventually discovers that she is a member of the Manson family living at Spahn Ranch, leading to a fierce confrontation that historically targeted actress Sharon Tate.

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The novel essentially shifts much of Rick’s focus on the film to Cliff, revealing a host of backstories, personal anecdotes, and revelations that are left ambiguous in the film. While the movie Cliff features a laid-back, cool-type personality who just wants to trip over acid, do some stunts, and hang out with some Manson girls, the novel’s version of Cliff is much more complex. Here are all the important new details about Cliff Booth revealed in the Tarantino remake. Once upon a time in hollywood novel.

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Cliff killed his wife

Once upon a time in Hollywood novel confirms that Cliff killed his wife

One of the most debated topics after Once upon a time in hollywoodThe release was whether or not Cliff actually murdered his wife. In the movie, many believe that he killed her, but since there was insufficient evidence to convict him, he got away with it. A flashback scene shows Cliff on the boat with his wife before the murder, where she is fighting him to his clear annoyance. Although it is clear that he is involved in her death, Tarantino leaves it unclear whether he really intended to kill her or not.

Tarantino’s Once upon a time in hollywood The novel clears up the confusion, stating definitively that Cliff killed his wife, but more in a heat of the moment, the instinct was likely born from his time as a soldier. Cliff immediately regrets when he sees his wife, who is now practically split in half by the impact of the spear. He sits down with her and holds the two halves of her body together for 7 hours as they relate the story of their relationship. Cliff calls the Coast Guard, but once they arrive and try to move her, she falls apart and dies. While it’s hard to believe such a gory scene wasn’t included in the actual movie, it adds so much more to Cliff’s character exploration, especially since his remorse didn’t stop him from trying to get away with murder.

Cliff was a decorated hero of WWII

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Brad Pitt Cliff Booth

Not surprising when considering his physical fighting skills and stunts in double action, Cliff Booth was revealed as a hero in WWII. According to Tarantino’s book, Cliff killed more Japanese soldiers than any other American soldier and was morbidly proud of the fact. His actions in the war even earned him two Medals of Valor, making him almost untouchable in the states when the nation considered him a war hero.

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Cliff’s achievements in WWII mean that he can get away with almost any other crime, including the murder of his wife. As a war hero and famous within the military, he was able to get around the implications of killing his wife, among others, once he learned of her invincibility. The Once upon a time in hollywood The novel explains that Cliff believes that the number of Japanese he killed in the war can make up for the personal crimes he has committed afterward.

How did you get your dog

Aside from his close friendship with recently revealed bipolar actor Rick Dalton, Cliff’s dog Brandy appears to be the only other individual with whom he has a genuine connection. A picturesque scene in Once upon a time in hollywoodThe movie shows Cliff returning to his motor home to feed his dog, make boxed macaroni and cheese, and watch Mannix. He gives Brandy an unholy amount of wet and dry dog ​​food and trains her not to eat until he has taken his first bite. Brandy becomes much more vicious later in the movie when she rips apart the Manson family members who attack Cliff and Rick, suggesting that there may be much more behind her than just a loyal dog.

Tarantino reveals more about Cliff’s loyal pit bull in the novel, explaining that he got her on the set of a movie in which she was the star. Cliff was given Brandy as a way to pay off a debt because she was valuable as a dogfighting champion. Just when Tarantino couldn’t have made Cliff more controversial with murders performed, it makes him a fan of dogfighting, even showing up to watch some of his fights. While this detail doesn’t help make Cliff a more likable character, it does explain some of the reasons why Brandy was so fierce in killing the Mansons.

Killed multiple people and got away with it

Not only did Cliff get away with murdering his wife due to his status as a war hero, but he was also not convicted of the murders of two Italian gangsters. The Once upon a time in hollywood The book reveals that Cliff shot two mobsters point-blank after realizing he would get away with it. As he thought, he was never charged with his murders and found that he could continue to commit crimes with no real consequences.

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Tarantino’s book reveals that the same stuntman, Buster, who gave his dog Brandy, was also later killed by Cliff. Buster had suggested that they cheat at the game and let Brandy die in a fight, making more money by betting on the opposing dog. Cliff didn’t like Buster hinting that his beloved dog Brandy was killed, so Cliff killed him with his bare hands in an act of rage. As before, Cliff Booth got away with his murder.

Cliff is a movie buff

Cliff Booth and Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

In the style of Tarantino’s characters, Cliff Booth is revealed as a movie buff in the style of Tarantino himself. Considering that Tarantino started making movies because of his deep adoration for classic cinema westerns, kung fu movies, grindhouse, samurai, crime, and B movies, it is no wonder that he incorporated his most inspiring films into character. of Cliff. One of Booth’s favorite directors is Akira Kurosawa, and his director’s favorites are Seven samurai Y Ikiru, who were responsible for influencing many Hollywood movies to come. Unsurprisingly, Booth thinks influential new European directors like the Swede Ingmar Bergman, the Frenchman Francois Truffaut and the Italian Federico Fellini are boring or overrated.

Booth’s favorite actor is Toshiro Mifune, who was noted for his 16 collaborations with Cliff’s favorite director Kurosawa. Usually he played the most villainous and unpredictable roles, although he was notable in originating the archetype of anonymous and wandering ronin that would later be picked up by Clint Eastwood in Westerns and Spaghetti Westerns. Since Once upon a time in hollywood is extremely intertwined with the Western and Spaghetti Western film movements of the late 1960s, these roles and genres are on par with Cliff. Although the revelation of his foreign film experience may seem more contemplative than is assumed from Cliff’s characterization in the film, it adds a sentimental piece that helps put the puzzle of the double together.

Cliff almost turned into a pimp

Before deciding to pursue life as a Hollywood stuntman, Cliff considered the path of being a pimp in Paris. After World War II, a Frenchman offered Cliff some advice to think about becoming a pimp. The novel launches into an obscene and misogynistic dialogue that is not uncommon in Tarantino films, although it further supports the idea that Cliff is a deeply morally questionable character. Fortunately for Cliff’s good friend, Rick Dalton, he gave up the pimping career and used his violent leanings to make Once upon a time in hollywoodWestern TV shows instead.

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