The hero of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the hotheaded and intelligent Edward Elric, the famous Fullmetal Alchemist himself. However, despite his temper and intense pain, he is not a bad person at all. She values ​​her friends and allies very highly and will do absolutely anything to protect her childhood friend, Winry Rockbell, or her brother, Alphonse Elric.

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However, Edward will not befriend just anyone. He did not like the foolish and impulsive Prince Ling Yao very much, and he also did not become friends with Captain Buccaneer. Edward wants friends who are honest, trustworthy, and practical, and they must also have a strong sense of justice and ethics. Many anime characters fit into this project.

10 Orihime Inoue would remember Edward from Winry (Bleach)

Despite all his teasing, Edward greatly respects and admires his friend, Winry Rockbell, and is determined to help protect her innocence. Winry is not a murderer or a fighter; she is a healer, someone who calms others with a touch. Orihime Inoue, Ichigo Kurosaki’s friend, is like that too.

Orihime is brave and loyal, but she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Instead, she uses her Shun Shun Rikka abilities to protect and heal her friends, including Ichigo and Nelliel, among others. Edward would love to get to know Orihime better, and that would help calm his scarred heart.

9 Momo Yaoyorozu is almost like Edward herself (My Hero Academia)

In some ways, the genius Momo Yaoyorozu is an alchemist in her own world, thanks to her sharp mind and Gift of Creation. You can create inanimate things with your Quirk, as long as you have enough lipids to fuel the process, and you are well versed in many advanced subjects such as mechanical and chemical engineering.

Edward would respect that, and would also approve of Momo’s burning desire to uphold justice and end evil as a professional hero. Momo also has a strong sense of ethics, refusing to make expensive consumer goods herself. She won’t disrupt the economy with her Quirk.

8 Hange Zoe is curious and fights for what is right (Attack on Titan)

hanging attack on titan

Hange Zoe is a Titan enthusiast with the sharp mind of a scientist, much like Edward Elric. Hange is also quite eccentric and bossy at times, and Ed would find him a bit annoying at first before getting used to it. Also, the advantages of Hange outweigh this small disadvantage.

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Most importantly, Hange Zoe is determined to protect innocent lives and uphold justice, like a true hero, and is not easily swayed by the rhetoric of extremists or villains. Hange will always fight for what is right and Edward feels the same. They would be good allies.

7 Edward would see himself in Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)

Senku the science boy

Edward Elric would face the ultimate scientific showdown if he ever met Senku Ishigami, a genius high school student who is reinventing all of humanity’s best gadgets and machines in a new stone age. At the same time, Senku would certainly enlist Edward to help him build the Kingdom of Science.

Senku isn’t the type to befriend anyone’s best, but he would respect Edward’s capabilities, and the two would become inseparable. Edward’s alchemy and knowledge are perfectly suited to the Kingdom, and Edward would eventually meet his academic peer.

6 Sokka is a resourceful and practical hero (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

8 sokka on the day of the black sun

Sokka cannot perform alchemy, nor does he have Momo’s Quirk or Senku’s genius. Still, Sokka is a smart and resourceful hero, and he was the one who devised the eclipse invasion plan. He also helped defend an air temple from invading Fire Nation forces with makeshift bombs and a hot air balloon.

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Edward and Sokka would understand each other on an intellectual level, and they are both fearless but cautious heroes who know not to attack recklessly (unless a loved one is in danger). Sokka would think Edward is really cool, and Edward would be amused by Sokka’s dry remarks and sarcasm.

5 Maki Oze is a tough but kind fire soldier (fire force)

Maki Oze preparing to fight Arthur and Shinra

Edward Elric is a hotheaded but compassionate guy, and so is the fierce firefighter Maki Oze. She and Lieutenant Hinawa have military backgrounds, which gives them discipline and a sense of purpose, and Maki can stand up for both herself and her friends when they need her.

Personality wise, Maki is somewhere between Edward and Winry, and this would make it easier for Edward and Maki to get along (as long as they don’t call each other funny names). As a bonus, Edward could fix Maki’s gear with alchemy if it ever got damaged in a fight.

4 Ban is a lovable and loyal rogue (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Ban looks ahead

In the original Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood In the story, Ed befriended the homunculus Greed, who learned to value his friends as people and not just possessions. Given the chance, Ed would also befriend Ban, the fox sin of greed. He is also immortal, thanks to the Fountain of Youth rather than the Philosopher’s Stone.

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Ban is a bit rude and rude at times, but he’s an intensely loyal and cheerful friend, and he’s much kinder than first impressions suggest. He and Edward would make good battle partners, and they would trust each other to watch their backs. It doesn’t hurt that Ban is also a good chef.

3 Genos is an enthusiastic and devoted friend (One-Punch Man)

One-Punch Man Anime Genos Battle Damaged Tears

The cyborg Genos has also suffered a great loss, like Edward Elric, and is determined to take revenge. Meanwhile, however, Genos is a surprisingly thoughtful and healthy friend of Saitama, who is eager to learn from his “sensei” and even do housework on the go.

Genos has a heart of gold (which is almost literal) and his sense of honor, justice, and integrity are worthy of respect. Edward would think highly of Genos and trust him to watch his back in combat. And if Winry knew him too, she would be eager to play with Genos’s fancy mechanical parts.

two Raphtalia won’t let revenge compromise who she is (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Raphtalia, a demi-human, is in the same position as Genos. She, too, suffered a serious loss, but she didn’t let that turn her into something evil in turn. Instead, Raphtalia is determined to help protect and care for the living, and prevent them from suffering like her.

Edward would be very impressed, even humiliated, by Raphtalia’s incredible kindness and strength of spirit, and would also appreciate her courage and tenacity in combat. That, combined with her sweet side, would make her a great friend and companion to Edward. She is easy to like.

1 Joseph Joestar is smart and loyal (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

JoJo uses her hair to attack

At first, Joseph Joestar, the hamon warrior, would annoy Edward if they met, as he is quite eccentric and likes to tease others. However, he doesn’t want to do any harm, and if given the chance, he and Edward Elric would be good friends.

Both heroes are smart and resourceful, and are fiercely loyal to their friends and to justice alike. They would soon get used to each other’s sense of humor and exchange all kinds of jokes during an adventure together.

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