Legend of Mana has many systems to make a strong group. By gardening and growing select foods, players can create food to raise the strongest pets.

Legend of Mana Remastered just launched and Square Enix already has new plans on where to take the series. From humble beginnings as Final Fantasy commercialized spin-off, the Where The series has become an RPG classic in its own right. While the series does have some basics like action combat, many of them deviate in mechanics and tone.

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Legend of Mana Remastered it may be known for some of its more obtuse features. This includes a base of operations with all kinds of workshops and systems. While some like golem building or item forging can be extremely complex, one that is easier to understand is the orchard. Here, players can farm and grow powerful pet food.

Seeds in Legend of Mana Remastered

Hero's Home in Legend of Mana

After concluding the introductory story battles with Daena on Domina and Lunon Highway, players will be in full control to return to their Home. Upon entering the south field of a player’s house, the event will start. The Manna Orchard. It’s a simple match against four lullabies, which can probably be used alone with most setups. But players may want to grab at least one partner or pet if they play in a high-difficulty environment. Then the friendly Trento it will grow in its place.

Now that Trent is accessible, players will need to collect seeds. Some of them can be purchased at Bone strength as part of the Dragon plot. Others are eliminated from various plant enemies. Trent can be fed two seeds at a time. Each individual seed has an underlying fruit or vegetable color associated with it. Giving Trent two of the same seed will reduce the number of possible products, but will also reduce the chance that they will be rare, while mixing seeds is key to producing more exotic and powerful items. Therefore, players will need to decide whether it is worth mixing additional colors for more random but potentially useful items.

  • Round: adds blue only, can grant green or purple when mixed
  • Oblong: adds yellow only, can grant green or orange when mixed
  • Distorted: adds red only, can grant orange or purple when mixed
  • Big: add blue, yellow and green to the base
  • Little: add red, yellow and orange to the base
  • Long: add red, blue and purple to the base
  • Department: add white
  • Thorny: add all colors including otherwise inaccessible black

Growth time in Legend of Mana Remastered

Helping the Lil Cactus in Legend of Mana

Trent will select certain fruits as soon as he is fed seeds; the only way to change the result is a full recharge, refueling, and viewing the results. The rest is simply waiting a certain number of days for the fruits or vegetables to ripen. By default, it can take up to four weeks for the game to finish. However, the current mana level in Home can speed up the process. Each elemental nugget will give a time boost, along with the day it is during planting:

  • Undine: Purple
  • Calling: Red
  • Jinn: Blue
  • Gnome: Orange
  • Dryad: Green
  • Moon: Yellow
  • Whisp: White
  • Shadow: Black

However, because Whisp and Shade do not have a day of the week, they will never reach the top speed of just seven days and will often take at least two weeks to mature. In any case, it is better to plant seeds in anticipation of a long adventure story to come, rather than wandering to pass the time just for plant growth. Fruit left on Trent’s branches will never rot, but if all of its spaces are currently allocated, no new fruit will start to grow. Fruit thrown into the collection container will be sent to the player’s storage. Excess items can also be sold for money.

Produce statistics in Legend of Mana Remastered

Raising pets in Legend of Mana

Vegetables and fruits collected in Trent are excellent food for raising monsters. Each product will raise or lower certain stats or moods, often more than just meats. Some pets also have particular playstyles, which means that physical or magic stats may be useless for their attack type. Players will want to stick to a planned diet, otherwise a pet’s stats will stagnate as they go up and down equally.

Mood effects

  • Aggressive: Pet focuses all attacks on a single priority target until defeated
  • Arrogant: The pet quickly uses its most striking movements regardless of defense or other dangers.
  • Do not worry: The pet will change strategy based on the current situation.
  • Friendly: The pet will try to defeat the same enemy as other members of the party.
  • Lazy: The pet will take time to enter combat or react.
  • Lonely: The pet will always stay with the player, even when it is not a good tactic.
  • Machination: The pet will prefer to run away, especially when in danger.

Produce red

  • Apricat (very common): + Defense, + Calm
  • Peach cub (common): + Power, + Skill, + Friendly, – Disturbing
  • Diceberry (uncommon): + Power, + Aggression
  • Whalamato (rare): + Magic, + HP, + Charm, -Defense, -Aggression
  • Apple socks (very rare): + Skill, + Charm, + Calm, + Indecisive

Blue product

  • Heart mint (very common): + Charm, -Lazy
  • Shovel basil (common): + Spirit, -Lonely
  • Pine O’Clock (uncommon): + Power, + Skill, + Defense, + Magic, + HP, + Spirit, + Charm, + Luck, -Aggression, -Calm, -Scheme, -Friendly
  • Rhinoloupe (rare): + Power, + HP, + Spirit, -Magic, -Calm
  • Gold clover (very rare): + Skill, + Luck, + Friendly, -Scheme

Produce yellow

  • Citrisuid (very common): + Magic, + Machinations
  • Springanana (common): + HP, -Indecisive
  • Cornflower (uncommon): + Magic, + Charm, + Aggression, -Calm
  • Fishy Fruit (Rare): + Skill, + Magic, + Charm, -HP, -Scheme

Purple products

  • Lilipods (very common): + Skill, + HP, + Calm, + Indecisive, + Friendly, + Solitary, -Magic
  • Cherry bombs (common): + HP, + Friendly
  • Orcaplant (rare): + Defense, + Magic, + Intrigations, -Friends
  • Sweet Maoi (rare): + Defense, + Magic, + Lucy, + Lazy, – Skill
  • Bellgrapes (very rare): + Magic, + Spirit, + Conspiracy, -Friendly

Orange products

  • Prickly carrot (very common): + Magic, + Spirit, + Calm, + Indecisive, – Skill
  • Onion Honey (common): + Skill, + HP, + Spirit, + Indecisive, -Skill
  • Bumpkin (uncommon): + Power, + Spirit, + Aggressive, + Arrogant, + Conspirator
  • Medlar Shoes (Rare): + Skill, + Charm, + Machinations, -Lazy, -HP
  • Orange Opus (very rare): + Defense, + HP, + Machinations, + Lazy
  • Rocket Papaya (very rare): + Magic, + Charm, + Calm, -Aggressive

Green products

  • Cabadille (very common): + Defense, + Spirit, + Friendly, + Solitaire, -Enchantment
  • Needle lettuce (common): + Defense, + Charm, + Calm, -Aggressive
  • Squalfin (uncommon): + Magic, + Luck, + Friendly, + Solitaire, -Power
  • Boarmelon (rare): + Power, + Skill, + Spirit, + Solitaire, -Enchantment
  • Dialaurel (very rare): + Power, + Luck, + Aggressive, -Calm

White Products

  • Masked potato (very common): + Defense, + HP, + Spirit, -Luck, -Friendly
  • Garlic (common): + Charm, -Aggressive
  • Conchurnip (uncommon): + Power, + Defense, + Aggressive, + Arrogant, – Magic
  • Pear O ‘Heels (rare): + Power, + Defense, + Charm, Arrogant
  • Mangolefante (ultra rare): + Power, + HP, + Aggressive, + Arrogant

Produce black

  • Mush In A Box (very common): + Luck
  • Toadstoolshed (ultra rare): + Power, + Skill, + Defense, + Magic, + HP, + Spirit, + Charm, + Luck

With the right products and other foods, pets can begin to outshine even the humanoid members of the group.

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Legend of Mana Remastered is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch.

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