In various stories, it has been hinted that Aquaman and Wonder Woman will become an item, and this potential romance dates back to their youth.

Over the years, Wonder Woman has had a pretty messy love life. Steadfast suitor Steve Trevor was removed as her love interest in the Post-Crisis was, and has only recently been reinstated in that role. During this interim, Diana has potentially been paired with other superheroes and unique characters in her supporting cast.

In addition to the Man of Steel himself and even Batman, Wonder Woman has had extensive romantic chemistry with another member of metahuman royalty. In various Post-Crisis Stories, it has been hinted that Aquaman and Wonder Woman will become an item, and this potential romance dates back to their youth. These are some of the times Diana and Arthur almost became something.

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The first hint of a possible romance between the two was during Peter David’s iconic career. Aquaman during a story in an annual issue. The plot has a young Aquaman, still unaware of his Atlantean origin or heritage, trying to find his way in the world. He somehow ends up on the shores of Themyscira, where he rescues a young Princess Diana from becoming the forced bride of the demigod Triton. Although they initially got off to a rocky start, the two eventually became friends, and Diana showed obvious affection for him.

In a giant of 80 pages JLA Written and drawn by Christopher Priest and Eric Battle, the grumpy ’90s Aquaman is helped by Wonder Woman to clear the collapsed debris from the path of an ancient cavern. Secretly, he wishes the Martian Manhunter had been dispatched, and his disgruntled nature is obvious. Finally, accidentally entwining himself with Diana’s bond, he reveals exactly how he feels about her. He comments that her more playful royal form is very different from the responsibility on her shoulders, and that he finds her quite unpleasant with her upbeat, motherly, and kind nature. Despite this, the truth the bond ultimately reveals is that he deeply desires Wonder Woman, and the confession adds to his dismay that Martian Manhunter isn’t sent in his place.

Similarly, in Grant Morrison’s “Queen of Fables” arc JLA Run, Wonder Woman is rapt in a magical dream like a beautiful sleeper from fairy tales. The young Green Lantern and Flash shyly ask the other to kiss the Amazon princess, knowing that it is the only thing that can wake her up. Aquaman takes them both down, as the task actually requires a prince, or in her case, a king, to kiss her. Although the act is more utilitarian than anything else, Aquaman’s arrogance regarding what he does speaks as much as the ambivalence of the younger heroes.

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Why Aquaman and Wonder Woman wouldn’t work as a couple

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Despite scenes like these that illustrate how Wonder Woman and Aquaman could logically be a couple, there are several reasons why they couldn’t. For one thing, these scenes are all during periods when neither Wonder Woman nor Aquaman had stable relationships, with Steve Trevor no longer being a love interest in that continuity, and Aquaman splitting up with both Mera and her recent love interest Dolphin. Today’s stories would make scenes like this that much more complicated, especially since Aquaman and Mera’s relationship has become more common.

Aquaman’s duties as King of Atlantis are also very different from Diana’s more ambassadorial role, as he points out in one of the stories mentioned above. This would complicate his relationship with someone who is not yet from his world, and it would probably also generate resentment for how easy Diana has it compared to him.

This also fuels how Arthur many times almost resents the role of a superhero, worrying much more about his royal duties. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, lives to be both an ambassador for Themyscira and a superhero, and the two’s different priorities would ultimately be the main reason why a relationship between the two wouldn’t work out. Essentially, Aquaman ultimately lives for the sea, and Wonder Woman requires someone with their feet more firmly planted on the ground.

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