In the 2021 Teen Titans Academy Yearbook, the dark legacy Nightwing left behind is revealed with Red X, and he has no idea.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Teen Titans Academy 2021 Yearbook # 1

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Teen Titans Academy, the dark legacy of At night and his ex Red X identity is revealed to those who wore the mask after he discarded it. Although his identity remains a mystery, new insights are shared about the history of the current Red X, as well as the Red X before him. While Red X was originally a means for Dick Grayson to infiltrate, his cloak has been co-opted in such a way that a lineage is now forming with the mask passed down, although it does not appear that Nightwing himself has known that it has been happening since. dropped the mask.

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While details about Dick Grayson’s past with the Red X identity have been scant, new information has come to light about those who followed him. Teen Titans Academy 2021 Yearbook # 1 in the story of writer Tim Sheridan and artist Rafa Sandoval titled “ReleaseIn it, the sad truth about the foster care system in what is most likely Gotham City is revealed. Apparently, children were taken into terrible and corrupt ‘foster homes’, only to be raised to become thugs and cannon fodder for the villain Black Mask.As a result, such a hideous and despicable operation is one that Red X cannot accomplish, though it is revealed to be the Red X that came before the current one attending Teen Academy Titans, operating as a dark vigilante nine years earlier.

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Once this equally mysterious and unknown Red X clears the horrible “foster home” and closes the operation, he is shocked to see that one of the children had been left behind, unafraid of the bloody and deadly carnage Red X had unleashed. . While this earlier Red X confirms that he is not Robin, he does say that he has taken Dick Grayson’s discarded mask as a means of taking what was his fake mission and turning it into a very real and brutal crusade.


Red X also believes that more Red Xs will come after him, which supposedly led him to take this child under his wing and advise him for years to come. Sure enough, the final page of the issue sees both figures hiding in the shadows on the first day of school at Titans Academy, and Red X asks the boy if he wants the mask. Apparently, this is the origin of the current Red X, which has since been infiltrating the academy using its abilities learned from the previous Red X.

Oddly enough, while the mantle and legacy belong to Nightwing, Red X’s identity has grown much larger and darker than he ever imagined (although he will likely discover the full legacy soon enough). Red X he’s clearly planning something big for superhero school, and one can only imagine what awaits him At night and the rest of the Teen Titans Academy when their plan is finally unleashed in future issues.

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