The iconic scene where Indy shoots the swordsman is one of the biggest laughs in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the original plan was very different.

In one of the most memorable scenes of Raiders of the lost ark, instead of engaging in a full-blown sword fight with a handsome swordsman in Egypt, Indiana Jones surprisingly just shoots him; here is the real reason. Like an iconic ’80s adventure saga, Indiana Jones The movies are home to some of the best Spielberg action and fighting sequences of all time. Indiana Jones, the rebellious archaeologist who always wears a felt hat, a purse and a whip in tow, is memorable for his exciting battles with enemies who try to stop him from the historical object he seeks.

On Raiders of the lost arkIndiana Jones (Harrison Ford), a professor from the 1930s, searches the world for the missing Ark of the Covenant, said to make any army invincible. Indy must find and return the Ark to a museum before the Nazis can reach it, who want to cede their power to Hitler. Along the way, Indy faces different agents of the Nazi regime who try to stop him, including a feared murderous swordsman in Cairo, Egypt. The swordsman challenges Indy in a busy Cairo market, intending to kill him in a sword fight. The swordsman laughs and brandishes his weapon to intimidate Indy before Indy surprisingly draws his weapon and shoots him at point blank range.

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While the scene is still in the Indiana Jones character as exhausted he pulls out his gun because he has little time to find Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen), the original plan for the sequence was markedly different. Spielberg originally intended for Indy to engage in a sword fight with the instigator, although behind-the-scenes problems on set changed the minds of those involved. At the time of filming the scene, Harrison Ford and much of the crew were extremely ill with dysentery, so filming a long fight scene would have been too exhausting. Ford suggested to Indy simply “shoot the foolInstead, to which director Steven Spielberg agreed.

The original scene was three and a half pages long compared to the less than a minute sequence seen in Raiders of the lost ark, which featured a long and highly choreographed sword fight in which Indy turned out to be the winner. The scene would have had Jones, almost played by someone other than Ford, displaying his mastery and skill with his whip as he faced the swordsman, giving the audience a clearer view of his use in combat in addition to his other multifunctional uses in his adventure. Spielberg also intended to include a gag in which the Cairo swordsman accidentally uses his sword to perfectly slice a market man’s meat in half, after which the seller thanks the swordsman.

While Spielberg’s original plan would have been a thrilling one-on-one action sequence for Indy, it’s hard to imagine. Raiders of the lost ark without the iconic tired Indy shooting the swordsman instead. While a fun ride to watch, Assailants it doesn’t include too many comic moments, except for the Cario scene and Indy’s fear of snakes. The scene plays up to the biggest laugh in the movie when Indy gives a sigh that suggests he’s too tired to fight this guy who wants to fight him so badly, then shoots him and walks off. It sounds wrong to say that one should be grateful for Ford’s illness for one of the most iconic scenes, but Raiders of the lost ark he’s definitely better for it.

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