Red Dead Redemption 2 streamer SWOL manages to save Lenny Summers from his inevitable fate in a modified version of the action-adventure game.

A Red Dead Redemption 2 player was finally able to save Lenny Summers’ character from his inevitable death, though he only managed to do so through the use of mods.

Streamer SWOL posted a video on his Twitter page showing himself saving the popular character from death at the hands of the Pinkerton Riflemen, in a scene that normally sees the character’s inevitable demise. “We have traveled this road too many times, but today we make a difference: we saved Lenny,” says SWOL. The video then shows the streamer character running up to Lenny with modifications and grabbing him before the Riflemen can pull him out. The two then fly over the game world, alive and intact.

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While the video is a fun sample of how mods can personalize a game experience, it’s important to note that Lenny Summer’s death was designed in such a way that it can’t actually be prevented. In the base game, the main character will always die while escaping during the Saint Denis bank robbery mission. Lenny plays a significant role in the gang up to this point, and his impact is felt even after the character’s death, with his body being looted from the local morgue to get him out of Saint Denis.

While the character may be a favorite among fans who want to see him live to the end, the deaths of Lenny and Hosea are major events in the game’s main story. Unfortunately, the fact that SWOL saved Lenny is just for fun, it will have no effect on the outcome of the story. Still, it can bring some comfort to fans of the game and the character.

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Developed by Rockstar Studios and published by Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption 2 It is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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