RHONJ star Jennifer Aydin hints at a new nose job and chin implant on Instagram. He posted a photo online with bandages in early June.

Jennifer Aydin from The Real Housewives from New Jersey hints at a new nose job and chin implant on Instagram. The housewife is no stranger to a little pinch here and there. Aydin admitted to having undergone surgery to achieve a smaller figure. With the help of her husband, Dr. Bill Aydin, the homemaker can achieve almost any look she desires. The star of The Real Housewives from New Jersey She returned to her husband, the plastic surgeon, for another round of procedures, this time for her nose and chin. Find out more about Aydin’s new facial features below.

Aydin doesn’t worry when it comes to finding the perfect plastic surgeon. The reality star can rely on her husband, a double board certified plastic surgeon, to perform her cosmetic procedures. The star’s husband is the owner of the Aydin Plastic Surgery Center, which he claims to be the place. “where art meets science. “Aydin got ready for summer when her RHONJ The husband performed a procedure that left the star 15 pounds less. The stay-at-home mom underwent a breast reduction, breast lift, and liposuction in 2019. The reality star credited her husband with contouring her back to give it a smaller, more defined shape. In early June, Aydin’s followers noticed bandages on her nose under her mask in a photo on Instagram.

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In a recent post, Page six shared that Aydin hinted at a new nose job and chin implant on her Instagram page. The Real Housewives from New Jersey Aydin captioned an image, “I start with the shoes … and then work my way up. “The photo showed the reality star in sparkly purple heels with large gold emblems and a ruffled purple dress cinched at the waist with a tie. The dress showed her husband’s previous work on her figure. Aydin wasn’t the only thing on show – the reality star showed off the results of her new chin implant and nose job.

Aydin’s image received a wide range of reactions from RHONJ fans. One follower wrote how beneficial it must be to have a plastic surgeon as a husband, saying: “It is worth being married to a plastic surgeon, she played smart. “Another noted the changes the nose job had on Aydin’s temperament, adding”It’s so strange, does a new nose change your character? She was always smiling, laughing with her old nose, now she is so serious in every photo? Does the nose no longer let you smile?”Many of Aydin’s followers supported her new cosmetic procedures. The Instagram post received over 14,000 likes, and one follower commented: “Dr. A did a great job.

The star of The Real Housewives from New Jersey showed the results of her new cosmetic procedures to her 374,000 followers on Instagram. So far, the reality TV star has received five plastic surgery procedures. Aydin’s new nose job and chin implant were well received and even led some fans to wonder about the procedures for themselves. With a plastic surgeon as a husband, Aydin doesn’t have to ask those questions.

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Sources: Page six, Jennifer Aydin / Instagram

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