Star Wars: The High Republic sees the Jedi make the fateful decision to prioritize opposing the dark side over protecting the Republic.

This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: the high republic # 6 and the novel In the dark.

Star Wars has revealed that the Jedi of the High Republic Era were forced into a crisis in which they would have to choose between the Republic and the Force. When George Lucas introduced viewers to the Republic in the prequel trilogy, it was clear that this august galactic rule was only a shadow of what it was before. The once great Republic had dwindled, and the Jedi were increasingly tied to it.

But how did the Republic get to this sorry state? That story is told in Lucasfilm Publishing. Star Wars: the high republic transmedia initiative, which is established some 200 years before the events of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. The High Republic Era of the Republic is bold and confident, carrying out a series of “Great Works” to expand to the Outer Rim. Unfortunately, he has faced terrifying new threats; a group of space pirates known as Nihil, and an awakened scourge of the dark side named Drengir. The Jedi protectors of the Republic are fighting to cope with the unfolding crisis.

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Things are piling up on Star Wars: the high republic # 6, by Cavan Scott and Georges Jeanty. The Jedi had won an initial victory against the Drengir, but apparently for the past few months these monstrous plant creatures, who view sentient beings as “meat“only to be consumed – they have spread to the Outer Rim. Jedi Master Avar Kriss leads the charge against the Drengir; the so-called” Hero of Hertzal “is one of the greatest of the Jedi, possessing a unique knowledge of the Force which allows him to synergize the acts of the Jedi in phenomenal ways. This issue sees Avar finally learn the Drengir’s secret weakness, which all originate from a single being known as the “Great Progenitor”, and if this creature is destroyed, then the Drengir will wither and die, it is clear that he is about to summon as many Jedi as possible to help defeat the Drengir, dark side beings who were once former allies of the Sith.

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Star Wars High Republic Drengir Grand Progenitor

Although Avar does not know it, he has made a fateful decision; he has chosen to fight the dark side rather than protect the Republic. The decision is made with the best of intentions, and it is completely understandable given that Nihil’s raids have come to an end and many believe those space pirates will be defeated, but Avar has the Force, and should have had the wisdom to see through. from the Nihil Deception. As seen at Cavan Scott’s In the dark, Avar takes too many Jedi with her, leaving a major Republic event, the Republic Fair, vulnerable to attack. Worse still, Nihil’s foray into the Republic Fair exploits the Jedi’s inability to coordinate without communication, meaning that Avar Kriss’ presence there would have been enough to turn the tide and save countless lives.

The Republic Fair was intended as a symbol, and the Jedi’s initial failure to protect it will no doubt send shockwaves throughout the galaxy. The sad truth is that there was probably no correct choice here; Avar Kriss chose to prioritize the dark side enemy for completely understandable reasons, but in doing so, he has told the Republic that it cannot depend on the Jedi. Ironically, the Jedi are likely to overcompensate by trying to correct this judgment and thus become too attached to the Republic, setting the fall of the Jedi two centuries later in the Star Wars prequel movies.

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