Superman is fast and so is Flash, but in their famous race between them it is obvious that the Man of Steel should have been the winner.

Superman famous race with him Flash I should have ended up with the clear winner: Superman. The self-proclaimed “The Fastest Man in the World” has raced against the Last Son of Krypton many times in the comics and on film (most notably in 2017 League of Justice), but in his first race, no one knew exactly who would win. But readers of Superman # 199 He knew the only reason Superman didn’t win … was because he was too busy being Superman.

The writers of Superman and Flash have steadily increased each hero’s superspeed over the years. Superman, who started out as “Faster than a bullet!” now you can fly around the world in seconds. Flash could run faster than the speed of sound; now, it can outrun time. But the question of DC’s fastest hero was very much up in the air until Superman # 199 by Jim Shooter and Curt Swan, where the two were summoned by the UN secretary for a race to raise funds for underdeveloped countries around the world. Both heroes quickly agreed and the race began, but not without some criminal trouble.

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Both Superman and Flash circled Earth three times on a path over many obstacles and terrain (including snowy mountains, dense jungles, and across the ocean), and for the sake of justice, Superman was banned from flying. Unbeknownst to both of them, rival criminal syndicates in the United States and Europe have placed billion dollar bets on each participant and rig the race to fix the outcome. They have also hired several scientists who design various traps for each hero, but they all inevitably fail. During a particularly close crash in Canada, Flash trips, hits his head on the ice, and is knocked unconscious.

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Superman stops short and, without a single second of hesitation, turns into Clark Kent and helps Flash to his feet. Clark claims that he was covering the race in a helicopter, and although no helicopter can be seen (on that panel or any other), Flash thanks him and accelerates. He could easily have gotten away with it, but Superman is too altruistic to leave a friend behind, even if that might cost him the race. When the two realize that they have been placed on a bet to win, they agree to draw, crossing the finish line at the same moment, denying rival unions any chance of winning their money.

Flash and Superman would compete many times throughout the DC comic continuity, usually for charity or another common goal. In DC’s current timeline, Flash is definitely the fastest hero, fast enough to travel through time in Flash point and even travel faster than instant teleportation. But during the height of the Silver Age, Superman I would have defeated the Flash If it weren’t for the fact that he stopped to help his opponent, as befits anyone by the name of Superman.

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