Seto Kaiba is not cold. He walked a fine line between being a hero and an outright villain and served as the main ant hero of the anime. Arrogant, vain and powerful, Kaiba always wanted to get his way and spent most of his waking time looking out for the interests of his mega empire, KaibaCorp, and seeking new opportunities to defeat his arch nemesis, Yugi Muto.

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Kaiba talked a lot, and most of the time, he had the means to back up his words. He never looked at his tongue; on the contrary, he let it go. And he delivered fire after fire at the expense of the main heroes, poking fun at their health, optimistic spirit and tendency to save the world.

10 “My first words were an explosive neutron attack”

Kaiba laughing with her eyes closed

During the last arc of the anime, Kaiba travels back in time and comes face to face with the Big Bad, Zork. However, being Kaiba, he doesn’t believe the monster is real. Instead, he insists that it is just another hologram like the ones his company makes excellently.

Kaiba even gets cheeky towards Zork, telling him that he’s not afraid of him. “I’ve been hitting virtual monsters like you since I could speak!” He even claims that his first words were “Neutron explosive attack”, a moment that ranks as one of the most outlandish.

9 “Nice outfit, idiot”

Noah in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Noah’s virtual world is a dividing arc in the series. Some fans enjoyed it, while others, like Kaiba, consider it “a complete waste of time and effort.” Still, Noah was a competent and somewhat threatening villain who even outplayed Kaiba in a duel.

While watching the home videos proving that Noah is Gozaburo’s biological son, Kaiba can’t help but make fun of the other’s clothes. The line is spiteful and unnecessary, which shows that Kaiba knows he is an idiot and loves him.

8 “Give him a good seat for the next duel”

Kaiba and Zgfried prepare for a duel at the KC Grand Championship

The KC Grand Championship arc follows Zigfried von Schroeder’s attempts to destroy Kaiba’s reputation. Zigfried is entertaining to watch, but he’s a pretty incompetent villain that Kaiba easily defeats.

During their duel before the Championship final, Zigfried gives it his all while Kaiba barely sweats. In the end, not even Zigfried’s Valkyries can give him the victory, and Kaiba reaches the top. He leaves the arena and tells his employee, Roland, to get Zigfried a good seat for the final duel. Then he laughs at his comment and ends it all with “Ha, funny.”

7 “That’s the first sensible thing he’s said all week.”

Zigfried and Leon pitching an idea to Pegasus

Leon confronts Yugi during the Championship final, revealing that he is Zigfried’s younger brother. Yugi, of course, wins, even after Zigfried attacks the duel, trying to secure Leon’s victory.

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Realizing that there is nothing else to do, Zigfried falls to his knees and admits defeat, claiming that he will “never beat Kaiba”. Wanting to rub even more salt on the wound, Kaiba smiles and agrees with him for the first time. More than one fan felt sad for the von Schroeder brothers, especially Leon, who deserved the opportunity to have a proper duel with Yugi.

6 “Stop saving the world and get a hobby”

Yugi Vs Kaiba in Battle City

Kaiba is notoriously cynical about the many supernatural events that occur around him. He refuses to believe in fate, no matter how many times he receives proof that it is, in fact, real. He remains unconvinced of his role in ancient history, even after traveling back in time and seeing himself in his previous life.

This quote perfectly sums up Kaiba’s character. He tells Yugi after the spiky-haired king of duels tries to explain what’s at stake for the end of the world. And just like Yugi never tires of insisting on the existence and importance of destiny, Kaiba never stops denying it.

5 “So, take whatever dignity you have left and lose yourself!”

Zigfried laughed at Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Kaiba has no kind words after beating Zigfried during their duel. On the contrary, he goes out of his way to further humiliate his pink-haired foe. Kaiba seems to particularly enjoy doing it in front of the hundreds of people around them, who watch Zifgried’s defeat in shock.

When the elder von Schroeder tells him that things are not over between them, Kaiba tells him that his Life Points reach zero and that “that is the most that can be over.” In closing, he tells Zigfried to take off his remaining dignity and leave, causing the audience to gasp for his ruthless behavior.

4 “I can’t believe the little barking chihuahua already has 10 star tokens.”

Joey kaiba

Each Yu-Gi-Oh fan knows that Kaiba hates Joey Wheeler. He goes out of his way to humiliate poor Joey, whom he considers a “third-rate duelist.” For his part, Joey doesn’t like Kaiba’s pretentious demeanor, but he doesn’t have the talents of the young heir’s words.

During the Duelist Kingdom arc, Kaiba travels to the island to retrieve Mokuba’s soul. Pegasus tells him to defeat Yugi if he wants his brother, which causes Kaiba to taunt Yugi until the King of Games accepts his challenge. He also takes the opportunity to poke fun at Joey, suggesting that he only got his star chips because Yugi “threw a bone at him.”

3 “Yugi can’t duel out of a paper bag”

Yugi Vs Atem Ceremonial Duel Yu-Gi-Oh!

During Yugi and Atem’s ceremonial duel, Kaiba is angered to discover that two separate entities live within the young duelist. He claims that it is unfair and that Yugi is not worthy of his title of King of the Games and stays and watches the duel only to see which of the two entities is the true duelist.

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When Atem apparently takes advantage of Yugi, Kaiba decides to leave, claiming that “only one of the two Yugi twins inherited the dueling abilities, so why look?” He, of course, ends up staying and even acknowledges that Yugi is the King of the Games after the young man defeats the three Egyptian gods of Atem.

two “And anyone who is late to the registration will be disqualified. Mokuba, make sure Wheeler is late.”

Seto powers up in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Kaiba’s pettiness knows no boundaries. During the Grand Championship arc, he states that the registration process is vital and that anyone arriving late will be disqualified. He then instructs Mokuba to “make sure Wheeler is late”, much to Joey’s visible anger and Mokuba’s entertainment.

The shortened series has an even funnier take on this line, with Mokuba naming all the things that would get complicated by “making sure Wheeler is late” and Kaiba knocks him down, insisting on guaranteeing Joey’s tardiness.

1 “You’re a third-rate duelist with a fourth-rate deck.”

Seto Kaiba with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon behind him.

Perhaps Kaiba’s most infamous quote is not part of the original dubbing. Instead, Kaiba says it in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, a 2017 digital trading card game for iOS, Android, and Windows. The quote is part of Kaiba’s many lines, spoken when he wins a duel.

Many fans think this quote refers to Joey. In fact, it seems like the kind of thing Kaiba would say to describe the blonde duelist. Unfortunately, it’s just a generic line to refer to any duelists that Kaiba beats in the game, but when it comes to dating, it’s one of their best.

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