Reiner Braun is one of the main characters in Attack on Titan. Having been born in Marley and trained in the Warrior Unit from a young age, some of the characters he was closest to throughout the series were people he had known for most of his life. However, once he went to Paradis, he began to see some of his victims as friends as well, causing him to feel conflicted over his actions towards them.

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Fortunately, towards the end of the manga, Reiner learned that he could be friends with people from both Paradis and Marley. Who were your closest friends throughout the manga?

10 Eren and Reiner were close in their training days

Although Eren eventually became the person Reiner feared the most and did everything he could to stop him, there was a time when the two were like brothers. Knowing what it felt like to want to be stronger, Reiner helped Eren become a great soldier. They became so close to each other during their training that Reiner thought that if he revealed his identity as the Armored Titan, Eren would accept him and help him. And while Eren already had a reason to suspect who Reiner really was, he refused to believe it until he saw his role model transform. Although they had a lot in common, their similarities caused them to become enemies in the middle of the manga.

9 Ymir helped Reiner bring the Jaw Titan back to Marley

Although the two were never close, Ymir was one of the few people in Paradis who could understand Reiner, as well as Bertholdt and Annie. It was also from Marley and he knew what it was like to hide so much information from his loved ones, especially since he had inherited the Jaw Titan. Because of this, he left behind the life he wanted with Historia to save Reiner and Bertholdt, returning the titan of the jaw to Marley.

8 Even though Reiner killed Marco, Jean became his friend

Jean from Attack on Titan

At the beginning of the manga, Jean was very close to another soldier in the 104th Cadet Corps. However, when Marco found out that Reiner was the Armored Titan, Reiner felt he had no choice but to kill Marco. Even though Jean thought she could never accept this and forgive Reiner, the two became close by the end of the series and even spent time with some of the other soldiers and warriors.

7 Annie helped Reiner even when she didn’t want to

Annie and Reiner knew each other long before they went to Paradis, but once their mission began, they disagreed on how to handle things. Despite this, Annie always helped Reiner, and he felt bad for putting her through so much.

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When she didn’t want to fight anymore, he understood and asked her to take care of Falco and Gabi. However, he ended up saving his life, as well as the other characters who fought Eren. Like Jean, Annie also became close to Reiner when they were finally able to live in peace, spending her time with him, Armin, Jean, Pieck, and Connie.

6 Marcel helped Reiner inherit the armored titan

Marcel AoT

The plan to retrieve the Founding Titan from Marley failed the moment Marcel died, causing Reiner and Annie to fight in the first place. However, before his death, Marcel showed a lot of kindness to Reiner. When his brother, Porco, said terrible things to Reiner, Marcel would apologize on his behalf. He even helped Reiner inherit the Armored Titan, making his dream come true, although it was only to protect Porco. Even if he didn’t intend to be friends with Reiner, he gave him exactly what he wanted as a child.

5 Armin and Reiner were friends at the beginning and end of the manga

Similar to his friendship with Eren, Reiner assisted Armin when they were training in the 104th Cadet Corps, making sure he was not left behind. However, Reiner getting close to Armin is what led to him being suspicious as the Armored Titan in the first place. Fortunately, Armin is another character that Reiner got close to once again at the end of the manga.

4 History was friend and in love with Reiner

Historia was not only a friend of Reiner, but was also his crush. She was one of the few people within Paradis that he wanted to protect, even while fighting the Survey Corps.

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She was always very nice to him and had saved him several times at the beginning of the series. Even in the final pages of the manga, which took place long after their last interaction, he still had romantic feelings for her.

3 Pieck & Reiner were as good friends as warriors

Attack on Titan _ Pieck

Pieck was one of the few warriors who always maintained a friendly relationship with Reiner. There was never a time when one of them turned their back on the other and as they spent more time together, they grew closer. When they were young, they didn’t have many interactions with each other. However, when Pieck went to Paradis, she saved his life. Understanding what he had been through during his time there, he cared for him, as well as his younger cousin, Gabi. They also proved to have a good relationship as warriors as they always fought for the same cause.

two Connie was the best friend of Reiner de Paradis

Connie and Reiner

Connie was the closest person to Reiner who had lived on Paradis. Reiner was very good friends with Connie at the beginning of the series, but once Connie found out who Reiner really was, she felt betrayed. However, when Connie turned her back on Eren, Paradis, and the Yeagerists, he had to kill two characters he was once friends with, as they called him a traitor. Realizing how Reiner must have felt when Connie felt betrayed, the two approached again. And since they both survived the Rumbling and probably lived a long life, they may have even become best friends.

1 Bertholdt was Reiner’s best friend

Bertholdt and Reiner

The person who always supported Reiner was Bertholdt. Even before the Armored and Colossal Titans inherited, Bertholdt had great faith in Reiner and wanted to help him however he could. Because of this, he always followed Reiner’s orders once they went to Paradis, although he also had romantic feelings for Annie. Unfortunately, Bertholdt died in the Return to Shiganshina arc, and Reiner was unable to do anything to save him. Even if Reiner became best friends with other characters later in the series, he could never ask for a better one than Bertholdt.

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