Dexter’s reboot already has dark vibes, but the killer also had a brief and forgotten sidekick whose fate could point to his son’s likely path.

Harrison Morgan’s fate in the next Right handed rebooting doesn’t seem all that brilliant, and the titular killer’s forgotten companion might underscore the likelihood of his son’s tragedy. The Showtime series had an eight-season run that followed the life and inner thoughts of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a serial killer who satisfied his urges by targeting other killers in a vigilante-style nightlife. His adoptive father, Harry, helped him recognize and channel his compulsion to kill from an early age.

Dexter faithfully carried that moral code into his adult life, semi-justifying his behavior to himself. Once she had her own son, Harrison, the narrative in her head became much more complicated. After all, if he had an insatiable thirst for blood, which Dexter referred to as his “Dark Passenger”, the possibility of passing that trait through genetics or inadvertent modeling was likely.

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In season 5, Dexter met a woman named Lumen Pierce (Julia Stiles). Lumen had been brutally raped and tortured by a group of men called the Barrel Girl Gang and, hell-bent on seeking revenge for what she had endured, Dexter guided her in his personal homicide style and Harry’s code. Despite taking the step to kill, he didn’t feel the need to continue on the long-term path. Once the last member of the gang was killed, she went ahead and left Dexter, despite their relationship. Although it was sad that she left the show, Lumen proved that a murderer within the show’s universe could stop once his need for revenge is sated. That’s a good thing, but it doesn’t put the odds of that happening in Harrison’s favor. The Trinity Killer (John Lithgow), responsible for his mother’s death, is already dead. There is no revenge.

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However, Harrison was always able to turn his confusion into a weapon towards Dexter, as he set the stage for much of his son’s grief. Whatever happens, Harrison’s mother is gone. He grew up without it and that is a loss that will never really fade. The fact that he can’t even get revenge on Trinity leaves him with two options; heal and move on or follow in his father’s violent footsteps (possibly going after him as he does so). After spending part of his childhood without either parent and discovering the dark truth about the serial killer father Dexter, who abandoned him, as suggested by a recent reboot teaser, Harrison’s chances of having a healthy and happy life. continuously decrease.

Once the Right handed Revival premieres, everyone’s favorite serial killer will officially return to his old ways. This is an exciting prospect for fans, especially those who were disappointed in the ending of the original series. But the fact that Dexter clearly can’t let go of his Dark Passenger or create a new life is inherently tragic. Judging by past events and pointers to the show’s future, that same darkness is likely to linger.

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