During the first seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, the central location is Seattle Grace Hospital. The medical center eventually merges with Mercy West Medical Center to become Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital and later renamed Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital to honor the survivors of the plane crash.

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Before the mergers and name change, a lot happens at Seattle Grace Hospital. Relationships are formed, breakthroughs are made, and many lives are saved. Viewers are familiar with most of the plot details, but there are small details about Seattle Gray that could have eluded even the most enthusiastic fans.

10 Lab coats

Izzie Stevens and Reed Adamson fight on Grey's Anatomy

The medical staff lab coats have some remarkable details. On the right, the name of the hospital is indicated with the initials SGH. On the left is the name of the doctor / nurse and the physician, as well as any other affiliations. The attending psychiatrists are the only staff in lab coats who have their departments embroidered on the second line.

There are also two types of lab coats: unisex and feminine styles. The unisex style is mostly worn by male characters. It has adjustable front and back pockets. Addison is the only female character to wear the unisex lab coat instead of the female cut. But when she resigns and returns as a consulting surgeon, she changes into a woman’s coat.

9 There were fewer deaths of doctors

Death of George O'Mally on Grey's Anatomy.

Medical deaths have become too common in Grey’s Anatomy in recent seasons and fan favorite doctors have been killed in almost every season. Fortunately, there have always been noteworthy replacements.

During the Seattle Grace days, only two doctors died: George O’Malley and Jordan Kenley. In one of his most heartbreaking moments, George was hit by a bus while trying to save someone and succumbed to his injuries. Jackson, for his part, died of a heart attack in front of a young patient he was treating.

8 Board of Directors

Larry briefs Seattle Grace doctors on layoffs on Grey's Anatomy

Only one member of the Seattle Gray board is known, compared to Gray Sloan Memorial, where the board members are Jackson, Meredith, Miranda, and Richard. The known member of the Seattle Gray board of directors is President Lawrence “Larry” Jennings, one of the worst patients in the series. He was once admitted when a candiru fish from the Amazon lodged in his urethra.

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Larry is also one of the few characters on the show who are academic doctors and his badge reads Lawrence Jennings, Ph.D. “Other doctors with PhDs are Dr. Cristina Yang, Dr. Alma, Dr. Helen Fincher, Dr. Paul Stadler, Dr. Katharine Wyatt, and Dr. Rebecca Froy.

7 The intern Appy

There is a long tradition for new interns at Seattle Grace Hospital known as Intern Appy. The tradition started with the first batch of interns and involves commissioning the most promising intern to perform an appendectomy on their first day.

Intern Appy has no intention of making the chosen intern look good. Instead, you aim to get them wrong so that other interns reduce their enthusiasm and are more willing to learn.

6 A total of three employees have been laid off

Megan Nowland reacts to news of her termination after Grey's Anatomy merger

Seattle Grace employees who have terminated their contracts include Nurse Olivia Harper, Nurse Scrub Ann, and Dr. Megan Nowland (the only doctor who was fired). Megan was fired after Seattle Gray merged with Mercy West. After her firing, she filed a lawsuit, claiming that she had only been fired because she was pregnant.

Olivia Harper also suffered the same fate as Megan and was fired in the merger. Arizona’s favorite cleaning nurse, Ann, was out of luck. The firing put her in a terrible situation because she was a single mother with three children.

5 The hospital was mentioned in another program

Ryan Marissa Seth and Summer sit on a couch for The OC promo image

In season 4 of the FOX teen drama, The ocSummer Roberts’ father, Dr. Neil Roberts, gets a new job at Seattle Grace, forcing him to leave Orange Country and move to Seattle.

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Eager to get started, he says, “The hospital is famous for being wonderfully quirky. It’s called Seattle Grace.” However, Dr. Neil Roberts never appears in Grey’s Anatomy.

4 Physicians with hospital privileges

Addison on Grey's Anatomy

As is the case with most major hospitals, there are physicians who can report to and work at Seattle Grace Hospital on specific assignments, despite not being general staff members. They can use the operating room, access patient records, administer medications, and use all labs.

Physicians with special privileges are Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery of Oceanside Wellness Group, Dr. Virginia Dixon, Dr. Kent of Mercy West Medical Center, and Professor Colin Marlow of Stanford University School of Medicine.

3 Number of non-medical personnel

Richard Webber's administrative assistant, Patricia Murphy, attends a staff meeting on Grey's Anatomy

Only five members of Seattle Grace’s non-medical staff have some kind of plot. There’s HR Representative Wayne Sheehan, who worked with Adelle Webber to develop a “Appointment and Account” policy. This happened after Mark Sloan was accused of taking advantage of nurses, one of the many shameful things he did. There’s also Daisy, who works in Billing. One of the patients named Stu turned out to be her ex-boyfriend.

Richard Webber’s administrative assistant, Patricia Murphy, is also on the non-medical staff, and Barclay Faust is the associate director of the Izzie interview and residency program. Jon was a physical therapist who was seen helping Clara Ferguson with her prosthesis.

two The exact locations of the departments

Derek Shepherd as boss

Seattle Grace is a large hospital, but the locations of most departments remain a mystery to the viewer. Only the locations of two apartments are revealed in the show and this is all thanks to someone pressing a specific number on the elevator.

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The Department of Psychiatry is located on the fifth floor. This detail comes through Mark Sloan, who is heading there for therapy. The Oncology department is on the sixth floor of the building.

1 Filming

An exterior shot of the Seattle Grace Hospital on Grey's Anatomy

Most fictional locations on TV shows are based on real life locations and the inspiration for Seattle Grace Hospital is Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. The interiors of the two hospitals are very similar.

However, filming is not done in Harborview but in Los Angeles on a custom set. The exterior shots of Seattle Grace as seen in the series are from Fisher Plaza, which is home to ABC’s Seattle affiliate KOMO.

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