So far, 343 have avoided including playable Elites in their Halo games. With Halo Infinite on the horizon, they should reconsider bringing the Elites back.

Infinite halo developers 343 Industries have not included playable Elites in any of their aura games since taking control of the franchise with Halo 4. However, allowing players to control the Elites was one of the best additions to the series, and 343 should reconsider its reintroduction in Infinite halomultiplayer.

Originally intended as enemies in the original. aura, Elites soon graduated to playable character status with the introduction of the Inquisitor in Halo 2. From Halo 3 Going forward, players could take control of elite characters in multiplayer modes and even Halo 3campaign of. This changed after Bungie’s departure from the show, with Halo 4 Y 5 offering only playable Spartans. Of course, this is far from a decisive problem. The fans don’t refuse to play aura simply because your favorite split-jaw aliens are gone, but it’s hard to deny how much better Infinite halo it could be if 343 reintroduced them.

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Really, the only reason one might need to justify the reintroduction of elites is for variety. Sure, Spartans and Elites generally play the same thing, but there are a few minor differences in the game in addition to the obvious themes, such as specific vehicles and weapons for aura factions. The elites in Reach, for example, they are much bigger and faster than Spartans. They also have stronger shields and passively regenerate health (although they have less). Still, the main gameplay is not drastically altered by these traits. The real benefit of making the Elites playable comes from their ability to influence the narrative of the game in a way that facilitates tangible change in the game. Basically, because elites have a great tradition, their inclusion in multiplayer creates more ways for the player to have fun.

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Why Halo Elites Are Fun To Play

Halo Reach Concept Art Elite Energy Sword

The referee’s campaign in Halo 2 By itself it is proof enough that the players are interested in the elites. It has one of the best character arcs in the series and through it, aura he was able to add a new depth to his tradition by expanding Covenant society. The elites (also known as Sangheili) were no longer just alien fodder for the Master Chief’s rampage, but were proud Sangheili warriors, worthy of the same consideration on the battlefield as a Spartan clad in Mjolnir armor.

Even if playing as Elite doesn’t seem like a drastic change, the lore surrounding the species puts a new lens on the gaming experience. If they so choose, players can (even slightly) RPGs with a different perspective than a Spartan. Bungie encouraged this kind of thinking with customizable Elite. aura armor and a new game mode. Halo ReachInvasion mode was based on the idea of ​​having a team of Spartans and a team of Elites fighting to control each other’s territory in a way that felt in keeping with HHelloCanyon. Elite players used Covenant weapons, and the chaos resulting from having two duke teams equipped differently felt truly unique.

In the end, elites are fun for the same reason that it’s fun to choose Ryu vs Ken in Street Fighter. It makes multiplayer feel more lore-appropriate, as if players are enacting a scene within the game’s universe. This has often been felt like a goal for 343, given that Halo 4 it had so many nods of tradition in its multiplayer mode. Things like Spartan-Ops, War Games, and the way Flood now relates to the Infection gameplay are things that seem to indicate a desire in 343 to include story elements in multiplayer. Reintroducing the elites seems like a choice that would actually align with 343 goals for Infinite haloIt’s multiplayer, and it feels like an obvious choice for fans.

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