Many films are able to connect with audiences on another level and translate into highly stylized and sublime cinematic experiences. Kill bill It is one of them. There are many directors who are striving to reach more challenging territory in order to evolve as filmmakers, but this sentiment is palpable with Quentin Tarantino’s fourth film offering.. Kill bill It really marks Tarantino’s growing ability to tackle a considerably larger project and become a master action-sequence craftsman.

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Later Quentin Tarantino films have only gotten bigger, however the director has frequently mentioned a return to the Kill bill universe with a full-blown sequel. Kill Bill: Vol. 3 It may still be a pipe dream, but Tarantino has provided several details of what the sequel could include.

10 It will take place 20 years after the original films

Movies Kill Bill Beatrix performs BB Out

First Kill bill It was released in 2003, almost two decades ago. Tarantino has grown as a director in many ways over the years since, but this passage of time is also a major factor in reaching another. Kill bill characteristic.

Tarantino has talked about how Kill Bill: Vol. 3 would be set 20 years after the original, giving each character in the story significant time to grow and change. Initially, Tarantino’s plan was to set the sequel ten years after the original, but that timeline no longer makes sense considering how much everyone has aged since.

9 The initial plan was to launch it in 2014

Movies Kill Bill Bride Blocks Bills Sword

Tarantino is quite explicit with his plans, and will easily speak to audiences whenever he is passionate about a possible future movie. Initial rumors about Kill Bill: Vol. 3 It started in 2004 when Tarantino spoke frankly about it. This gained more traction in 2006 and 2007 when Tarantino went on to say that Kill Bill: Vol. 3 It would be his ninth film and would hit theaters in 2014. Instead, it turned out that Once upon a time … in Hollywood It became his ninth film and was released in 2019.

8 Maya Hawke, Uma Thurman’s daughter, will play BB

Movies Kill Bill Beatrix BB In Bed

One of the few absolutes at the end of Kill Bill: Vol. 2 is that both Beatrix “The Bride” Kiddo and her daughter, BB, are alive and together. Perla Haney-Jardine plays BB in the original Tarantino films, but has mentioned a very meta approach to casting BB in a sequel.

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Tarantino is adamant about hiring Maya Hawke, Uma Thurman’s real daughter, as BB, having previously worked with her. Thurman herself has expressed her reluctance to return as The Bride, but appears to have changed her mind about it.

7 He also talked about Kill Bill: Volume 4

Movies Kill Bill Vernita Green Knife Table Fight

Kill bill it was originally conceived as one epically long movie rather than two separate movies. This approach to duology appeals to Tarantino, and if he advances with a Kill Bill: Vol. 3, then it would only be half the story. Tarantino has detailed that Kill Bill: Vol. 3 would focus on the bitter revenge of Elle Driver and Sofie Fatale, two of the previous targets of The Bride. However, this story would conclude in Kill Bill: Vol. 4, which would focus more on the cycle of violence perpetuated between Vernita’s daughter, Nikki, and The Bride.

6 Sofie Fatale gets Bill’s money and raises Nikki for revenge

Movies Kill Bill Sofie Fatale Driving

The Kill bill The movies emphasize that The Bride is a legendary assassin whose abilities are practically unmatched. His roaring rampage for revenge leads to dozens of kills and he’s incredibly efficient when it comes to his goals. That said, there are still a few survivors left, one of whom is Sofie Fatale, who loses an arm but is left with her life. Tarantino speculates that Kill Bill: Vol. 3 It would cause a one-armed Sofie to accumulate Bill’s extreme wealth and use it to turn Nikki into a murder weapon that can exact revenge on The Bride for both of them.

5 Could feature many flashbacks of anime sequences

Movies Kill Bill O-ren Ishii Anime Flashback

Tarantino loves to pay tribute to different genres of film and Kill bill contains a series of cinematographic references. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 has an awesome anime sequence detailing O-ren Ishii’s backstory. Tarantino was so impressed with this material that at one point he discussed two Kill bill anime movies.

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One would be an origin story about Bill and his mentors, and the other would detail The Bride’s growth as a killer. None of these projects happened, but it is likely that any future Kill bill The movie would find a way to include more anime moments.

4 Gogo’s twin sister Shiaki could be one of the main antagonists

Movies Kill Bill Gogo Yubari Fight Bride On Ceiling

One of Kill Bill: Vol. 1The most memorable characters is Gogo Yubari, O-ren Ishii’s twisted teenage bodyguard. Gogo meets his end, but Tarantino seems interested in getting back into character, albeit in an unconventional way. Tarantino speculates that Shiaki, a twin sister of Gogo, could be a major antagonist in the future. Kill bill. Tarantino initially wanted Kou Shibasaki to play Yuki Yubari, Gogo’s sister, but scheduling conflicts intervened.

It’s unclear if Shibasaki would play Shiaki, or if the twins’ description is just a way for Tarantino to get Gogo’s actress Chiaki Kuriyama back in a very grindhouse way.

3 Vivica A. Fox wants Zendaya to play her daughter, Nikki

Movies Kill Bill Nikki Witness

One of the most obvious plot threads that Kill Bill: Vol. 3 He would realize that Nikki, the daughter of the late Vernita Green, is eager to get revenge on The Bride for killing her mother. The bride even explicitly sets up this future showdown in the first movie. Ambrosia Kelley plays precocious Nikki in Kill Bill: Vol. 1But Vernita’s actress Vivica A. Fox has made an inspired casting suggestion as to who should carry the torch. Fox has said that Zendaya would make a perfect adult Nikki Green.

two These films are known as his “Trilogy of Dollars”

Movies Kill Bill Bride Walks Through Desert

The Kill bill The movies are packed with references to other movies, but there are recurring visual nods to Sergio Leone’s iconic “Dollar Trilogy.” Tarantino even has sequences that pay homage directly to spaghetti westerns.

Tarantino obviously has a lot of appeal in the thematic perspectives of a trilogy and has used Leone’s trilogy as a point of reference for directing. Kill Bill: Vol. 3. This plan has obviously not come to fruition, but Tarantino is adamant that if he ever returns to one of his movie universes then it would be Kill bill.

1 Elle Driver will now have no eyes and will want revenge

One of the most determined rivals of The Bride in the Kill bill movies is Daryll Hannah’s Elle Driver. Elle’s story mirrors that of The Bride in many ways. She faces brutal injuries in Kill Bill: Vol. 2But many overlook the fact that she has never actually been confirmed dead.

The bride removes Elle’s remaining eye and leaves her defenseless with a poisonous cobra nearby. This sounds like a death sentence, but Tarantino has hinted that Elle is tougher than that, imagining a completely blind Elle who is more determined to get revenge on The Bride than ever.

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