There are few video game series that are as iconic as Nintendo’s. Super Mario. Mario started out as a trusted mascot for Nintendo consoles, but has become a constant innovator when it comes to what platform video games can accomplish. Nintendo has done an excellent job developing their respective seriesHowever, no one else seems to have the timeless charm of Mario.

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Mario’s adventures continue to grow and feature more amazing environments and enemies to conquer. A bunch of Super Mario enemies They have been celebrated in various ways, but some are held in higher esteem than others. Chargin ‘Chucks should be a familiar face to any longtime Mario fan, but there are a lot of things about them that people don’t know.

10 It is playable for the first time in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Nintendo Mario Golf Super Rush Chargin Chuck Select

The various Super Mario Multiplayer efforts have increasingly featured secondary characters and random enemies on the roster. It’s exciting to control Koopas, Piranha Plants, or Shy Guys, but now audiences can finally play as Chargin ‘Chuck. Mario Golf: Super Rush is the last entry in the popular Series derived from Mario Sports, but it gives Chargin ‘Chuck an appreciated approach. Chargin ‘Chuck may seem more at home in a Mario football title, but perhaps that’s part of the novelty of his inclusion in a golf title.

9 His first appearance is in Super Mario World

Nintendo Super Mario World Loading Chuck Block

Ask any Nintendo fan what their favorite game is on the Super Mario It is the franchise and it is impossible to predict what they will choose. There is constant innovation in Super Mario titles, but it is impossible to overlook how the Super Nintendo The world of Super Mario pushed both the series and platforms in general forward. The world of Super Mario it remains a masterpiece decades later, and is responsible for many firsts in the franchise. Chargin ‘Chucks are among several of the new enemies appearing for the first time in The world of Super Mario, but they have remained an important presence ever since.

8 There are multiple variations of the character

Varieties of Nintendo Super Mario World charging mandrels

Chargin ‘Chucks are some of the most frustrating and creative enemies to appear in the super nintendo classic The world of Super Mario, but the game does not waste the character design and pushes it as far as possible.

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Instead of facing this single enemy, The world of Super Mario it’s filled with different shots of the character that are slightly modified to present different obstacles. Joining Chargin ‘Chucks are Clappin’ Chucks, Passin ‘Chucks, Diggin’ Chucks, Lookout Chucks, Confused Chucks, Splittin ‘Chucks, and more, but the original is the only one with a lasting legacy.

7 Its name is changed in different regions of the world

Nintendo Super Mario Chargin Chuck Pass

A very entertaining component of the characters and enemies that fill the Super Mario universe is that they usually have names that are comical in some way or are just plain weird. Chargin ‘Chuck feels incredibly appropriate for the character, but it should come as no surprise that it’s actually an americanized name. Chargin ‘Chuck has many creative nicknames in different regions, such as Fred Lafonce, Charlie the Charger, and Bill Dozer in certain French markets. He is known as Demolikoopa in some Portuguese regions, and in Japan, the character is simply known as Bull.

6 They have a trendy blue mohawk tucked under their hooves

Nintendo Super Mario 3D World Chargin Chuck Helmet Off

What’s so interesting about video game characters is that anything that isn’t explicitly shown is considered a mystery. It’s amazing how long it took for a character like Mario to shed his hat and reveal his thick mane. Likewise, the Chargin ‘Chucks are largely defined by their bulbous football helmets that keep the rest of their heads a mystery. Super Mario 3D World finally unveil here and show that these enemies have a striking blue mohawk under their helmets. This design element has stuck, but it’s surprising that nearly 25 years have passed after Chargin ‘Chuck’s debut to come out.

5 Its main purpose is to protect the targets of the land from dinosaurs

Nintendo Super Mario World Loading Chuck

Bowser is quite determined on his mission to keep Mario from success. Their efforts lead to a host of enemies, some of whom are seemingly scattered throughout environments with random abandonment. However, some enemies serve different purposes, which is a privilege that extends to the Chargin ‘Chucks.

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The different levels in The world of Super Mario they are mostly complemented by football-like goal posts that mark their ends. Chargin ‘Chucks typically shield these targets to provide a final challenge. However, the entire soccer aesthetic that comes with the Chargin ‘Chucks is likely an extension of the goalpost images that are present.

4 They share many similarities with their partner Mario Enemy, the Broozers

Nintendo Mario Paper Jam Chargin Chuck Stampede

The Super Mario The universe is filled with hundreds of diverse enemies, which means that it is inevitable that there will be similarities and crossovers between certain creatures. Chargin ‘Chuck feels different but New super mario bros. Features Broozers, an aggressive ghost-like foe who charges through the blocks and takes multiple hits to defeat him. This connection between the two is further solidified in Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser as well as Bowser Jr.’s Journey, where both Chargin ‘Chucks and Broozers have the same special abilities.

3 They have a weakness against mechakoopas

Nintendo Mario Luigi Paper Jam Chargin Chuck Horde

During the course of the Super Mario franchise, there has been a steady increase in enemies that put Mario’s stamina and platforming skills to the test. Some of these foes feel disposable and don’t pack much of an impact, but Chargin ‘Chucks are so different that they’re often present during congregations of Bowser’s best. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, Bowser’s Inside Story, Y Minion Search Give Chargin ‘Chucks enough focus. These games explain that Chargin ‘Chucks are actually weak against Mechakoopas, which may be specific to these games, but still hint at an interesting hierarchy. among Bowser’s minions.

two They love the frequent hot springs

Loading Mandrels Nintendo Paper Mario Origami King

The Paper mario The series has gone through many interesting transition periods that often prioritize new aesthetics that can become premises. The Nintendo Switch input in the series, Paper Mario: The king of origami, reinvent the classic Super Mario figures as intricate works of paper crafts. The King of Origami has Chargin ‘Chucks in tow, but the game reveals an illuminating detail about how these brutes chill out. Chargin ‘Chucks is featured in the Shangri-Spa area, but the game explicitly mentions that they are passionate about hot springs. It’s likely to help calm their bodies after all that charging and tackling.

1 They have a presence in the manga and the animated series of Mario

Mario has made his biggest mark in video games, but the character’s great popularity has led the Nintendo mascot to other forms of media, such as manga and television series. The The world of Super Mario The animated series is a lost relic that is not the strongest representation of MarioBut he makes prominent use of Chargin ‘Chucks and doubles his influence in soccer. Super mario-kun is a comic prank manga that reinterprets the events of video games, and the The world of Super Mario Volumes make great use of loading chucks as aggressive obstacles.

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