Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha were brothers and two powerful Sharingan users in the Naruto universe. Their destinies were strongly connected from the beginning, where Itachi slaughtered his own clan and put Sasuke on a long and arduous path of revenge.

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Despite the immediately apparent differences between the two siblings, they also have dozens of commonalities that unite them, as appropriate to their shared lineage. By discovering what they are, we can better appreciate the nuances behind both characters and whether or not they have used their considerable powers for the correct purposes.

10 SIMILAR: They share the same Uchiha blood


As brothers, both Sasuke and Itachi share the same origins in the Uchiha Clan. They were the sons of Fugaku, one of the main authorities in Konoha in police affairs by order of the Hokage.

The mutually shared lineage of the brothers would play an important role in their upbringing, as it shaped their perspective on the rest of the village. Furthermore, it gave them access to unique abilities that no one else could imitate (aside from Danzo Shimura, thanks to Orochimaru’s experiments).

9 DIFFERENT: Itachi was always much more mature than Sasuke

naruto sasuke genin

Itachi carried an air of maturity and grace even in his youth. That was why he was among the youngest members of Anbu despite the secrecy the organization demanded.

On the contrary, Sasuke was a bellicose brat who indulged in small conflicts with Naruto to destroy his own ego. He was even willing to attack him with a Chidori on the roof of the hospital, as he still hadn’t gotten over how his friend saved the Blade during the Sand Village invasion.

8 SIMILAR: Both Uchiha have fought Naruto

Despite Itachi’s previously mentioned impulse control, he has also fought Naruto Uzumaki before, albeit in very different circumstances than Sasuke. Shortly after Kabuto had activated his Edo Tensei army, both Itachi and Nagato were deployed to stop the eight- and nine-tailed Jinchuriki.

Fortunately, the Sharingan user was able to break free with a genjutsu, causing the remaining villain to be drastically outnumbered and outnumbered. Nonetheless, Itachi’s actions illustrate that crossing kunai knives with Naruto is a long-standing Uchiha tradition (a fact that would be proven again at the conclusion of the Fourth War in Naruto’s battles against Obito and Madara).

7 DIFFERENT: Itachi managed to infiltrate Akatsuki

After Sasuke defeated Orochimaru, he sought to join Akatsuki. As a secret and suspicious organization, they gave him instructions to capture and return Killer Bee as proof of initiation.

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Although Sasuke managed to defeat Jinchuriki, Killer Bee still tricked him by slipping inside a tentacle fragment. As a result, Sasuke was unable to follow in his brother’s footsteps of joining Nagato’s organization and getting one step closer to seeking revenge for the atrocity committed against their clan.

6 SIMILAR: Both brothers have mastered the Sharingan

1 Sharingan kekkei genkai eye

Both brothers were Sharingan geniuses in their own right. Sasuke was proficient in using Amaterasu and Susanoo specifically, while Itachi was the most talented genjutsu user in the series (discounting the activation of the Infinite Tsukuyomi).

Additionally, they were both able to use their eyes to keep track of incredibly fast opponents. This gave them a secondary line of defense against particularly agile taijutsu users who might not be so easily intimidated by their other techniques.

5 DIFFERENT: Sasuke’s power progressed, while Itachi’s was stagnant

Itachi suffocates Sasuke

Itachi’s early victory over Sasuke underscored an important fact about both characters: the Akatsuki member’s power stagnated throughout the series, while his brother’s power gradually progressed.

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This was why the avenging hero was able to find such dramatic success against his brother during their second encounter, finally achieving the revenge he believed he needed. By the end of the series, Sasuke was strong enough to compete with the progenitor of all chakras and Kurama’s heightened fury (albeit with the other tailed beasts to enhance their strength).

4 SIMILAR: Both brothers took care of their parents

Massacre of the Itachi Uchiha clan

Despite his actions, Itachi cared deeply for his parents and regretted when their bodies landed at his feet. Itachi did not explain to Sasuke that he was trying to save the village from conflict because he wanted his younger brother to evolve his Sharingan and become strong enough to protect the Blade.

Sasuke’s drive to avenge his relatives illustrates how deeply he loved them before his passing. Tragically, he would deflect his anger on his last remaining living relative.

3 DIFFERENT: Sasuke interacts with other nations much more than Itachi

Sasuke vs. the Raikage

A curious fact about Itachi is that he hardly ever interferes with nations other than the Leaf. Even while among the Akatsuki, he made sure that Konoha was his exclusive target (as illustrated by his failed attempt to capture Naruto alongside Kisame). This was to minimize the political damage his village suffered on the world stage.

On the contrary, Sasuke was more than happy to attack the leaders of the enemy nations to satisfy his mad quest for revenge. His most popular target was the Cloud Village, as demonstrated through his encounters with Killer Bee and the Fourth Raikage.

two SIMILAR: Sasuke and Itachi changed their loyalties

There is a curious dichotomy in the loyalties of Sasuke and his brother. While going from hero to villain, Itachi took the opposite path, with many of his motives explained only after his death.

Their respective trajectories would eventually intersect near the conclusion of the Fourth Shinobi War, where the Uchiha brothers teamed up to defeat Kabuto and end the threat from their Edo Tensei slaves. Although Sasuke would later contribute to the fight against Madara, it would still be some time before he had another change of mind.

1 DIFFERENT: Sasuke lived to see the end of Shippuden

Despite Itachi’s contributions against Kabuto, he knew that his reanimated body was unnatural and unsustainable. Shortly after the scientist’s defeat, his form was released, leading him to a happy and well-deserved afterlife.

Considering that Obito died during the fight against Kaguya, this made Sasuke the last Uchiha left on the entire planet. Fortunately, he had abandoned his malevolent ambitions and was willing to begin the slow process of integration as a respected Konoha shinobi. Ultimately, it was his fate for Naruto to decide as the Seventh Hokage, though Kakashi was equally lenient towards him.

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