In Netflix’s first Hilda arc, the main character learns to deal with the unintended consequences of her actions.

Throughout the first two seasons of Netflix Hilda, adapted from Luke Pearson’s graphic novels for younger readers, the titular heroine adjusts to life in the city after moving from her home. While the series focuses on open-mindedness and empathy throughout Hilda’s encounters with the people and creatures she meets while exploring the world, another strong theme throughout the series is facing the unintended consequences of your choices and actions and take responsibility for them.

The series’ opening arc emphasizes this theme. In “The Hidden People” and “The Midnight Giant”, Hilda and her mother, Johanna, receive several letters asking them to move out, or they will be forcibly evicted by the hidden people, little elves who live near Hilda’s house. At first, Hilda can’t see where the elves come from, both literally and figuratively. You literally cannot see them because elves have a highly bureaucratic society and humans cannot see them unless the human in question completes the required paperwork and signs a contract.

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In a figurative sense, Hilda cannot emphasize with the elves and see their points because she sees them as the aggressors. She writes her own heavily worded letter in response, explaining that “we are good people, so please stop being bad.” However, he miscategorizes her complaints as pettiness and, in fairness to Hilda, the elves have made little attempt to fully explain their position. After the elves launch a royal attack, destroying the first floor of Hilda’s house, Hilda drives away the invisible elves, but Johanna is determined to move to Trolberg, which she seems to have been considering for a while. Desperate, Hilda writes another letter asking for a reason why the elves are suddenly so against her family’s presence.

Hilda’s attempt to bridge her gap in understanding has some success; Alfur Alric, an elf, takes care of his case and hands him the paperwork to see the elves. Hilda tries to negotiate with the elves to allow her family to continue living in the forest. But when the elves point out how the presence of Hilda and her mother interrupts their lives, Hilda dismisses their complaints and claims that she and her mother did not intend to cause any trouble. However, it does suggest reasonable compromises for many of its complaints though. while speaking to the mayor and then the prime minister, each of them says that the matter can only be resolved by someone higher up the chain of command: the king, whom Alfur agrees to take Hilda to see.

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Throughout the episode, Hilda has also seen a giant appear at midnight, in a subplot that finally dovetails with her main conflict with the elves. Due to her insatiable curiosity, Hilda decides to meet the giant. In parallel to her conversations with Alfur, she communicates with the giant by sitting on his ear, but doesn’t notice the parallels between the two situations until later. The giant, Jorgen, confides to Hilda that the rest of the giants of yesteryear seem to have disappeared, but that he has been waiting to meet a “friend”, who is later revealed to be his love. Later, Hilda learns that Jorgen has been taking care of the earth for thousands of years, and the rest of the giants jumped as high as they could into space to find a new home because humans and other small societies emerged and saw them as creatures to fear.

Hilda reunites Jorgen and her love, who accidentally turned into a mountain while waiting for him. The mountain he became is the same mountain the elf king lives on, and Hilda saves him after he accidentally wakes up the sleeping giant. This act of bravery encourages the king to declare that Hilda and her family are no longer enemies of the elves, and Hilda eagerly shares the news with her mother.

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However, in the shadow of this victory, the episode underscores the message about unintended consequences. On his way with his love to reunite with the rest of the giants in space, Jorgen accidentally crushes Hilda’s house as they flee, completely oblivious to the damage he has caused. Johanna says sadly, “They haven’t even realized what they have done.” Hilda looks down and sees that Johanna is standing with her foot in an elven house. While this act will not cause permanent damage because Johanna has not completed the paperwork, Hilda knows that it is still a traumatic experience for the elves to go through and acknowledges that although the giants were not intended to harm, their actions still had a disastrous effect. . consequences for your family.

Finally, truly understanding the elves’ grievances against Hilda and her family and the unintended havoc they have caused, Hilda agrees to move with her mother to Trolberg, though she maintains her friendship with the elves in the forest, including Alfur, who accompanies her on her journey. road. move. This opening arc perfectly begins the exploration of the series of the unintended consequences of people’s actions and how they handle the results. Although Hilda is still not thrilled with the move and longs to return to the forest, she has made her peace with the move. The theme of dealing with unintended consequences continues throughout the series as Hilda continues to grow and interact with her new home and the friends she makes along the way.

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