A trademark filing reveals that the unannounced Dark Pictures Anthology game after House of Ashes will be titled The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me.

The fourth unannounced entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology horror game series seems to be called The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, based on a recent trademark filing. Supermassive Games, the developer of both 2019 The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan and 2020’s The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, is currently working to finish the third game of the anthology, The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes, which will be released in October 2021.

Supermassive Games first achieved great success and acclaim in 2015 with the release of the PlayStation 4 exclusive horror title. Until sunrise. The cinematic drama puts the player in command of eight characters trying to survive a series of murderous encounters on a cold and isolated mountain. Unlike other games in the genre, players have the opportunity to save anywhere between all or none of the protagonists based on their choices throughout the game. After the success of Until sunrise, Supermassive partnered with publisher Bandai Namco to produce a smaller, streamlined anthology series of horror games in the same style as Until sunrise. At least eight entries are planned in The Dark Pictures Anthology, with two released so far.

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Although Supermassive is still working on the third inning of the Dark Pictures Serie, The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes, that hasn’t stopped the developer from filing a trademark for the anticipated fourth entry. The trademark application – detected in Justia by Reddit user cloudsheep0 – is for The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me on behalf of Supermassive Games. The logo includes a magnifying glass attached to the bottom of the letter “v” on “Devil. “Otherwise, the trademark filing does not provide a greater understanding of the nature of the unannounced game.

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With little information available, the title alone still suggests a number of possible scenarios for the fourth. Dark Pictures entry. The mention of the devil provides a religious background, though whether that is literal or figurative remains to be seen. “The devil in me“It could imply that the game focuses on demonic possession and the expelling of evil spirits through exorcisms, especially if interpreted in the literal sense. That could turn into a compelling horror experience, as players could combat a force demonic that hunts down the cast of characters while ultimately trying to possess them and turn them against each other.

However, this is all just speculation. With the third entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology It is not scheduled to release until October, players will have to wait a while before significant context comes to light. The devil in me is clearly in the early stages of development, and the marketing cycle will properly focus on House of ashes until its release. That being said, yeah Medan Man Y Little hope are an indication, players can expect to see the first trailer of The devil in me like a post-credits scene in House of ashes when the game launches on October 22.

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Fountain: cloudsheep0 / Reddit, Justia

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