Scarlet Nexus is full of deranged monsters called Others. Here’s how to beat one of the first other bosses, Gunkin Perry, in Scarlet Nexus.

Scarlet Nexus is an RPG that takes players to the distant future, after a psionic hormone was found in the human brain that gives people extrasensory powers. Once humans began to gain powers, dangerous mutants called Others descended from the sky to feed on the altered gray matter of humans. However, with the addition of extrasensory powers, the humans of the future are more than capable of defeating the threat posed by Others.

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Along the Scarlet Nexus, players will encounter different types of Others that they must defeat. Like the boss fights in many popular action RPGs, players must use different tactics with each other. The first major boss fight while playing as Yuito, Gunkin Perry, is near the end of Phase One in Kikuchiba. With the correct information, players can lure the monster into a trap and defeat the Four-Legged Other. Here’s how to beat Gunkin Perry in Scarlet Nexus.

Defeat Gunkin Perry in Scarlet Nexus

As the fight begins, Gunkin Perry walks slowly across the arena and launches oil spit attacks from a distance. Gunkin also has three more attacks: a side bar hit, a jumping body shot, and a spin attack. The jump attack is preceded by Gunkin ducking, and the spin attack is preceded by Gunkin raising his left arm. Stay away from the spinning attack as there really is no way to dodge it. The sidebar strike can be avoided by dodging the attacking arm. Players can get caught up in Gunkin’s close range attacks, so it’s a safe idea to keep running during the fight to stay out of range.

Shortly after the fight, Hanabi gives a hint and tells the players to use psychokinesis to knock down the pipes hanging from the ceiling. Like other games that use telekinetic abilities, like the one in 2019 Control Y Jedi: Fallen Order, psychokinesis is the key to winning boss fights in Scarlet Nexus. Run, staying away from Gunkin’s attacks and try to stay under the piles of pipes. When Gunkin finally launches himself with a jump attack, players can dodge the blow from his body, leaving the Other writhing on the ground under a pile of pipes. Use the left trigger to pull down the stack of pipes, astonishing Gunkin.

Once Gunkin is stunned, players have a few seconds to perform as many attacks as possible. Since Gunkin is an oil-based Other, players must use pyrokinesis attacks for additional damage. After a few more times of stunning Gunkin and attacking with pyrokinesis, he will be knocked out. One more Other out of the way, possibly more Brain Points, and one less threat to the humans that inhabit the future world of Scarlet Nexus!

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Scarlet Nexus is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S / X.

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