The latest trailer for the upcoming “TMORPG” game called Book of Travels reveals intriguing new gameplay details, including exploration and combat.

An early access version of Travel book, a “Tiny Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game” in development by game studio Might and Delight, will be released on August 9 for PC, Mac and Linux. Might and Delight has periodically updated the Steam page for Travel book with details about their design process and creative vision; In addition, the images of his latest trailer of Travel book reveals intriguing new details on how combat, exploration, and player interaction will work in this “TMORPG.”

Travel book takes place in a fantasy landscape called the Braided Shore, a sprawling Arcadian continent with villages, towns, and port towns scattered among stretches of wild forests, rolling plains, rivers, mountains, and ruins. The traditions, clothing and cuisine of these settlements combine elements of Swedish, Japanese and Middle Eastern culture, while the eccentric spirits that populate nature resemble creatures from European fairy tales and Japanese Yokai legends. Steam locomotives and tugboats are common sights in the Braided Shore landscape, but many prefer to travel through this land the old-fashioned way, with a backpack of supplies, a cane, a blade, and magic to facilitate their journey. road.

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The player characters of Travel book they are fittingly “travelers”, not chosen heroes, martial paragons or mercenary vagabonds, but curious explorers who, in the words of the narrator of the June 12 trailer, seek to be “bound by shared moments of wonder”, “lending strength to each other”, “wandering lonely roads”, turn off your “thirst for danger”, Y “Bring light to some deep dark place.” In addition to these eye-opening quotes and beautiful landscapes made up of water-based graphic assets, the latest Travel book The trailer also sheds new light on some previously unexplored core elements of the game.

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The combat in the travel book can enable the 2D fighting game model

In a snippet of footage from the last Travel book trailer, there are two scenes in which dark enemies attack a wandering player character. In the first scene, the PC deflects a bandit’s sword with a high-pitched clang, similar in tone and style to the sword parry maneuvers of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In the second scene, a PC finishes off a bandit with a running sword slash, seemingly in transition to a forward charge towards another bandit in the distance. Both battles seem to take place in a two-dimensional plane of motion as in the classic Street Fighter games, suggesting that combat encounters in Travel book it can take place on a 2D plane, possibly with some kind of “rock-paper-scissors” tactical dynamics of anticipating and executing blocks, punches, parries, and guard breaks.

Book Of Travels may have dungeon / ruin locations

Book of Travels Screenshots 3

In the newest Travel book trailer, there is a scene where an explorer descends the steep stairs of an overly large ruin, his torchlight drives away total darkness and reveals an altar with what is either a fierce looking dragon statue or an actual mythological creature . As an online role-playing game in a fantasy environment, it would be surprising if Travel book it had no dungeons or ruins for players to explore; Following the imagery of these dungeons, access to light, whether material or magical, can be as vital a resource for underground dungeon explorers as food and water for travelers on the surface.

Travel book can use icons and gestures for player communication

Book of Travels Screenshots 4

In the last scene of the Travel book trailer, a group of player characters find themselves on top of a mountain overlooking a picturesque sky, images of symbols such as hearts and people making gestures appear above their heads. The implication is that the player characters in the early access version of Travel book They will not talk to each other through microphones or text chats, but will use gestures, emoticons, icons and movements in the game to communicate their intention. This more symbolic and interpretive style of online communication is very similar to the emoticon system in Dark souls games (as well as the dance and song communication seen in Travel). As a game based on relaxing images and an emerging story through exploration, a non-verbal communication system would go a long way toward preserving the desired mood of Travel book.

Chapter zero of Travel book has a release date scheduled for August 9, on PC, Steamand Mac.

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