Inosuke from Demon Slayer is famous for being an impetuous warrior and also wears a pig’s head most of the time. Here’s the backstory behind his mask.

This is why Demon Slayer’s The short-tempered warrior Inosuke Hashibira almost always wears a pig’s head. Murderer of demons is an incredibly popular shōnen manga series that first arrived in 2016. The story is set in Japan in the early 20th century and Murderer of demons Follow Tanjiro Kamado, a teenager who returns home one day to discover that most of his family have been slaughtered by demons. Her younger sister Nezuko was also infected by demons, and she decides to train with the Demon Slayer Corps to find a way to cure her sister.

The Murderer of demons The anime series arrived in 2019 and, like other hits like Attack on Titan, has proven to be incredibly popular. The series includes a host of eye-catching monster designs, such as a family of humanoid spider creatures or a drumming monster that can affect geography as you play, plus beautifully drawn action. That being said, it is also a show with lots of humor and heart, with Tanjiro’s gentle spirit and decency proving to be an anchor for some of Demon Slayer’s most extravagant moments.

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The case in question would be Inosuke, who along with the coward Zenitsu accompanies Tanjiro on many of his missions to kill monsters. Demon Slayer’s Inosuke is notable for a few reasons, including his incredible short temper, his need to dive into fights without thinking of the consequences, or his double serrated swords. He also wears a hollowed-out boar head for much of his screen time, which ties into his backstory of being raised by wild boars as a child.

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Pig Head Demon Slayer Inosuke

Inosuke’s origin is that his mother ran away from her abusive husband while Inosuke was just a baby. They took refuge in a cult, but when he learned that it was led by the demon Doma, he tried to flee into the forest. The demon managed to kill his mother, but the infant Inosuke was later raised by wild boars. This explains why Murderer of demons the character has little social grace and acts in a more animalistic manner. The boar’s head is also revealed to have belonged to his wild boar mother, and he uses it to honor her memory.

Like many of Demon Slayer’s major players, it may seem straightforward on the surface, but it is then given more depth as the story unfolds. After the first season, Inosuke returned for 2020. Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train, which was one of the biggest financial hits of 2020, and will also return for the upcoming second season of Murderer of demons.

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