Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist celebrated together on July 4, 2021 at their Sequim farm, according to the 90 Day Fiancé star’s Instagram story.

Natalie Mordovtseva from 90 day fiancé, who reportedly split from Mike Youngquist, shocked Instagram fans with his story, which suggested they were still together. TLC viewers have wondered what part of Natalie and Mike’s story is false, and if they even got married so that he would get a paycheck and she a green card. Natalie’s intentions to come to America were also considered suspicious after she claimed that she wanted to be an actress. Natalie accuses Trish’s Mike’s mother of insulting her 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? it was thought to be a scripted drama, and his new IG story, filmed on Mike Sequim’s farm, raised his eyebrows.

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Although episode 11 of 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Season 6 did not make it to TLC screens, some fans saw it on Discovery + and saw Natalie get her nose done. Natalie was mocked for wanting a nose job and allegedly lying, claiming it was surgery to help her breathe. Mike was also criticized for leaving Natalie alone in the hospital and selfishly driving away in his truck. Meanwhile, Natalie confessed that while she and Michael have love, they have no understanding. But could the accidental Instagram story mean that Mike and Natalie, who are supposedly staying in Florida and filming for Single life, They have met?

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It was Mike youngquist who posted a rare Instagram update on July 4 with videos of his Sequim farm featuring 90 day fiancé Uncle Beau Lawrence, the fan favorite. “Putting that summer time to work“Mike wrote in his caption, which he followed up with”# summervibes # lifestyle # hard work # good times. “The attached videos showed Uncle Beau mending a fence and Mike’s new fountains in the lake, along with his dog, Nymeria. In the comments, Uncle Beau, who seemed to be in a great mood, wrote things like:”Happy fourth woohoo,” Y “Time to work on my tan. And have a beer. ” Natalie shared her own 4th of July update, only to later delete it. However, a Reddit fan managed to capture the message before it disappeared.

It was Uncle Beau who claimed that Natalie and Mike separated and that she left him on Christmas Eve 2020. Uncle Beau seemed bitter about the 90 day fiancé star rising, adding, “She can stay away for all that I care about” and also “prayed to god“For Natalie and Mike’s relationship to end forever. In a later interview, Uncle Beau also accused her of running over Nymeria. Now, fans are wondering if Uncle Beau and Natalie have become friends now that he makes appearances on his IG.

Uncle Beau wore the “this is my party shirt“Tee on her Instagram updates, showing that Natalie’s updates are, in fact, from the 4th of July.”Oh no. They are back together for the seventeenth time. Poor Uncle Beau!“A surprised 90 day fiancé fan wrote on Reddit. Another fan added: “I keep my theory that they are still together and I take advantage of it for drama / views. “Natalie was last seen with Uncle Beau and Tamara in January 2021 in a Facebook post, making fans even more suspicious of the story.

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