Breath of the Wild players will want the Master Sword to take on Calamity Ganon, and a new exploit makes it obtainable almost as soon as the game starts.

As one of the most beloved and expansive open world games of its time, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has continued to provide hours of countless entertainment. However, it is not just about defeating the Divine Beasts and completing the Shrines of the Guardians. You are also completing the goals set within the community, such as opening an impossible chest or sequence break.

Sequence breaking is most commonly seen in a Metroidvania-style game, but Breath of the wildThe open-world nature and various time-bending mechanics have made exploits abound. Case in point: A popular sprinter has found a secret method to obtain the Master Sword literally as soon as the game opens.

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How to get the Breath of the Wild Master Sword

Link wields the master sword in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Master Sword is instantly desirable to any Breath of the wild player. Sure, it’s the most powerful sword in the game, but what’s most notable is its durability. Unlike any other weapon in Breath of the wild, the Master Sword will not break. Instead, it is drained and needs to be recharged, meaning that while you may not be able to use the Master Sword temporarily, it’s never gone.

However, obtaining the Master Sword is not an easy task. If you are an experienced player who knows where the sword is, you can run to it as soon as the game starts. You just need to know how to navigate to the Korok Forest, where you will find the Master Sword embedded in a tree stump.

Of course, it is not THAT easy. Removing the sword from its grave in the stump is no easy task and will require significant effort on Link’s part. So much so that her heart begins to drain. To successfully draw the Master Sword, Link will need a total of 13 Heart Containers. And they must be vessels full of heart; storms won’t give Link the strength to lift the Sword.

Trying to take out the Master Sword with less than 13 hearts results in Link’s death and a Game Over screen, so you will have to be quite stocky to draw the sword. There are many feats to get the Master Sword faster, but a new tactic is the fastest to date.

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Breath of the Wild Master Sword Feat

Japanese Breath of the wild The fan account @Bot__W posted a short video of a new tactic, allowing them to obtain the Master Sword with just three heart containers. For all intents and purposes, they could obtain the Master Sword as soon as the game started.

However, the tactic is strange. It requires exploiting a glitch in which the player arrives in Korok Forest with the components needed to build a campfire, which are fairly common in the early game. And … that’s all you need.

Light the fire near where the Master Sword is embedded in the ground, then look at the cherry blossoms floating overhead. You will see the message of waiting in the fire still; choose to wait until morning and then during the loading screen press the A button as quickly as possible. When the screen loads again, you can run and grab the Master Sword, and it will be immediately in your possession.

So how does the glitch work? No one knows yet, and the fast running community is surprised that it hasn’t been discovered sooner. It’s a true game changer though, not just because of how quickly it grants players an incredibly useful item, but because of how easy it is to pull off, even for players unfamiliar with glitches and exploits. It is a testimony of the life of Breath of the wild that players are still finding new secrets and feats.

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