If there is one television show responsible for the popular teenage urban fantasy subgenre, it is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Without this hit ’90s series, shows like Vampire Diaries Y Supernatural it may not exist. However, as critically acclaimed as the series was, it didn’t do everything right when it came to its heroes and villains.

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Throughout the seven years that Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired, it featured some heroes that fans never bought. Some of these heroes were met with outright hatred from fans. There were also some villains who became so popular that it was almost impossible to hate them, sometimes forcing the show to turn them good.

10 Hated Heroes: Riley Finn

Riley posing with Buffy.

During the first two seasons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer established Buffy and Angel as the hapless lovers that fans fell in love with. Even when Angel turned evil, viewers wanted him back to normal to see this romance continue. When Angel finally left, a new protagonist entered the scene in the form of Riley Finn.

There was nothing wrong with Riley, as he was a good man whose big secret was that he also fought monsters. However, fans hated him with Buffy, and the fact that he was boring compared to Angel made this a losing battle with fans.

9 Beloved Villains: Spike

Spike tied to a chair in Buffy.

While most of Buffy’s love interests have been rejected by fans over the years, there was one villain that many fans sent incessantly. This was Spike, the villain who came to town to wreak havoc, but he was so cool that fans immediately considered him a fan favorite.

Finally, Buffy the Vampire Slayer He had no choice but to turn Spike into good and put him on the same side as Buffy, thanks to a chip that turned off his evil side. Spike was so popular that he also joined Angel like a ghost for its final season.

8 Hated Heroes: Dawn

Willow helping Dawn in Buffy.

Dawn appeared in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Premiere of the fifth season, ‘Buffy vs. Dracula ‘. While the show pitted Buffy against the most famous vampire in history, most viewers couldn’t get over the fact that Buffy had a sister, one who never existed before, and the show didn’t explain where she came from until a few episodes. . later.

While it turned out to be a key turned human, it stayed after the story ended. Fans never accepted Dawn and considered her annoying and more troublesome than she was worth to the Scooby Gang.

7 Beloved Villains: Angelus

Angel becomes Angelus in Buffy.

When Angel appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he was an instant favorite, a vampire with a soul. He was there to watch over and protect Buffy, and soon the two developed a love interest. This was the worst that could happen because Angel’s curse showed that a moment of total happiness would cost him his soul.

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That happened when Buffy and Angel had an intimate experience and he returned to the murderer Angelus. Like Angelus, he was the deadliest and sadistic vampire to ever appear on the show. Despite this, fans never stopped believing that love would eventually conquer evil.

6 Hated Heroes: Rona

Indigo walking down a bus in Buffy.

The seventh and final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer featured the potentials, a group of powerful young women with the potential to become the next killer. Many of these were forgettable and a few were memorable. However, Rona was one that fans hated for her personality.

She was confrontational and hostile and despised Buffy. When the group kicked out Buffy, she replied “ding, dong, the witch is dead” and the fans never forgave her.

5 Beloved Villains: Drusilla

Spike hugging Drusilla in Buffy.

When Spike came to town, he was so cool that viewers quickly got close to him and loved everything about him, even as he tried to burn the world.

It took her a bit to warm up to her, but Drusilla ended up as a huge fan favorite too, even though she never got the face makeover that Spike received. Played by Juliet Landau, Drusilla was out for most of the series, her obsessions made the character impossible not to love.

4 Hated Heroes: Kennedy

Kennedy talking to Willow in Buffy.

Willow was one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer most popular characters, and when he declared himself a member of the LGBTQ + community, it was a groundbreaking and important moment on television. Fans watched as Willow went from being an awkward student to a confident woman with Tara by her side.

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When Tara died, he broke Willow. Like Riley and Buffy, fans were not accepting of Willow with Kennedy when they started dating. Kennedy was a potential assassin and she was shallow and aggressive, and fans never wanted her on Willow.

3 Beloved Villains: Faith

Buffy and Faith in the episode Dirty Girls

Faith appeared as the antagonist of Buffy and was perfect in the role of the anti-Buffy. She became an assassin when Buffy died temporarily and appeared in Sunnydale when her Watcher died.

As someone who never had a strong mentor like Giles, she ended up being easily manipulated. Faith ended up teaming up with the mayor to destroy Sunnydale, but fans never fell in love with her and Faith eventually received redemption in Angel.

two Hated Heroes: Andrew

Andrew standing in the kitchen at Buffy.

Andrew did something Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans could never forgive. He became a villain who joined The Trio and was partially responsible for Tara’s death.

When Willow sought revenge and killed Warren, Andrew fled. He eventually returned, controlled by The First, and then found redemption. However, fans weren’t so quick to forgive him, and Andrew never found the love that other heroes on the show received in the end.

1 Beloved Villains: Gloria

Glory to the attack on Buffy.

Glory appeared in season 5 and was a perfect villain for Buffy to fight during that season. She was a goddess, which made her much more powerful than the vampires the assassin normally faced.

However, what made her popular with fans was her personality, participating in some delightfully hilarious moments, showing off her true evil nature. There was never a chance that Glory turned good, but it was her pure love of being evil that won. Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans.

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