In the age of television, there are many different ways that people can consume their favorite shows. Traditional networks and cable still exist, but with all the streaming services bringing new content to market, new shows are released every year more than ever.

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Even with all these options available, there aren’t as many shows where the main character is a woman. With so few, every time one comes out, fans are hoping the show will stick around for a long time. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, as many great shows have been canceled over the years.

10 Good girls

Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman on Good Girls on NBC

Directed by the well-established trio of Christina Hendricks, Rhetta, and Mae Whitman, Good girls It was a show that started with a lot of promise in the NBC lineup. The story centers on three suburban housewives who rob a supermarket to get out of some financial trouble, but end up over their heads when there’s more to this heist than they anticipated.

Of the programs that appear in this list, Good girls is the most recent cancellation causality, with Term reporting that the show ends with its fourth season. There aren’t many crime-based shows with a female-led cast, so Good girls being cut was a sad ending for this strong cast.

9 Radiance

GLOW main characters standing next to the ring rope in the show

When Radiance Released for the first time, fans of the show automatically fell in love with its extremely unique premise. Radiance focuses on a group of struggling actresses who find work in the professional wrestling opportunity, even though they have no wrestling training or skills when they start out. Directed by Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin, the show was an instant hit.

After its third season, Radiance production began on what was to be its fourth and final season. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, production was interrupted and, after several months of waiting, Netflix disconnected it. Radiance It was one of the most popular shows on Netflix, and seeing it come out in such a complicated way was a huge blow.

8 I’m not cool with this

Sydney travels by car in I disagree with this

After an outstanding performance in the two THAT movies, Sophia Lillis fans were excited to see what the next chapter in the young actress’s career would be. That chapter came with I do not agree with this, a show about a teenager who suddenly develops telekinetic skills while navigating the rigors of being a social outcast.

Critical reception for the show was strong, enough that it quickly resumed for a second season. This show was, unfortunately, another Covid-19 victim, who canceled the show before production could begin on the second season. Since the show is an adaptation of a comic book, fans were hoping to see where the story would go next.

7 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Lena Headey

The Terminator franchise She is immensely popular, and one of her most popular characters is Sarah Connor. So when it was announced that Sarah would be getting her own TV show to continue her story, fans were thrilled. Directed by Lean Headey, now famous for her role as Cersei Lannister in game of Thrones, the premiere was a great success.

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During its two seasons, FOX it moved the show to different time slots, and the second half of the second season moved to Friday nights, one of the most difficult time slots for television networks. Shortly after the season concluded, the show was canceled, which upset Terminator fans enjoying a well-told continuation of the story.

6 Weirdos and nerds

Weirdos and nerds It’s one of those shows where people remember the talent involved and are in awe. From the behind-the-scenes involvement of Paul Feig and Judd Apatow to the now-established cast of Hollywood stars, directed by Linda Cardellini, this coming-of-age show had the perfect recipe for success.

The show did not perform well on NBC, as the network seemed to never fully believe in the premise after changing its airtime multiple times, eventually leading to its cancellation after the first season. The show has gained massive popularity since its cancellation, and everyone involved stood up for it and never understood what NBC was thinking by letting it go.

5 High Fidelity

When a movie comes out and is well received, at some point the option of re-adapting to a new audience becomes an option. This is the case of High Fidelity, which was going to put a new twist on the story. With an established star like Zoe Kravitz leading the show, it was created to have some staying power.

After its first season, Hulu decided not to resume the show for a second season, much to the surprise of star Kravitz and fans watching it at home. Changing this well-known story to focus on a woman this time around was a great idea, and it’s still puzzling why Hulu finished it so quickly.

4 Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Max hugs Zoey as she sings about her feelings.

There have been a fair amount of music shows in the world of television, but Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist He took that premise and used it in a fun new way. It tells the story of Zoey, played by Jane Levy, who gains the power to hear people’s thoughts, but they are all sung to her in the form of popular songs.

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The show had a great mix of tackling difficult topics and making the process fun through the use of songs, and it was shown throughout its first two seasons. Despite all of that, NBC canceled the show, and while there’s still hope that it might be picked up, watching it go was difficult for fans of the music-genre television show.

3 Santa Clarita diet

End of the Santa Clarita diet

Many shows have based their plot around the prototypical suburban family lifestyle, and Santa Clarita diet, directed by Drew Barrymore, does too, as she works as a real estate agent with her husband and two children. The biggest difference this show has from others of its kind is that Drew’s character is not dead and eats human flesh.

It was a completely outlandish idea for a show, but it absolutely worked, and it was one of Netflix’s biggest hits, spanning three seasons. It wasn’t successful enough for them to move on, as Netflix ended the show due to financial concerns, outraging fans who enjoyed this wild ride.

two Jessica jones

Jessica Jones getting out of the New York taxi

After the success of Reckless, Marvel fans were excited to see if the next show on the docket would be done right. There was a lot of pressure on Jessica jones to deliver, and did that and something else. Krysten Ritter plays the title character, a superhero turned private investigator who uncovers mysteries around Hell’s Kitchen.

The first season was a resounding success, with fans clamoring for more Jessica, leading to two more seasons and her appearance on Defenders crossover series. However, a restructuring at Marvel led to the cancellation of all of its Netflix shows, with Jessica Jones’ third season being the last in the Marvel Netflix universe.

1 Agent carter

Hayley Atwell Agent Carter

When fans met Agent Peggy Carter in Captain America the First AvengerHayley Atwell wowed fans with her scenes, but they assumed they wouldn’t see the character on screen again after the events of the movie. For a pleasant surprise, ABC collected Agent carter to continue your story.

Agent Carter did a great job adding fun links to the movies to excite fans throughout their two seasons. Sadly, the audience was not where Disney wanted it for the show, and then canceled it after its second season. Female representation at the time was sparse in the MCU, so seeing one of its few female characters go offline was a choice that many defamed.

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