Superman and Lois update some of the DCEU Superman and Smallville story issues by centering the Man of Steel by doing things differently.

The live-action adaptations of Superman began with its origins on Krypton, with Kal-El’s parents sending their son to Earth in a capsule to avoid being killed when their planet exploded. It’s a story that has been told multiple times and that fans now know by heart. On Superman and Lois, Clark Kent’s origin story is addressed only briefly at the beginning before moving on to the present day. After all, the series isn’t looking to repeat that story one more time when it has so many other great plots to cover. Although he is still Superman, who often flies in to save the day, Clark is also a loving father to his teenage twin sons and Lois’s twins Jordan and Jonathan. As a parent, fans can see a whole new side of the Man of Steel. While Clark grew up with his powers alone, he shares the joy and burden that comes with having such unique abilities with Jordan, who is developing the same powers.

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Superman and Lois leans towards the Man of Steel as a father, a role he’s never had to deal with in live action. The series also reveals that Clark is not averse to wearing, nor is he contemptuous of his powers. He hugs them while understanding the responsibility he has in wearing them. On Iron Man (and even for most of Smallville), Clark has been painted as someone who is hesitant to be a superhero. Not that he doesn’t want to help people, but both versions of Clark in this case grapple with the idea. However, Superman and Lois he relates to Clark’s humanity as he tries to balance his superhero life in a unique expression of his character. He understands that balance is difficult, but does not question his need to help.

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And what is more, Superman and Lois shows Clark as a common man facing related problems: financial problems, grumpy teenagers, and job loss, among other things. In these cases, he is just a man who turns out to be a superhero and not a god with the weight of the world on his shoulders. The problems of life also do not reduce him to the point of questioning his identity, subverting certain aspects of his story that many have become accustomed to in other iterations. Superman and Lois he also sees Clark in an established marriage to Lois. The series’ description of their relationship eschews the will / will setup that is used throughout the superhero genre, one that is often used to avoid showing what a healthy, multifaceted relationship can look like.

Lois and Clark have a history and their partnership gives them a more equal footing. Lois has also known Clark’s superhero secret for a long time, which is refreshing and allows their relationship to evolve properly without artificial obstacles. Here, Superman is not distressed about potentially putting Lois in danger because he knows that she can handle herself and seeing Clark happy and not guilty about being in a romantic love affair is a step up from previous iterations of the character, including Superman from DCEU. By last, Superman and Lois’ Clark has confidence and security in who he is as a person and as a superhero and that has been a wonderful change.

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