The Rick and Morty episode “A Rickconvenient Mort” puts a decidedly dark spin on the classic environmental superhero Captain Planet.

Warning: the following contains SPOILERS for Rick and morty Season 5, Episode 3, “A Rickconvenient Mort”.

Rick and morty featured a hideous version of the classic cartoon Captain planet in the episode titled “A Rickconveinent Mort”. This is part of the course on the hit Adult Swim series about an amoral, dimension-hopping mad scientist and his socially awkward grandson, who often lampoons popular culture in a twisted way. However the Captain planet parody on “A Rickconveinent Mort” was notable in that it was not as dismissive as most Rick and morty skits and asked some serious questions about the source material.

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The main story of “A Rickconveinent Mort” found Morty falling in love with Planetina; a conservation superhero famous for her cheesy phrases and positive attitude. With her green hair and silver skin, Planetina was a clear gender-change from Captain Planet, even before the episode detailed her origin and how she was summoned into existence by the combined powers of four magical elemental rings controlled by “four young adults of each major ethnicityNicknamed the Tina-Teers. These young adults, now shown approaching middle age having gained their powers in the 1990s, were also obvious parodies of planetariums, invoking Captain Planet in exactly the same way every time. who were facing a crisis that they could not overcome alone.

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The main conflict of the episode centered on Palentina beginning to correspond to Morty’s crush. While Morty’s mother and the Smith family matriarch, Beth, were very concerned about the inherent problems with their 14-year-old son dating a being that appeared to be a grown woman, the Tina-Teers were more concerned about Morty. It will distract your source of income from the busy. schedule of personal appearances and autograph signings that made up his entire life when he was not actively protecting the planet from pollution. This was a decidedly unsettling take on the planetariums, suggesting that the idealistic young men originally chosen to build a better tomorrow turned materialists and used their power that was theirs to line their pockets. Worse still, the Tina-Teers conspired to kill Morty and were going to sell Planetina as a sex slave to a wealthy fan, having apparently decided that “Stage 4 hero“It was no longer a marketable property.

Rick and Morty A Rick Convenient Mort Morty Killing with Captain Planet Rings

“A Rickconveinent Mort” became even darker, after Morty escaped from his captors and armed himself with the ring of elemental fire. Disguised as a pizza delivery man, Morty attacked the boardroom where the other Tina-Teers were gathering and began using the rings with lethal intent while claiming them from the corpses of the Tina-Teers he had killed. Among the most creative uses for the rings was to combine the powers of fire and earth to create a miniature volcano and fill a woman’s head with air until it burst like a balloon. This was in stark contrast to the original. Captain planet cartoon that, aimed at children, never showed anyone dying violently and never showed planetarians using their powers to directly harm villains, even though they had the power to summon fireballs, tornadoes, and earthquakes at will.

An interesting aspect of “A Rickconveinent Mort” is that it clearly respected the original material and showed that the writers had given serious thought to various questions about the original. Captain planet cartoons. What happened to the planetariums after they grew up? Did Captain Planet have an existence beyond being summoned to save the world? Can a person fall in love with a Gestalt being who is essentially a sensible idea? Some of the best Rick and morty The episodes are born of writers asking these questions and trying to answer them in the dumbest (and sometimes darkest) way imaginable and “A Rickconveinent Mort” can now be counted among them.

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