An anime would probably be a hit, but Spy x Family is a manga that could succeed in live action, where other Shonen Jump series have failed.

Combining action, stealth and outrageous comedy, Spy x Family has become one of the most unlikely hits currently released by Weekly Shonen jump. With a comical and exciting story involving a spy’s adoptive family, the Eisner Award-nominated series subverts tropes and expectations to create a fun and fresh reading experience. However, such a reading experience could soon turn into an observation experience if the rumors of an anime adaptation are true.

While an anime adaptation would likely be a success, Spy x Family is one of the few manga series that could be successful in live action, potentially being a better idea than an anime. Here’s a look at how the concept could lend itself better than most manga to a live-action series.

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Spy x Family Realistic Premise

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Although it is still not exactly a part of life, a kind of realistic drama series, Spy x Family it’s much more everyday than, say, a shonen battle manga. Created by Tatsuya Endo, the series stars a legendary spy named Twilight in the case of her life. It implies that he disguises himself as a normal family man, taking the name Loid Forger. He even gets a fake wife and son in the form of Yor Forger and Anya Forger, in the hopes that they will help him with his ruse of a normal family man.

Unbeknownst to him, however, his new “wife and son” harbor incredible secrets of their own. His wife Yor is Thorn Princess, an air-headed but incredibly efficient assassin. Similarly, Loid’s adopted daughter Anya secretly has telepathic abilities, and because of this, she also knows the truth behind her new family. The trio try to live life together amid their every flaw, all while avoiding the increasingly obvious skeletons in their closets.

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Why Spy x Family Could Work As Live-Action

Spy X Family Manga

Although the idea of ​​a family consisting of a telepath, a spy and a murderer may not be the usual premise for a live action sitcom or spy thriller, it is much easier to make than a live action version. from various other anime. Various popular anime and manga, mainly those found on the pages of Shonen jump, are known for being incredibly quirky and quirky. This includes hits like Dragon Ball, One piece, Naruto and other books that present paranormal, supernatural or fantastic concepts.

Due to these concepts, many western and eastern companies have been ambivalent about producing live action remakes of some of these colorful anime, especially after the flops of movies like Dragonball Evolution. These movies would require a hefty budget to look good enough to be proud of, and that’s not counting other vital factors like casting and script. This has also made fans incredibly concerned about upcoming non-animated adaptations of franchises like Gundam.

Spy x Family, on the other hand, has no such requirements to faithfully match the source material. Having a relatively hands-on story that involves comedy, spies, and killers isn’t that far from some of the most exciting ideas throughout the history of East and West television. There are no flickering bolts of energy, flight, dragons, or other elements that can strain the budget or repel an audience used to down-to-earth storytelling. The narrative also contains several real-world and historical references that would possibly be overlooked if the material remained in animated / drawn form.

There is also the fact that “more than normal” families have become a trend on television, particularly in programs that find their home on streaming platforms. The umbrella Academy Y Jupiter’s legacy Both have played with the idea of ​​superhero families and cable classics as the now final Supernatural They have also presented this idea. While it has not been officially confirmed whether Spy x Family will receive an adaptation (animated or live action), considering the popularity of the series, it is only a matter of time before fans can see the Forger family.

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