Throughout its existence, Nickelodeon has produced a variety of memorable and enjoyable cartoons ranging from Cat dog to Invader Zim to The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. As successful as these shows were, two modern Nickelodeon cartoons seem to trump the rest. Sponge Bob Square Pants has become a definitive cartoon for the network, drawing the attention of adults and children alike with its lighthearted comedy. On The rather strange parents, the audience was able to enjoy a not so traditional coming-of-age story with magic and adventures which focused on 10-year-old Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda.

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For something, sponge Bob It will always be the best Nickelodeon cartoon as it holds a special place in fans’ hearts. For others however, The rather strange parents It was the pinnacle of animated storytelling, making it the best Nickelodeon cartoon today.

10 Fairly OddParents: The show had more pop culture references

KISS, Adam West, Chris Kirkpatrick and Alec Baldwin as guest stars of Fairly OddParents

Some might argue that The rather strange parents It was a more sophisticated cartoon as it made countless references to pop culture throughout its time. Although some fans might have been too young for certain references and jokes, the nods were a nice addition, especially for a children’s show. Certain characters were modeled after real-life celebrities during that time, such as Chip Skylark, who was a parody of the NSYNC members, with the ironic voice of Chris Kirkpatrick.

Several other celebrities also made a cameo / guest appearance, including KISS’s Paul Stanley, Jay Leno, and even Alec Baldwin. The show was like an Easter egg hunt, so rewatching the series was exciting because there was always something new to discover and notice.

9 Spongebob: the show spawned and the entire franchise

SpongeBob movies, books and amusement park based on the TV show

Few animated shows have gotten as big and famous as sponge Bob. The only other animated franchise that arguably rivals and possibly surpasses sponge Bob is he Simpsons, but in terms of animation programs for children, sponge Bob it is practically on the cusp.

sponge Bob It’s not just on television today. There are video games, board games, books, and even amusement rides based on the character. In other words, fans can still enjoy the franchise and the universe without necessarily having to watch the shows. Given the franchise he created, it’s hard to argue against the show’s fame and success.

8 Fairly OddParents – The show had great specials and hour-long crossovers

Channel Chasers, Wishology and Jimmy / Timmy Power Hour TV Specials

As big as sponge Bob that is, the program definitely works best as a pair of shorts attached in a 30 minute time interval. The sponge Bob movies just don’t compare to shows; they are not that attractive and seem to operate outside the established canon. The rather strange parents on the other hand, I’ve had great TV specials and movies of over 30 minutes.

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“Channel Chasers” was a great fun TV movie that was even nominated for an Annie Award in 2005. Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner’s crossover specials were also amazing, as they perfectly balanced both universes and shows while expanding their respective franchises. and stories. Nothing at Nickelodeon at the time came close to matching these TV specials and movies.

7 Spongebob: The Fairly OddParents got worse over the years

Poof and Sparky, two controversial characters featured on Fairly OddParents later in the show's history

Although both programs have gone downhill over the years, it is undeniable that The rather strange parents has gone even further down the trenches than sponge Bob. The series started out strong, but as time passed, the story gradually got worse, prompting strong opposition and reaction from fans.

Due to the direction of the show, fans stopped watching. The rather strange parents It should have ended sooner than it did and it was clear that the series struggled for attention in its later seasons. From the irrelevant plot to the addition of unnecessary characters, everything on the show just got worse than when it debuted.

6 Fairly OddParents: More Developed Characters

Timmy Turner meets his rather strange parents in the opening title sequence

As big as sponge Bob and Patrick are, they don’t really change throughout the series; There isn’t much character development with them, which can be both good and bad. Timmy Turner, on the other hand, feels like a real character. Even though he’s only 10 years old in the series, we get a great deal of character progression from him. Timmy makes mistakes, learns and moves on, like a real kid.

Because of this, Timmy and the other characters in The rather strange parents don’t feel as one-dimensional as the characters in sponge Bob. In other words, they have more substance, which makes them feel less like a prolonged gag.

5 Spongebob: It’s a funnier show

Bikini Bottom Soccer Fish Running Away From Underwater Geyser

For a children’s program sponge Bob it’s pretty funny. Jokes and gags are better than anything in The magical godfathers. The sponge Bob the humor is light-hearted and not overly intellectual for the audience. As a result, both adults and children can enjoy the show.

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sponge Bob it’s just a silly show. Fans don’t have to overthink anything. It’s not violent or outright stupid, well at least in the beginning, and the show is easy to watch. At the end of the day, that’s all that fans and audiences want / need from a children’s show.

4 Fairly OddParents: the show had a real plot

Timmy with his Neighbor, Chloe, with whom he shares Cosmo and Wanda with

The rather strange parents it had a story; The show wasn’t just a series of random one-off shorts. The stories came together in a sense. Things changed and characters were added to complement these plot changes.

The show introduced a variety of new characters, especially in recent seasons, that moved the story forward such as Poof, Cosmo, and Wanda’s son featured in a television special, Sparky, a talking fairy, and Chloe Carmichael, the neighbor of Timmy. Having a real plot was nice as it made the watch a bit more attractive.

3 Spongebob: The series had some great and memorable episodes

Handsome Squidward, Wumbo Belt, Jellyfishing and Snail Racing from the SpongeBob Show

sponge Bob had some amazing episodes in his life. Each episode introduced an exciting new element or gag to the franchise, while remaining short, concise, and memorable. Fans didn’t have to watch anything before or after, so it was easy to jump in and watch the show.

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Some of the more iconic episodes like “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV”, which introduced the word wumbo, had a nostalgic factor. Many episodes had this effect on fans. Most people can’t even name an episode of The rather strange parents. The writers of sponge Bob He knew how to tell interesting and funny stories in the short space of time like no one else at Nickelodeon.

two Fairly odd parents: less controversial than SpongeBob SquarePants

Controversial scene from SpongeBob SquarePants where Mr. Krab makes a foray into underwear

sponge Bob It has gained a bit of controversy in recent years. Looking back, some of the episodes, jokes, and characters weren’t as innocent as initially believed. Some elements of the show have now been offensive to some fans. A notable example was the episode “Middle-aged Crustacean”, which shows Mr. Krabs searching for a pair of women’s underwear.

As successful as sponge Bob it’s, it’s getting a lot of heat. Regardless of the controversy the show is generating, it’s not a good promotion, especially with the show’s recent drop in views. Compared, The rather strange parents it is much less controversial. It is a program for children with no ulterior motives, that simple.

1 Spongebob: best characters

SpongeBob, Patrick, Mermaid Man, Squidward and Old Man Jenkins from the TV show

The characters of the sponge Bob universe are more intriguing, fun, and memorable than just about any other Nickelodeon character. Timmy Turner, Cosmo, and Wanda just don’t compare.

sponge Bob and Patrick are quirky, goofy, and perfect for the younger crowd. Everything from their personalities to their character designs is unique and fun. But besides them, all the residents of Bikini Bottom are diverse and interesting, including Old Man Jenkins, Mermaid Man, and The Flying Dutchman, to name a few. The characters are by far the strongest element of the show and arguably one of the few things that has kept the series so successful for so long.

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