The Steam The summer sale runs from June 24 to July 8 and includes many great games, both old and new, that are worth checking out. From survival and co-op games to story-heavy horror games, Steam Summer Sale has something for everyone at an affordable price.

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However, of the thousands of games for sale, some manage to stand out for their very positive Steam reviews, their solid discounts, and the fact that some of them still get updates frequently.

10 Sea of ​​Thieves (-33%)

Sea Of Thieves - Collaboration with Jack Sparrow

One of the best games of recent years, Sea of ​​Thieves, is on sale now at a solid discount. As a highly rated game that is known for its unique pirate multiplayer concept, it is definitely a great option.

On top of that, the development team is committed to releasing updates frequently, with the latest one being an amazing collaboration with the well-known movie series. Pirates of the Caribbean, which brings some of the best pirates from the movies to the game.

9 It takes two (-25%)

It takes two: main characters

It takes two is one of the best cooperative games released to date. Two players engage in a unique story full of puzzles and riddles that can only be solved through cooperation.

The game’s captivating story combined with its beautiful graphics and well-done co-op mechanics makes it a solid option to check out during the sale and is one of the highest rated games overall for 2021. Now that it’s on sale, it’s the buy. perfect.

8 Dead by daylight (-40%)

Dead By Daylight - Killer Nemesis Hunting Survivor Leon

You could say that Dead by daylight is the best game available in the genre of asymmetric horror games. Five players participate, one acts as the assassin and four as survivors. The survivors have to escape the map quickly and the killer has to use his special powers to stop them.

The biggest aspect of Dead by daylight is its playability, as it can offer hundreds of hours of gameplay with new DLC and events that are released every few months. On top of that, it offers excellent collaborations with horror movies like He shouted or games like Demonic resident.

7 The forest (-60%)

The forest: dangerous locals

The forest It is an old gem that is recommended to anyone who enjoys open world survival crafting games and has not tried it yet. With a big discount, The forest It offers a unique experience that can be played alone, but it gets even better when done cooperatively with other friends.

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On top of that, it features excellent base building and defense mechanics against unwanted visitors on the island who often attack the player.

6 No Man’s Sky (-50%)

No Mans Sky - Exploration

Well received Nobody’s heaven is a game that has made an incredible comeback. Following its terrible release, multiple high-quality updates have made the game one of the best in the open world survival exploration genre.

It offers a vast world full of secrets that even the most loyal players might not know. A solid sale, combined with the fact that the game is still getting big updates, makes it a solid option to buy.

5 Subnautica (-50%)

Subnautica base with view

Subnautica is one of the highest rated games of the last decade that remains relevant to this day. Although it was launched in 2014, it offers a unique combination of history and exploration of the world of the deep sea that is unlike any other.

As it broke free Subnautica below zero As a follow-up game, the first game is still considered the best by most fans and its 96% positive reviews on Steam reveal the same.

4 Fasmophobia (-15%)

Phasmophobia - Equipment Van

Phasmophobia is a unique game in the online cooperative horror genre. Four players travel to a haunted map (house, school, prison, etc.) and try to identify the type of ghost that is there through ghost events such as scary jumps, creepy sounds, talking to him, and more.

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It also offers virtual reality features that make the game even scarier. On top of that, with the current offering, it’s available at a very low price, making it a great option for horror fans.

3 Dark Souls III Deluxe Edition (-75%)

Dark Souls 3 - Iudex Gundyr

Dark souls iii is considered by many fans as the best game to play while waiting for the next one Elden Ring, which has fans on the edge with some great stuff revealed in its latest trailer.

Especially now that its Deluxe Edition is available at a great price, players have the opportunity to experience both the main game and all the added DLCs. For any fan of the Dark souls series, or whatever is promoted Elden Ring, this is a great option.

two The Hunter: Call of the Wild (-76%)

The COTW Hunter - Yukon Valley Foxes

One of the biggest discounts on the entire Steam summer sale is on offer at The Hunter: Call of the Wild, a great open world hunting simulation game. It is considered by many to be one of the best games that makes hunting extremely fun.

On top of that, it is constantly adding new biomes to hunt, with unique species keeping fans coming back through DLC that are also for sale.

1 Planet Zoo (-55%)

Planet Zoo - Editing terrain

Planet Zoo is a great zoo management simulation game in which the player builds his own zoo from scratch. They choose each route, facility, enclosure, and of course the animals to be added.

It allows a lot of creativity in the way a zoo will be built as it allows the player to completely alter the terrain in any way they want. On top of that, it still receives constant updates in the form of DLC content adding new animals and buildings.

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