Just because an anime character is popular doesn’t mean it’s exactly perfect. For every inspiring force of good and fighting spirit embodied, there are an equal number of shame-provoking characters whose good intentions do little to save their public image.

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Whether it’s because they’re still stuck in a certain immature phase or for deeper reasons, these characters aren’t the first people someone would want to be seen with in public. However, none of this means that they are bad characters; it’s just that they hit home a lot harder than anyone could have anticipated.

10 Steins; Gate – Rintaro Okabe’s Mad Scientist Trick is (hilariously) embarrassing

Okabe declares his profession

In his defense, the eccentric villain Okabe has a tragic reason to exist. After the death of Mayuri’s grandmother, Okabe began acting as a B-movie scientist to keep her spirits up. He kept up this act for the better part of a decade, much to the chagrin and / or amusement of the newcomers into his life.

Good intentions aside, Okabe still inflicts secondhand shame on his friends (and viewers) every time he goes insane. This reached its comic peak during the gang’s trip to America on the OVA. Steins; Gate: Selfish Poriomania, where Okabe was arrested twice for causing a scene.

9 My Hero Academia – Katsuki Bakugo had a lot to grow up with

Today, Bakugo is one of My hero academia most popular antiheroes, but back in season 1, he was Izuku Midoriya’s torturer and a terrible bully in every respect. Although he admirably always wanted to be a hero and follow All Might’s lead, Bakugo rallied enemies by being unnecessarily mean to Midoriya.

After being taken down more than once, Bakugo turned his crime life upside down and improved himself. It’s clear that Bakugo regrets his immature and hostile days, in the same way that anyone outside of his teens would feel watching anime. Compared to his progress, Bakugo’s youthful days are beyond embarrassing.

8 Naruto – Pre-Shippuden Naruto Uzumaki was all kinds of annoying and immature

Naruto with his frog

There is no classic shonen anime hero as annoying as Naruto, whose mere presence alienated many from the original. Naruto to the height of its popularity. Even though he has a tragic reason for it, Naruto got on everyone’s nerves by being a 12 year old who didn’t know when to stop. And then it grew.

In the moment of Naruto Shippuden, an older and wiser Naruto agreed with the feelings of the fans and was embarrassed by how hyper he used to be. This does not mean that young Naruto was the worst, but rather that he was in a childish phase that had to be left behind. In more ways than they would like to admit, fans connected with the Naruto hindsight.

7 Demon Slayer – Zenitsu Agatsuma is too cowardly for some people’s taste

Zenitsu loses his cool (again)

Depending on who’s talking, Zenitsu is one of the funniest characters on Murderer of demons, or is he the worst person ever to appear on the screen. Zenitsu is basically Tanjiro’s contrast, as he is a shameless coward who cries and panics at the mere mention of danger, while Tanjiro fights against everything that comes his way.

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To be fair, Zenitsu was forced into the profession of demon slaying and still does his best to help Tanjiro and company save the day. But his fearful whimpers can be difficult to tolerate, and his attempts to be a woman’s man almost always fail and put everyone who looks to shame.

6 Sword Art Online – Kirito is an obvious power fantasy

Kirito is the black swordsman

In Kirito’s defense, the hatred he inspires is not really due to him. Instead, it is derived from what it clearly represents and for whom it was created. In short, Castle Aincrad’s mythical Black Swordsman is the unapologetic power fantasy for gamers that ushered in the excess of self-indulgent isekai anime during the 2010s.

It’s impossible not to view Kirito’s dominated status and effortless romances as wish-fulfillment, especially since he’s an unassuming teenager in the real world, but a legend in the Sword Art Online game. The secondhand shame doesn’t come from Kirito easily killing gods, but from how transparent his character can be.

5 Neon Genesis Evangelion – Shinji Ikari’s social awkwardness is painfully realistic

Shinji daydreams in class

No anime character inspires as many polarized shots as Shinji; he’s either the most identifiable teenage pilot ever seen in an anime mecha, or he’s the most insufferable protagonist to ever step into a robot. With that said, everyone can at least agree on the fact that Shinji is one of the most realistic teenagers in anime due to how painfully awkward he is.

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Shinji lashes out at everyone, basking in his own self-loathing, and doesn’t express or even acknowledge his feelings properly, in the same way as anyone who watches. Neon genesis Evangelion I would have done it when they were 14 years old. Watching Shinji lose control of his emotions despite more important things happening around him can be an unwanted flashback to an embarrassing adolescence.

4 Haruhi Suzumiya’s melancholy – Haruhi may be too much for anyone to handle

Haruhi plays ball

In the mid-2000s and possibly even today, Haruhi is the ultimate eccentric anime girl. With the powers of a literal god behind her, Haruhi is determined to have the most exciting life possible. The problem is, he will do whatever it takes to achieve it, even if it means dragging the SOS Brigade into his antics against their will.

At the moment, Haruhi’s carefree demeanor is funny, but in hindsight, she’s excruciatingly self-centered and insensitive, so much so that it can be embarrassing to relive her wacky adventures. This was actually the point of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, where Haruhi’s manic tendencies were deconstructed and directly influenced her sudden disappearance in the final film.

3 WataMote – Tomoko Kuroki is a painfully accurate Otaku

Tomoko is doing no good again

Otakus as substitutes for the audience is nothing new in anime. But while viewers love to imagine themselves as the lovable nerds from Wotakoi: Love is difficult for an otaku, The truth is that they have more in common with the socially inept and self-absorbed Tomoko from WataMote: No matter how I look at it, it’s your fault I’m unpopular!

Tomoko is an introverted crybaby with serious self-esteem issues and delusions of grandeur. His comedy stems from how bad socializing is, as his perception of reality is wrongly based on countless hours of otome and anime games. Viewers laughed and were embarrassed by his futile quest for popularity because, as hilarious as it was, he came too close to home.

two Don’t play with me, Miss Nagatoro – Senpai is a spineless insert

Nagatoro messes with Senpai (again)

Even beyond Don’t play with me, Miss Nagatoro flagrant wish fulfillment, the currently anonymous Senpai may be too cowardly to sympathize with. He has no respect for himself and lets Nagatoro and his friends bully him beyond reason. While fans loved the raunchy comedy that followed, others were annoyed with how much wet blanket Senpai was created to be and how conveniently she found herself in artificial situations straight out of an adult movie.

At the very least, Nagatoro toned down her flirtatious joke after Senpai scold her and even stopped her friends when they went too far. Senpai grew a kind of backbone after 12 episodes, but before that, viewers were either embarrassed by him or angered by how he refused to defend himself.

1 Osomatsu-San – The Matsuno brothers are the embodiment of second-hand shame

Osomatsu leads his brothers to laugh

As a group of desperate ninis (not in education, employment, or training), the Matsuno sextuplets don’t have much to offer in life. When they are not lounging around at home, the six siblings are fighting each other for the most insignificant reasons or indulging in their youthful desires (pachinko, not getting a date, etc.).

To say that seeing all six is ​​embarrassing is an understatement, and yet fans of Osomatsu-san He can’t look away from every mess that Osomatsu and his brothers deliberately get into. The raunchy antics of the Matsunos are the best example of embarrassing comedy in modern anime, and they certainly exceed all expectations.

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